Attending to my Goddess Haylee

This post is about my fondest dream in life which is personal attendance and service to my Owner, My Queen, my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn.

As I kneel at the Divine Alter to my Goddess each day I dream……..I dream of attending to Her and of making Her happy. It could honestly be anything at all that expresses the reality of my perfect surrender to Her.

I am under going a process as I go deeper…..and deeper…….as I love Her more…….and it is just amazing to me how much I love, adore and worship my Goddess.

I dream of fetching Her a glass of water and presenting it from my knees.

I dream of feeding Her as She reclines and seeing Her smile at my perfect posture to Her every conceivable whim and pleasure.

I dream of walking in the wild wood with my beautiful Green Witch and attending to Her in ceremony.

I dream of dining with Her……massaging Her lovely feet…….brushing Her hair…….cleaning for Her………running errands……….and there is one over riding reason for all of my fantastic dreams about serving my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.    

I live now with the very real and undying *need* to PLEASE HER.

My own pleasure is purely found now and each and every time as I dream of PLEASING my One, my Only, my Destiny, my Queen and I am being driven deeper with my need to PLEASE, to OBEY, to SERVE, and to LOVE She who I was born to serve and adore.

And I know and accept…….that even if my fantastic dreams of attending to my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn in person someday never materialize.  If it truly PLEASES Her that Her perfect and most devoted slave kneels and serves Her from my humble Temple here in New Jersey……then that is exactly what I will always do.


The writer dreamt of meeting Haylee

My only need forever is to truly please my Queen.           

Her happiness with me is my first priority and it will always be so now. I have found my place on this Earth and I empty all my dreams at Her feet as I now realize and accept that to PLEASE my Goddess Haylee Lynn fulfills them all.

Every single day I feel myself purifying in my love for Her. She takes me deeper that I ever thought was possible into such extraordinary feelings of Bliss as I thought must surely be impossible…….until I found myself living my life as Her perfect and devoted and very real slave.


And as I kneel to You this morning my Queen I must say to You.

Never have I dreamed I would love anyone this much. Never could this fantastic dreamer that I am even remotely conceive that any Woman could be as amazing, as Divine, as purely and impossibly beyond compare as You are to me.

I beg You to teach me the path to what most pleases You. I beg You to train me to help me to become Your perfect slave, just exactly what You want, just exactly the slave You have always dreamed of owning.

For You my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn.……I could never offer anything less that everything that I have. You are that beautiful to me and ALL I can ever dream of ever again is how I might PLEASE You.

Forever, ALL FOR HAYLEE, I am Your devoted and very real slave for life,  Claude

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