Enchant – First reflections on this wonderful MP3 by Goddess Haylee

Enchant – First reflections on this wonderful MP3 by Goddess Haylee Lynn

I have to be different! While everyone else was buying, downloading and listening to the wonderful new release, “Aching Love“, I was listening to another file which I had recently obtained “Enchant“. I will have to wait to listen to “Aching Love” – I have the file, but I will have to buy some vanilla body spray before listening to it. So, back to Enchant

Have you listened to this one?

Have you listened to this one?

Lets start with what Goddess Haylee Lynn says about it HERSELF.

“33 minutes. You’re invited to my party. It is hosted inside of a magnificent ball room, where plenty of gorgeous, hypnotic women are anxiously awaiting you. You will find that one sticks out the most. This is your enchantress. However you see her, you will fall under her spell and become completely addicted to her, and her sweet enchanted pussy juices. You will receive so much pleasure from obeying her. You will feel as if this is truly happening while listening to it. *cum command* – See more at: http://hypnotichayleestore.com/products-page/erotic-hypnosis-mystical-and-enchanting-mp3s/enchant/#sthash.gvivguAp.dpuf”

I think this is by far the most openly sexual MP3 of HERS that I have listened to. The scenario SHE suggested is very erotic. I did cum while listening to it – unfortunately I came a few minutes before SHE ordered me to, but never mind, maybe with practice I will learn to cum on HER command.

Many thanks Goddess Haylee Lynn for making this MP3 and allowing me to listen to it. I love YOU even more now, listening to this has helped YOU increase still further YOUR great hold on me. I love YOU in every sense – erotically, but YOU are also my soul mate, my best friend, my all.

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