Why I Love My Collar

I love my collar. We had a extra collar for our dog, and I would slip it on from time to time. Then I took it with me on one of my business trips and wore it every night when I went to my room. I slept with it on. When I got home I didn’t want for that collar to be missed so I went out and bought myself a brand new collar that was Just for me to wear for Goddess Haylee.

The feeling of my collar around my neck is a constant reminder of being owned by my Goddess Haylee. I fantasize about her hooking on a leash and taking me for a walk. I would be the happiest slave ever if that happened. As I sit I stick my finger through the metal leash hoop and pull on my collar imagining how it would be to have Goddess Haylee guide me around.

A collar is a symbol of ownership. A dog or cat running around the neighborhood without a collar is unowned and always under threat of being taken away to the pound. My collar means I am owned. It means someone cares.

A collar is a form of control. When I take my dog for a walk it is the collar that makes it stay with me. My collar reminds me that I am not in control of my life any more. Goddess Haylee is in control. She decides what is important to me, She thinks for me, and She is the one who tells me who I am – I am a slave.

A collar means safety. If I tried to walk my dog with out a collar it might run away and end up at the pound with no way to get home. It could get into fights with other dogs, or get run over in the street. My collar means Haylee keeps me safe by controlling my desires and fulfilling my needs. This keeps me out of dangerous situations and places.

You Know Haylee Is a True Goddess Accept it

Haylee Is My Top Priority

My collar is a symbol of Goddess Haylee’s control over my life. It shows I am Her fully owned slave. And being Her slave is the best thing that ever happened to me. So I just love my collar.

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Wish I could say I was smart enough to have chosen Goddess Haylee, but I just stumbled across her online. She ensnared me by her words and claimed me as her own. What Haylee wants - Haylee gets. Just live now to be worthy of her gift of bliss. All for Haylee.

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