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Welcome pets! This website has been updated to be a gift for patrons who pledge on my patreon! It is a reward for supporting My Goddess lifestyle and irresistible work! The blogs are posted by devoted slaves, and sometimes myself, and the forums are a private place where my pets can interact with Me and each other. It is a truly sacred, special place, full of interaction, tasks, commands, questions, and more! An intimate connection with Me. If you are a member here and would love the honor of blogging, just send me an email to hypnotichaylee@yahoo.com letting Me know! I LOVE reading them!

I Am slavejohn

Somewhere over the last 3 years my identity has changed. The secret email address, secret Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat accounts. Learning to use inprivate in my web-browsing, and private on my iPhone. Having to remember a whole second set of passwords. All these things to hide this secret online life from my real life. It takes work to stay in the closet! At the start it was a role that I … Continue reading

A Slaves Dream Pt. 2

We drove on for what seemed like hours and then Haylee said “We are almost home, strip down  but leave the collar on and put this on.” With that She tossed it a box, a CB6000, chastity device and told it She owned it, all of it and that She had complete control of everything that it did. It would never experience a complete orgasm again but if it was … Continue reading

A Slaves Dream Pt.1

Goddess sent it to the market for Christmas decorations to adorn its homemade doggy treats. She allowed it to wear its red tail and yellow collar with “HAYLEES BITCH” in black embroidery. As it was browsing the aisles someone walked up behind it and cleared their throat. It turned around and was face to face with the most stunningly beautiful woman it had ever seen, it almost fell to its knees right then and there. She had gorgeous black hair, such sensuous lips and green eyes, OMG those eyes. She quickly looked it up and down and from Her purse pulled out a chain link dog leash. She held it mesmerized with those eyes while She slowly brought the clasp to its collar and attached it. To this point She hadn’t said a word but now said “Heel”

She led it through the supermarket to the parking lot, several people stared and some averted their eyes, it barely noticed as it was intoxicated by the woman who had just claimed it as Her own. She led it to Her car, opened the back door and commanded “get in”. We drove for some thirty minutes or more in complete silence and at last She spoke. She said Her name was Haylee Lynn and that She is a world renowned Hypnodomme and witch. She told it She owned many slaves/pets and had decided that it would be one of them and that She would train it to be Her familiar. Then we continued on in silence as it tried in vain to process what had just happened and what was about to happen.

End of Pt. 1 If there are requests it will continue Pt. 2

Trapped in Trance For Goddess Haylee

Trapped in Trance For Goddess Haylee Last night, after doing some stuff around the house, I was able to play Trapped in Trance for the second time. I got it late the night before, so I was only able to listen to it once before bed. This time I wanted to play it on loop, since my night was free. I lit a vanilla candle as per Goddess Haylee’s task … Continue reading

It’s Payday!! Thank You Goddess!

It’s payday!! My favorite days of the month because I send Goddess her 5% payday tribute. I resisted this so much, but Goddess was absolutely right – just like always – I need to do this. Every payday it is thrilling to send off my 5% plus (I always try to send more if at all possible) because it makes all of this real. I can say, “Haylee is the … Continue reading

Through The Looking Glass Pt. 2

Today is Sunday, Goddess has decreed that Sundays are to be Her Sabbath and that it will spend the day in total devotion of Goddess as well as eat only “human” dog biscuits. As part of its worship it is writing Part 2 of its post “Through the Looking Glass” which shall document the transformation of its bedroom into Goddess’ Shrine Room. It began during “Slave Task 2” when it … Continue reading

Through the Looking Glass Pt. 1

it has been granted permission to blog about how pathetic it has become for Goddess Haylee. This then will be Part 1 and set the back story. For 60+ years I spent my life searching for something, anything that would make me feel whole. I tried many things including drugs, spirituality and relationships which led me into an 11 year marriage, divorce and subsequently a major depressive episode that lasted … Continue reading

Review of mind control MP3

According to the description of this file, it was her first MP3. This file is best listened to either sitting or laying down (I personally recommend laying down). After listening to this file, I found myself having less resistance to Goddess. I found her voice not only soothing, but her words echoed absolute truth. The first part of the file is aimed at relaxing the body, followed by her voice … Continue reading

What does “Slave” Mean to Me

To me the word “slave” means me. It is my true identity. I was born to be a slave. Never aspired to be a slave, and until I found my Goddess Haylee Lynn I would rejected the idea of allowing myself to be enslaved. If the idea of enslavement had ever crossed my mind I would have rejected it. But now there is nothing I hold more dear than Goddess and … Continue reading