21 Days of Bliss

21 Days of Bliss

This post is about my most recent 21 days……days spent in loving devotion and surrender to……..Bliss. 🙂

As it turns out…..these 21 days of bliss was not immersion into hypnosis and sexual surrender to my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn ……although She was frequently on my mind and *with* me.

It was immersion into my role as Father to my 5 year old who was with me for these 21 days of bliss as my ex wife went travelling. 🙂

It was exhausting……fun……funny…..warm…..loving……and deeply and sincerely as Blissful a time as I can ever recall having. From Christmas Day until yesterday. I love being his Dad. He is my heart…..my very best friend…..my irreplaceable and precious love……and I am so truly grateful to realize this truth profoundly as all of the moments happen and as they are happening I feel this powerfully. I have been truly Blessed. 🙂

He looked at me squarely in the eyes as he is wont to do on the last day…… after 21 days of Bliss……and said “Dad”?……and I looked at him and said “what”? ……..”You are awesome” he said and he smiled at me with his honest little face and his heart wide open and laughed.

I laughed right back and said thank you……you are awesome too!!

I am sleeping more soundly lately……..8 to 9 hours a night plus naps……so my early morning blogs when he is with me are a thing of the past.
A full time job and full time care for him with no school or day care left me with simply no time for the luxury of writing.
The extra sleep seems like an effect of my ever improving health. I just do not get sick any more and I am hydrating and eating organics and taking my medicinal herbs and next week the Courts are deciding on custody.

I think of this and the possibilities of being honored to foster his education every single moment it seems. It is currently my fondest wish.

I am driven by this mission as my ex wife just seems more and more unconscious and unworthy for the privilege each and every day.

In a way I think my drive to be the perfect Father is very similar to my drive to please my Goddess Haylee. Both are places for my Heart to be open and vulnerable and tender. Maybe I am getting old or maybe I am turning back the wheels of time………I am finding myself opening more and more to the Realms of the Heart and I like it.

I am embracing the tender moments fully and even if they are just gracious exchanges with strangers at the grocery store……it just feels nice so I do it. These last two years have brought more change into my life than ever before and I am taking this is a very good thing.

And even as I knew some were probably wondering about my absence and lack of blogs……I knew that my Goddess would be pleased that I was practicing devotion and living up to my promise of no videos or MP3’s or such while my son is under our roof.

I was quite tired at times and thinking I would savor the solitude and the quiet house once he went down south…….and yet I miss the Hell out of him already. In truth I missed him the moment I drove away from her car.

This morning I am beginning a GODDESS WORSHIP WEEK.

I need Her right now……I need my Goddess to help me through this next week.

Cycles and Stages

21 days of Bliss.

I will not be alone. I will be with my Goddess.

Thank You for always being there my Queen……no matter what I am going through it seems like You were born with this nurturing and loving patience to understand and support me. This next week is so very important to me I am consciously not allowing my hopes to get overly high about the Courts awakening with wisdom and clarity for his best interests.

But no matter what happens there is no stopping the AWESOME POWER OF LOVE that my son and I have forged together.

Now that is TRUTH and SWEET and BLISS unfolding.

That is what I have been doing these last 21 days. In case anyone was wondering. 🙂

I LOVE You my Goddess. I have missed You but the mission was a worthy one.
Your devoted and loving slave, Claude.

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5 thoughts on “21 Days of Bliss

  1. So pleased that you had such a lovely time, and opened your already blissful heart even more. Enjoy this worship week. Make it the most blissful one yet~!!!!

  2. Many thanks for sharing this with us, glad everything is fine, and I hope the custody case is resolved to your satisfaction. Don’t worry about the blogs – in fact you did manage to blog on Jan 5 – “The Divine Goddess”.

  3. You sure must be an Awesome Dad! To have Your son for three weeks must have been Great! Thanks for sharing and glad You’re back!

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