Always Trust Your Goddess’s Intuition!

Always Trust Your Goddess’s Intuition!

Always Trust Your Goddess’s Intuition!” is a story how i learned that Goddess is always right in Her intuition.

“I want to become your slave”

That was the stark introductory comment he messaged me. For some time I had hoped to enslave someone and lead him or her to Goddess. This seemed a promising start. I messaged Goddess. She agreed.

I said that he had to watch Her youtube videos. He agreed. He said that he was not able to buy any of Goddess’s recordings as his credit card had accidently got destroyed in the wash. I felt it could be true.

He seemed to be doing what I told him to do and responding well to it.

“I can’t resist her O_O. I listen to her 3 time in a row and then I felt asleep  i love her so much”

I said he needed to focus on Goddess and delete all his other Facebook friends apart from Goddess and Her supporters and followers such as myself. (I didn’t want any other hypnotist getting to him, I thought). He did more-or-less do this.

I asked him about himself. He said “I have 18 years old and i’m doing parkour bass guitar drawing.” (He was a French Canadian, hence the comment about “I have”, as that is what the French say).

Later he came out with this story. he claimed that 6 years ago both his parents were murdered by a gunman. The gunman was now doing time.

He would send voice messages to me, so I could be sure about his approximate age and his sex.

He would love me to hypnotize him, with text trances on Facebook and I would try to do so in a way that would increase his attachment to Goddess, such as getting him to think about Her eyes.

Always Trust Your Goddess's Intuition!

Always Trust Your Goddess’s Intuition!

He sent me pictures of Canadian dollars he wanted to give Her. I said that sending money through the post was not very safe.

Goddess was unenthusiastic. Her intuition told her something was wrong. She thought i was wasting my time, but said if i wanted to continue then i could. She also commented that he seemed to have a habit of posting “I want to become your slave” on every Hypnodomme on Facebook.

I replied that I didn’t have any reason to disbelieve his story. I hadn’t hypnotized anyone for years and if nothing else it seemed good practice for me. However i would stop talking to him, if She wanted me to.

He claimed that after his parents died he was brought up by his elder brother. He claimed that his brother was dying of cancer. He claimed that he was waiting in a hospital waiting room, waiting for news of his brother. Then he asked me to hypnotize him! I was starting to doubt him now. My intuition told me something was wrong. If what he was saying was true this seemed a very inappropriate time and place to me.

Then I asked him to write a poem to Goddess, saying how wonderful She is. This is his poem. I shared it with Goddess.

Some people believe, there is a one
The one who points, your way to the sun.
A person they believe, makes them complete
The one who will support, when facing defeat

‘You are my angel’, my one and only
My forever love, so we’ll never be lonely.
You’ve brought to my life, all your love and care
It made me see, when I realized how rare . .
It is to meet your angel, or their lifetime one
Through you and my children, whose life has begun.

What you’ve done, you’ve illuminated my soul
It’s you and your love, that has made me whole.
The feel of your love, your soft touch and caress
We’re tight so close, your heart beats in my chest.

All that we have, always felt missing before
Though I love you today, tomorrow it will be more.
Our love is life, we are the strongest tree
Which will always grow forever, like you and me.

You have opened my heart and held it so dear
You are my angel and will always keep it near.
You have seen my ups and cared when I was low.
‘You are my angel’, I just need you to know.

You entered my life, through a ray of sun above
And when we leave, we will leave together in love
My love for you, has become my reason to be
I hope one day you’ll find, your angel in me.”

Goddess pointed out that this was lifted from another website and showed me the web address.

I then asked him how come the poem was on this website

He replied “I’m lying to much! Sorry master just drop me i’ll understand.”

I said goodbye to him and told him to have a nice life. I then unfriended him, and he became the first person ever on Facebook that I have blocked.

I then apologised to Goddess. I wouldn’t have blamed Her too much if She had dropped me. She was very understanding and forgiving and explained that She had to let me find out for myself.

The moral of the story-always trust the intuition of Goddess, She is always right.

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