A New Year, A New Task, All BLISS

A New Year, A New Task, All BLISS

A New Year, A New Task, All BLISS, posted on December 9, 2015 by johndavid in which he outlines a special way in which we can please Goddess.

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The Mistress’ Card

It all began simply and innocently enough one day back almost 3 years ago as I was just searching YouTube trying to feed my void, my need for complete surrender through femdom erotic hypnosis. A lifelong love of femdom mixed with a relatively new found fetish for hypnosis mixed together on YouTube showed tremendous potential to me for some temporary pleasure, or so I thought. I never in my wildest … Continue reading

The Bliss of Surrender

This morning is just like any morning now. I awake after listening to Goddess Haylee’s, THE EXPERIMENT, all night long, feeling like my cock has been engorged all night long and my mind just filled with thoughts of my Owner and reciting one of the dozen or so mantras that have been etched in my mind over the last two years. As I change out of my boxers and t-shirt … Continue reading

The Experiment After 30 Days

When Goddess Haylee released The Experiment she gave instructions to listen to in while I slept for 30 days. Well 30 days are up. What was my experience? Did it have any effect on me? From the very beginning I found The Experiment frustrating. I love Goddess’ sweet voice. I enjoy listening to her guidance. I know what is going on because she is usually clear. The first few nights it was just … Continue reading

I Need Goddess Haylee’s Control

It began as like. I liked Haylee’s YouTube video. I liked it a lot. I liked her MP3s. I liked it all so much it overwhelmed me. But overtime it when from like to love. Then I couldn’t get enough of them. And month after month my love went to need, and the need grew and grew. I have faithfully listened, read, watch Goddess Haylee day after day, week after week, month after … Continue reading

Haylee Is Free – I Am a Slave

Just read a post by JohnDavid, and he said it well, but I thought the topic needed a full blog post. We work hard. We earn money. When we spend our money to buy things. We buy houses, cars, paper napkins, all kinds of stuff. But when we pay for services we don’t own the service provider. When we pay someone for a service we admit that we can’t do … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee Takes Control

It was almost 3 years ago that I first heard Goddess Haylee’s voice as I watched her YouTube video. I really liked it. So I got the freebee Desperately Aching. I listened to it every chance I got. After less than a month I realized that this was not some role play game. This was real and if I continued I would end up losing myself completely. I would be totally … Continue reading

The Conference

I arrived early so I could check into my room and get unpacked. John David arrived just as I was finishing ironing my shirts. We had agreed to share a room at the conference so that we could tribute the difference to Goddess Haylee. Even though I count him among my best and closest friends, this was the first time I had ever met him face to face. He reached … Continue reading

Tribute In Words

Every day now for over nine months I have welcomed Goddess Haylee into my mind, my desires and my decisions. She is the most important thing in my heart. I love my Goddess. I need Goddess Haylee. She is the master of my soul. She fulfills me and completes me in ways I didn’t even think were possible. Goddess Haylee is my all. Before Goddess Haylee I was wondering around on the … Continue reading

How It Feels to Be Trapped

“Oh good, a new MP3 from Goddess,” I thought as I logged onto Follow+. From the title I had joked that if I actually got trapped inside of a trance I would end up like a comma patient and eventually die of starvation. On the whole it wouldn’t be a bad way to go! But it didn’t give me any idea of what to actually expect. So I lay back and … Continue reading

Worth Every Penny

Goddess Truths Subliminal Hypn0tic Programming

So Goddess Haylee, aka, Hypnotic Haylee, now has Her own subscriber account on Followplus, and it truly is proving to be worth every penny! In my estimation if She posted merely 2 photos and one short video a week, it would still be worth subscription price. Plus, knowing that it’s yet another Avenue for enriching my Goddesses lifestyle makes it worth it as well. Goddess Haylee, though, is so very … Continue reading