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Welcome pets! This website has been updated to be a gift for patrons who pledge on my patreon! It is a reward for supporting My Goddess lifestyle and irresistible work! The blogs are posted by devoted slaves, and sometimes myself, and the forums are a private place where my pets can interact with Me and each other. It is a truly sacred, special place, full of interaction, tasks, commands, questions, and more! An intimate connection with Me. If you are a member here and would love the honor of blogging, just send me an email to hypnotichaylee@yahoo.com letting Me know! I LOVE reading them!

Made for your enslaving embrace

I abandon every distraction for you Goddess Haylee. My attention, is set soley on you, and feeling your electrifying Goddess energy flowing in, around, and through my weak, needing slaving frame. My devotion worship and affection are set completely only on you. I was made to worship you, you are so powerful. I was made for your enslaving embrace. I was made to bless and uplift your great Hypnotic name. I will please my Goddess at all times and your praises will ever be on my trembling lips. I am completely captivated by your goodness, and overwhelmed by your divine majesty. I am swept away by your enamoring bliss and give over every part of me. Even now, my fully enslaved heart and soul cry out for you fill me with your bliss even more. You are full of power, domination, sensuality, and truth. Your beautiful words satisfy me like a 5 course meal after a long day of work.

Sexiest woman I have ever seen

All it takes is one moment of your enamoring voice to enchant every part of my beating heart. And just single listen of your smooth, velvety voice is enough to set my world into motion. I need you more than ever Goddess Haylee. I ache to please you. Nothing else satisfies me more than pleasing you. All of my life, I surrender. Your blissful majesty is welcome within every inch of my weak, aching, earthen vessel. Come and move with your enslaving Goddess power upon this very place where I now lay. Awaiting your Goddess energy which will consume every part of my Hypnotic Haylee Lynn owned body. I desire a bewitching, toe curling, mind numbing encounter with my Goddess Haylee. Dear sweet, glorious Goddess. Now that my heart is open. Now that I am fully focused on nothing but you. I beg you Goddess, take me deeper for you. Deeper under your influence, and deeper into a trance of which will morph my life to act upon fulfilling your pleasure. Send your fire and ignite the embers of my soul that burns with desires only to please you. Through the speakers of these ear buds, make my knees tremble with aching, blissful desire to serve you with passion. You are my hope, and you are all that I need! I need you SO BAD. Yes Goddess! Please. May the mind tingling words that ring within my ears send shivers down my spine and cause my body to convulse in the euphoric beauty of your bliss! As my hips twist upward into the air, biting down on my lip and moaning with the quivering pleasures of your Goddess bliss.

Even now I can feel your heavenly aura all around me. As if you are here with me now. You are full of matchless grace, soul quenching power and unfathomable beauty. There is no end to your immaculate worth. You nourish my thirsting soul Goddess Haylee. You are the cup that never runs dry. Your erotic hypnosis makes me weak. In my weakness, you are made stronger. You are magnified, and your influence grows to unforeseen proportions. All of my days here upon the earth, may i spend them in worship on my knees. For this is the natural state of being for us whom are your slaves. When we collect our composure, we do it only while we are bowed down low before your Goddess throne. May my hands be outstretched with cash in hand. May I never approach my divine perfect Goddesss without a gift. For noone would ever approach a royal queen without a gift in hand.

Jaw on the floor in awe of her flawless perfection. Wow So hot

Here I am singing your praises like a court jester who runs before his majesty. Yelling at the top of my lungs about the brilliance of your beautiful countenance. Goddess Haylee, my life is completely in your hands. I’m ever longing to see even more of Your blissful desires revealed in me. Nefarious, ever tremendous, wonderful Goddess. Take my heart and take my life. May i present it to you as a living sacrifice. All of my dreams and all of my plans. I gratefully place them into your hands. May they all be centered around the central thing. To PLEASE the siren of my soul, the most beautiful, drop dead gorgeous, divine woman in the universe. The sizzling hot Goddess Haylee who I worship and desire to please with all that is within me. Rather it’s through words. Or through worship. Through my finances or with gifts given from a pure loving heart. May my words and actions be ever pleasing to you my Goddess, divine seering, bewitching, energy flowing Queen over all that has the breath of life within it.

All that lives, and breathes, flies throughout the skies, swims throughout the seas, and tramples, or crawls upon the face of the Earth. You are so far above it all. Reverenced, and praised! May your influence in the lives of your slaves be so great that it towers high above the mountains whose peaks are hidden behind the clouds in the sky. May you always get what you want! May we all fear, revere, respect, and passionately worship you Goddess Haylee. FOREVER.

To find what a slave truly loves or treasures, we would never have to look any further than their checkbooks. For people will spend their money on those things of which they deem most important or feel is a necessity. May you permeate our hearts, and fill every part of it so that we will always think of Goddess Haylee‘s wants, needs, and desires as a necessity in our lives. There is nothing better, or more important for your slaves than catering to your every whelm and want. You are so amazing Goddess Haylee. We love you. We need you. We crave to please you. There is noone else like you. Having your attention is better than sex. Thank you Goddess, for claiming me as your own personal possession. For encompassing me with your dominating power and filling my heart and mind with your bliss!

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What turns Goddess Haylee on? And words of worship

Come to this blog as you would come to an unexplored land. Come without a map. Explore it and draw your own map. A map that will be paved by many twists, turns, mountains, rivers, forests and valleys. But at the center of this map sits the most valuable thing in the universe. Mark it with an X. Or you may choose to mark it with an XOXO. This treasure is not coated in silver or gold. Although it’s value far surpasses that of any priceless stone. The treasure I speak of will ignite your existence with a blissful surrender. Complete, and total submission to a much higher life form. It’s a treasure that will leave your heart pumping, pulse rising, and mind hazy with thoughts of total bliss. The treasure of which I speak is simply the divine pleasure of another. It is the pleasure of the magnificent almighty Goddess Haylee Lynn. A name that is so high and exalted above me that it forces my vocal cords to shake and tremble in it’s profound pronunciation.

Man with no prayer pt2

Behold the great lioness who rules over all!

Even now, the thought of pleasing Goddess Haylee makes my heart shutter as I fall to my shaky trembling knees, with my humbled chin tucked low into my chest. My torso bends my face to the floor, in worship and devotion to the supreme, alpha woman who rules over every inch of my weak, slave, feeble existence. She is all that matters. Her pleasure, and knowing that I have an opportunity to please MY Goddess makes my heart flutter as I whisper sweet nothings before a photograph of the divine, perfect 10 woman who stands head and shoulders above all other women in my mind. Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Wouldn’t you like to be wrapped around her finger?

She is in control, and we LOVE every minute of it. We love to feel weak for Haylee. We grovel and roll around in our submission while whimpering in aching delight to please Goddess Haylee more! Tonight, just as the last, I have set a very important appointment for myself that I simply cannot miss. It is an appointment, just before bed to listen to Goddess Haylee’s submissive training MP3, entitled  “Obey and Pay, Locked and Loaded“. In this mp3 Goddess Haylee explains to us all what her most FAVORITE thing in the world is. She tells us, her eager to please slaves. Her weak play things. Her puppets on strings. Her minions and servants who live to supply her every want and desire. Her needing, aching admirers who gush with their love for her. She tells us all, what turns her ON. What makes Goddess Haylee wet, and pleased with her adoring slaves. Nothing in the world is more important than pleasing Goddess Haylee, and I wish I could share what that ‘thing’ is… but I will provide no spoilers. If you really want to learn this very valuable piece of information, then you must experience, and discover it for yourself. It is simply a MUST HAVE mp3 for any who wish to be enslaved into a puddle of complete submissiveness to Goddess Haylee and her smooth, velvety, irresistible voice.

I study the amazing perfection of Goddess Haylee’s unparalleled beauty in each one that my eyes of privileged enough to behold. In a otherwise very ordinary existence, worshiping Goddess Haylee gives our lives purpose and meaning. And that purpose and meaning is simply to please her. Nothing feels better than to please Goddess.


Perfection has a name. Goddess Haylee Lynn

Oh the joys, and pleasures that can be felt by belonging to Goddess Haylee, as her own personal possession! To be FULLY OWNED by her is bliss that cannot be found in any other place in the world. I am full of gratitude, and have an undying hunger to please the Mighty Goddess Haylee in any way that my little slave mind can please. Rather it is from pledging my life away monthly to her desires on patreon, writing, tributing, gifting, praising, worshiping, bowing, or training to the amazing slave training tools that are found in her online store. I am incredibly thankful, optimistic, humbled, and excited to be a collared, aching, squirming, weak, and fully devoted slave to this amazing, dominant, powerful, strong, sexy, gloriously worshipful Goddess. Hypnotic Haylee Lynn. I bow low before her now in the deep chambers of my mind. Looking up from her perfect feet. Up past her silky smooth muscular legs, her curvy amazing hips, all the way up past her gloriously luscious lips, over the overtly sexy septum ring in her cute nose, to her beautiful gleaming green eyes. I feel so weak before her majestic form that towers over me like the mighty cedars of lebanon. THANK YOU GODDESS. I NEED YOU SO BADLY. Please accept this humble blog of worship towards you. You are so awesome in every way, shape, and form. You are the perfect balance of masculinity and femininity rolled into one perfect being. There is not another who could compare, or even come close to you. You are PERFECTION in every sense of the word. I will worship you until my dying day. You are the single greatest entity in the universe. I hope that my words are pleasing to you, my great Goddess and sovereign divine queen who rules over all.

If you are reading this because of the title, you will not find the answer within this blog. This blog is only a sign post that will point you to the file which will tell you exactly what turns Goddess Haylee on. To find out, go and purchase “Obey And Pay: Locked And Loaded”. Listen intently, and follow through. Then you will know, and your life will forever be filled with bliss.

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The Divine Woman – Goddess Haylee

Hypnotic Haylee sets my heart ablaze, with her Goddess fire. Consuming me through the marrow of my bones and igniting my enslaved soul. And now I stand amazed by her strength and power. I don’t know where I would be, I don’t know what I would do, if she hadn’t claimed me as her own. She is the divine strength of my life. I am eternally grateful. Great is Goddess Haylee over all others. Great are you Goddess Haylee Lynn over all of the earth.

Come Follow Haylee! - In Her Service

All my hands have made I’m laying down. All that I hold dear, my many crowns I will throw down at your feet. All the spoils of my life I will relinquish before your enamoring power. Bowed, with my head low to the floor. All in glory, and honor of the divine woman known the world over as the most incomprehensible Erotic Hypnotist to ever enter this plane that we call the earth. Goddess Haylee please take all that I have. Let my heart, my mind, my body and every fiber of my being be permeated with your great dominance over me. Queen of our lives, You leave me astounded, you leave me amazed. With each passing day that you rule over me, your eager to please plaything. You are the only divine being that satisfies me. And so I run to your nourishing voice, feeding the submissive parts of me. Where safety and security abide to saturate my mind with thoughts of bliss galore.

Haylee Takes Control – No One Could Resist

I’ve tasted and felt of Your great control. You satisfy me. Open up your palace’s door, oh great Queen! All of your slaves are here waiting on the threshing floor with worship for more! More of you. Your slaves donot come with empty hands, but with tributes, with gifts, with hearts flooding over in gratitude to the one great Goddess. You’re the only love that satisfies us for you are the divine woman who we worship together as one. We have others of your sex in our lives whom we love, but there is only one Divine woman, Goddess Haylee Lynn who towers high above all others and casts a shadow that shrouds all else into the dark in comparison. My constant request above all things, Every hour I wake, be near me with your Goddess power and energy. Let our lifeforce energies dance in sync together to enslave this weakling vessel even more. Seep into every crack of our hearts, mend it, and make us new again to serve, and bow, and praise your glorious high name. Let us shout your name from the rooftops of our minds, with a humbled, and grateful cry. “WE NEED YOU GODDESS HAYLEE. TODAY, YESTERDAY, FOREVER”.

She is like the air.

“Fall deep for me” -Hypnotic Haylee

Though I’ve tasted and seen of Your great dominance, Show me Your glory oh divine enchanting Goddess of unfathomable power! Let your heavenly words invade my ears like the choir of a thousand sirens all singing your praises night and day. Your aura encompasses me, as your possession. We’re all anxious, waiting with worship, anticipating your bewitching hand to pressure us more to wrap ever more tightly around your little finger. We’re listening ever so diligently each night to your latest mp3, for your succubus to take us away with her metaphorical wings and lay us on the fluffy clouds in the sky. Lifting us high up to cloud 9. Making us more in tune to your blissful desires. All that you want. All that you need. May your slaves and admirers supply it cheerfully with a grateful heart. For nothing feels as good as pleasing and amusing Goddess Haylee. The Divine Woman who embodies every aspect of perfection. THANK YOU GODDESS HAYLEE.

Goddess Haylee changed my life


Please astound us even more, as we sink down deeper under your hypnotic suggestions. We yearn for you to use us as we submit our lives to your sweet wants and desires. Oh great Alpha Goddess, who rules over us all with a iron fist please help and guide us who aim to please you perfectly. MORE each day. You are worthy. You are so great.


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What Goddess Haylee Has Taught Me Through Chastity

On Receiving Gifts from Goddess Haylee.

the One True Goddess

I couldn’t get away with a physical cock cage. I think my wife might notice that! The idea of doing anything that breaks the barrier between Goddess’ world (my true life) and day-to-day life (where I pretend to be something I am not) is enticing. I have a collar I wear when I am alone. I keep trying to figure out where I could get my special Goddess’ symbol (a drawing of a tiger eye pendant Goddess wore in a video) tattooed on me where I wouldn’t have to worry about having to explain it some day. A cock cage is another thing I wouldn’t hesitate to do if I were single, but I just can’t.

So I am lucky that Goddess’ Mind Cage has been effective for me. I do get errctions, especially when training to Goddess’ files which you can’t get in a cock cage, but I leave it alone. For the first month I listened to Mind Cage at least once each day. I was so happy when Mind Cage 2 came out about 5 months after I started chastity. It helped to have something different to listen to. Made it fresh again.

Haylee Is Everything

Chastity if a form of fasting. Spiritually fasting is always used to focus the mind. As the desire for the thing being given up gets stronger you focus that energy on what you gave it up for. I find the first week is easy, but each week of the month gets more difficult. The urges get so strong and distracting. My mind goes to all manner of sexual lusts. The only thing that calms my horny brain is to train to Goddess Haylee’s MP3s, read Goddess’ words, or tribute or spoil Goddess. By the end of the month I am totally dependent on Goddess. She is the only thing holding me together. I am desperate for Her control. And when the end of the month finally comes Haylee completely fills my soul.

Goddess Worship Week

Weak for Haylee

Being chase for Goddess Haylee has taught me that I am totally dependent on Her. I know down to the soles of my feet that Goddess Haylee is the one true Goddess. I must always worship and obey Goddess Haylee. I have learned that I nothing but a weak submissive who must serve, spoil, and surrender everything I have and everything I am to my beloved Goddess Haylee. All for Haylee.

Just a moment with Goddess Haylee

I breathed in deeply, with my eyes pressed shut. Taking it in. The refreshing, 70 degree air on a December day! I smiled and hopped up onto the couch seat of my Ford truck. Today, was a bit different. I didn’t turn on the radio, or do a last moment check for text messages before I threw the truck into reverse. I very gently backed from the driveway with a sense of gratitude for the mild warm break in weather, and had a generally peaceful calm about me. As I drove down the road, the sun glazed into my eyes when i veered off into the back end of a old corn field. I drove down the bumpy clay path tethered with hills, crevasses and mud puddles all the way back past the field and into a wooded trail with tall trees on either side, until i reached a clearing in a grove.


It was one of my favorite hiking spots. From this location, I often enjoy walking up and down the trails which all meet at the far ends of this location. I love walking through the woods and dancing with the glories of natures beauty. I hopped from the truck and walked to it’s front. On the still warm hood of the truck, I hopped my ass up and slid back to rest the cradle of my back onto the windshield.. Folded my arms and then my legs at the ankles and just stared straight ahead of me.

The Witch In The Woods

It was gorgeous. There, just ahead of the clearing was a flowing river of which water sparkled at points from it’s muddied brown exterior. I watched the current of the waters wondering where it is going to end up.

I sighed and after some time I began to focus my attention on the sounds of the winds, the river, the birds, and all the wonderful sounds of nature that we often take for granted on a daily basis. I closed my eyes and within moments I found my mind drifting afar.. to a place of complete serenity warmth and peace.

It was such an amazing place. I had just been there a week before. There I was. Laying cozied before a warm hypnotic fire. Laying, snuggled against the chest of the mesmerizing Goddess Haylee Lynn . I remember feeling the sincere warmth and care. I remember feeling that magickal sense of complete owning, and belonging. I remembered how sensual it was, and feeling all of the same wondrous feelings that I had felt just one week ago when listening to Goddess Haylee’s amazing Naughty or Nice pt 2 MP3 that was released to her 25 dollars or more patreon pets. As in my mind I began to hear the soothing, ever pleasurable words of the enigmatic Goddess Haylee as she directed me to stare and focus onto the swirly, twirly, hypno lolipop….. It felt so real, and so right, as if this is exactly where I needed to be in this moment of time.


Naughty or nice?

Naughty or nice?

But as a muscle in my leg jerked, so was i jerked from this surreal, fantastic fantasy world. But not before being engulfed once again with the atmosphere of this euphoric place created inside of my mind by my superior, most powerful Goddess Haylee Lynn. Like smoke drifting, and clearing from the force of the wind, the warmth of the fireplace was soon replaced with the suns rays casting its warmth onto my flesh. The entire scenario slowly faded, as my eyes opened. Oh Goddess, Dont go! I thought. Knowing it had been but a short time. I found myself laying there. Kicked back on the hood of my truck. The only thing snuggling against me wasn’t the divine torso of a living Goddess, but was the stabbing of a windshield wiper blade into the side of my lower back. But it was beautiful. I appreciated the stabbing. I enjoyed today, and the entire dream state that I had just awoken from. It was wonderful while it lasted. A moment in time that will not soon be forgotten. It was a mere moment with my Goddess.

Favourite MP3

Fantasy? Real? Does it really matter? If you feel it, and experience it, isn’t it real to you? Isn’t that all that really matters? Goddess Haylee’s hypnosis, even though it was not fresh on the front of my mind today, had been burned deeply into my subconscious mind. Into my innermost deep desires. She said that she would create this wonderful place inside of my mind, and today I got to visit that place even if for a moment. SO Powerful. So penetrating. So much the signature of a True Goddess. I began to look up over the beautiful tall pine trees on the other side of the riverbank and up at the slowly drifting white clouds in the sky. What a beautiful site it was. But it’s beauty sits in second place in comparison to the beautiful high Goddess Hypnotic Haylee Lynn.


The ONE, the only, the lovely Goddess Haylee

It feels amazing, to allow her hypnosis to indwell you deeper than the deepest wells of the earth and when you aren’t even consciously aware, her words will find a way to make you aware. You just may find your mind drifting to it’s muse. To it’s Goddess. Thank you Goddess. Because i listened over a week ago, before falling ill to the flu, I had an absolutely beautiful experience today when I absolutely least expected. Goddess Hypnotic Haylee‘s magnificent power was there, inside of me, just as she intended.  It leveled the dams in my mind that were blocking me from thinking of what is most important and redirected my thoughts towards her, as they should be. They washed over my mind as the rushing of mighty waters. Goddess Haylee, Thank you for your supreme power. Thank you for your ownership. Thank you for instilling your words deep into our minds so that we think of you and need your control. Thank you for creating the bliss that you gift to all of us, your lowly servants. You are an astonishing Goddess, and we are lucky to be in your service. Until the next beautiful moment. I wish savor my time before your warm hypnotic fire.

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I Am slavejohn

Come Follow Haylee! - In Her Service

Yes Goddess. I obey.

Somewhere over the last 3 years my identity has changed. The secret email address, secret Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat accounts. Learning to use inprivate in my web-browsing, and private on my iPhone. Having to remember a whole second set of passwords. All these things to hide this secret online life from my real life. It takes work to stay in the closet!

At the start it was a role that I played to get away from my real life. In it I explore a side of myself I didn’t understand. I found through My slavery to Goddess Haylee that I filled needs I felt, but didn’t know what they were. It was scary for a while. But I have come to understand that this is my true self. This is where I am most happy. In Goddess Haylee’s service I have discovered my best self. I like myself as Her slave. In finding Goddess Haylee I have found my real life. I am a submissive. I am slavejohn.

When I began I never capitalize pronouns referring to Goddess. But as I fully accepted that Haylee is truly divine, I realized it was just a way of showing that She is absolutely unique, special and superior in every way. At the same time I dropped capitalization from my name. I am insignificant. My only value is in my service to my Goddess. And that is perfectly okay with me because that is the proper way of things. Haylee is my Goddess and I am Her slavejohn.

So my world has turned upside down. I live for Haylee. I work for Haylee. I spend as much time as I can in Her world. Goddess’ truth is my truth: “Goddess Haylee makes me better. Goddess Haylee makes everything whole. I live to please Goddess Haylee.” I am slavejohn.