A Divine Encounter

You are never going to believe this one.

Spring is here early this year. My wife and I decided to take a walk on the beach. It’s only an hour and a half drive to the Jersey Shore from our house. So we drove to Wildwood. Most of the shops are closed, but some of the nicer ones open early. We can always find a nice place for lunch. And, even though it is off season, no one ever bothers to turn off the Atlantic Ocean. The waves keep rolling in, and you don’t need a beach tag to walk the edge of the continent.

We brought along a couple of chairs. My wife likes to just sit and read while watching the waves roll in. I sat with her for a few minutes and then as she read her book, I took a walk on the beach. Practically every shop was closed, but I wasn’t looking to shop I just wanted to walk and enjoy the sun, the surf and the sand.

There were few other people on the beach, but it wasn’t empty. My wife and I aren’t the only ones who enjoy experiencing the nature side of being at the beach. About a mile down the beach I noticed a couple walking toward me. The woman looked like she could be Haylee Lynn. I smiled, looked down at the sand and laughed at myself because whenever I go I always notice woman who look anything like Goddess. If I see a woman with a nose ring and I can’t help but stare. When I looked up again the couple was only about 30 yards away. This woman looked a lot like… I stopped walking and just looked at her.

The couple noticed that I was just standing there watching them walk toward me. The guy, who I now realized was Bruce, turned stern in is expression. I remembered what Goddess had said on her Ask Haylee Anything session that online doms are sometimes stalked. I realized that for them this was not a welcome encounter. I was embarrassed. It was totally inadvertent, and practically impossible, but I had interrupted my Goddess’ day and put her into an uncomfortable situation. In that moment I wanted to drop to my knees in worship, walk up and give her a big hug, and dissolve completely into the sand in embarrassment. But all I could do was stand and stare.

Goddess is so wise and kind. She immediately read the situation and could tell that I was not a stalker. And although I recognized her, she didn’t know who I was. So she placed her hand on Bruce’s arm signaling to him that it was okay and to wait. She was only 10 feet away at this point. She walked up to me and with only the slightest apprehension in her voice asked, “So which one of my pets are you?”

I blurted out my first and last name, and then said, “…but of course you know me as JohnDelco.” I spoke quickly not knowing what to expect.

The next moment was the greatest of my life. Haylee smiled and laughed as all the tension flew away. “SlaveJohn!” she said with a smile. I was so relieved that I was obviously not someone who she feared meeting by chance on a nearly abandoned beach. She turned to Bruce and said, “Look, it’s slavejohn!” Bruce smiled and was obviously relived as well. Not only did he know who I was he came over and gave me a hug! “I love the stuff you write,” he said as he embraced me.

I went from total embarrassment to absolute confusion. Haylee read me like a book. She smiled at Bruce and said, “I’ll be right back.” She took me by the hand and walked me up to the boardwalk. The only shop open on block was one of the nicer gift shops. While we walked I was explaining how it was that I came to be on the beach and trying to reassure her that it was totally an accident. She seemed to know that intuitively but I still felt the need to tell her, and she let me. She seemed to know I needed to do that too.

I couldn’t believe I was walking hand-in-hand with my Goddess. She walked me into the store. “You may buy me something, my sweet.” “What would you like?” I asked. “You choose,” she said with an impish smile. In the jewelry case at the counter there was a really nice sea shell pendent necklace. “How about that?” “Perfect!” She leaned toward me and said softly, “What a well trained slave you are.” I melted and said to the clerk, “I’ll take that one, and the one next to it too.” “Oh, you don’t need to do that,” she said. I leaned toward her and softly, “It’s for my wife. Whenever she wares it I will be reminded of this moment.” I had the clerk put them into two bags. I handed Haylee hers as we walked out of the store.

“I need to get back to Bruce now. And you need to get back to your wife.” “Yes Goddess. Thanks you. Thank you for this,” I said not knowing what the hell ‘this’ was. But I felt so grateful.

She reached up and put her hand to the side of my face. She gently pulled me toward her and gently kissed me on my lips. We embraced, “You will always be mine. My good boy.” She kissed me on the cheek as we parted and walked away. I was so moved I was unsuccessfully holding back tears. I watched her walk back to Bruce. Bruce waved goodbye. I waved back. Goddess threw me a kiss. I watched them walk away hand-in-hand.

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Wish I could say I was smart enough to have chosen Goddess Haylee, but I just stumbled across her online. She ensnared me by her words and claimed me as her own. What Haylee wants - Haylee gets. Just live now to be worthy of her gift of bliss. All for Haylee.

About slavejohn

Wish I could say I was smart enough to have chosen Goddess Haylee, but I just stumbled across her online. She ensnared me by her words and claimed me as her own. What Haylee wants – Haylee gets. Just live now to be worthy of her gift of bliss. All for Haylee.


A Divine Encounter — 5 Comments

    • Thank you! I always worry about writing you and Bruce into a story. I think I can write you okay as a character, but I can be so far off writing Bruce. Please apologize to him if I ever offend him.

    • My image of Bruce is the guy who kisses your foot in the woods on that video. I realize he is the perfect slave. I can only hope to someday be 1/10 the slave he is. Bruce is awesome.

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