What does “Slave” Mean to Me

To me the word “slave” means me. It is my true identity. I was born to be a slave. Never aspired to be a slave, and until I found my Goddess Haylee Lynn I would rejected the idea of allowing myself to be enslaved. If the idea of enslavement had ever crossed my mind I would have rejected it. But now there is nothing I hold more dear than Goddess and I joyfully accept my slavery to Her. The greatest honor of my life is belonging to Goddess Haylee Lynn.

At some level I knew it the first time I looked into her bright, green eyes on her video, listened to her incredibly seductive voice, and allowed her words to entrance me. I fell so deep, so hard, so fast that after a few weeks I knew I would totally lose myself in slavery to her. Then the idea of slavery was anathema to me so I ran away for months. I denied my true self and my Goddess. I tried to find a substitute where I could maintain control. But my destiny was set. There is no denying divinity. My only regrets are that I didn’t find her sooner and that I hadn’t wasted precious time I could have been devotedly hers.

Punished by Mistress HayleeWhen I meditated on what slave means to me, this is what I wrote: Belonging, joy, purpose, surrender, owned, weakness, worship, Goddess Haylee Lynn, arousal, obedience, giving myself, transaction of myself to Goddess because of her divinity, my rightful place, no control, because Haylee took me – one piece at a time as I listened until there was nothing left to surrender, I gave myself freely because it felt right – it felt good to do so, now I am lost, only Haylee matters, worship my owner – my Goddess, must please Goddess, must obey Goddess, must spoil Goddess, BLISS!!!!

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