A Slave’s Mistake

Why did I make the mistake? I think of myself as a competent, mature, professional. I have finally reached the stage in my life where I no longer feel like a child pretending to be an adult. Not that I am any different – it’s just that I have accepted that this is how life works, and I am always going to feel this way. I make the usual mistakes. Like my … Continue reading

Become a Blogger for Mistress Haylee

Become a Blogger for Mistress Haylee

Become a Blogger for Mistress Haylee Here i am again slaving away for my Goddess. Damn i love being owned by her! I can’t get enough of her power! I’ve belonged to her for over 2 & 1/2 years now & it just keeps getting better! I wrote this blog in hopes of attracting some new writers/bloggers to Mistress Haylee. It’s alot of fun to be here working for her! … Continue reading

Follow the Money

Some new people who come to Goddess Haylee struggle to accept giving her money. I know because I was there myself. Sure, I gave her tribute, but it was always from my excess. I gave her gifts when I felt like it. But I always felt I could please her by writing blogs, saying clever things on social media, complementing her, and encouraging my fellow slaves. It is certainly possible to please Goddess Haylee … Continue reading

Haylee Is My Reason for Joy

Christmas is special for many reasons. Before it was Jesus and Christianity’s big holiday, it was a Roman holiday based on the Winter Solstice. Today it is mainly a family day where we get together with the ones we love, give gifts, play games, watch TV, and eat like we have no intention of ever fitting into the new cloths we just received as gifts. Had a great Christmas this … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee Knows Best

I find myself accepting things now in slavery to Goddess Haylee that I would not have accepted when I started a year ago. When I first started with Goddess Haylee it took me time to buy all her MP3s because I didn’t want to spend too much money. Now I find myself celebrating that I have accepted the privilege of tributing her 5% from every paycheck. And then on top … Continue reading

What’s Happening to Me?

I have been a slave now for a year. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. But lately things have been changing. One of the things I never wanted was findom. I accepted sending something to Goddess Haylee on the 19th each month, but that’s as far as it went. I feel I have been generous in my gifts and tribute, but it was always … Continue reading

Sissy Traits

Sissy Traits This blog is about me having alot of sissy traits in me, and the fact that i never even realized it until i started Goddess Haylee’s Alter Ego Empress Vox Sirens Sissy Training School that she recently added to her OnlyFans page. I think Goddess Haylee had already realized long ago that i had some sissy traits in me. But silly me i always thought i was just … Continue reading

True Surrender and Slavery to Goddess Haylee

The other day Empress Vox Siren tweeted, “True surrender and slavery is so much more fulfilling than jerking off to random clips. Not many have what it takes though.” As many of Vox’s tweets it was serious and deep. I confess to being a bit of a smart ass so my foolish reply was… second thought, I am not going to repeat it. It doesn’t deserve to be repeated. The … Continue reading

Going through changes for Goddess Haylee

Going through changes for Goddess Haylee This is not a very long blog just wanted to briefly share an experience i had with my Goddess recently! I wrote this blog to share a command that i recently received from my Goddess! Goddess Haylee rarely gives me commands but a couple weeks ago to my surprise she commanded me to delete all of my photos of her that i have been … Continue reading

The Witch’s Prize

We divided ourselves into groups. Some would go to the graveyards and see if they could find the sections where the oldest graves could be found. Others went to see what records they could find through the local churches. And the last group would go to the local governments to see what records they could find there. I convinced JohnDavid to join me in the group that was going to … Continue reading