Starting a journal for Goddess Haylee

I’d like to introduce myself to the group and ask for help with a project for Goddess Haylee. My name is zack. I’ve been asked by Goddess Haylee to continue a ritual that will help me to ascend into slavery for her.   The ritual has  involved listening to the tape “NEW mind fuck mp3~! Every day EVERY way ENSLAVED” daily. I Have also been reporting to her each day … Continue reading

She looked like rain

In 2014 I was as Dust that spins in a gust of wind, that is blowing by. I was drier than the gravel of my driveway on the inside. I was like a dessert dry. And in my thirsty eyes …… She looked like rain.   I laid in the dry place for a long long time. My heart had become bitter as whiskey and had lost it’s fight. But … Continue reading

Goddess Dominating From Her Throne (A Honest Review)

Advice on how to serve Goddess Haylee, posted on May 23, 2016 by slavejohn.

When I die, I hope whatever greets me on the other side is even half as beautiful as Goddess Haylee Lynn appears in “Goddess Dominating From Her Throne“. Her mesmorizing voice and Toe Curling visuals are among the most enrapturing in recent memory, yet the video’s true beauty stems not from its alluring HD crystal camera clarity but from its unfailing ability to imbue every moment at the feet of … Continue reading

Enslavement Day

Enslavement Day

Enslavement Day Enslavement Day – a story for Independence Day. Note: Enslavement Day features text from an excellent Haylee Lynn video Goddess Truths, which all her closest slaves are instructed to learn and commit to heart. Have you got it dear reader? If not, details about it can be found here. “I am everything,” the slave said in a sleepy voice. “I am complete perfection. I am a Goddess and you … Continue reading

University Interview

University Interview.

University Interview University Interview is a work of fiction. “Hello, many thanks for coming to the university for an interview for the post of Teacher of Yoga. You come here highly recommended by Mr Charlie Britain. I am Mr David Jones and I will be interviewing you. Sit down there please. Is it Miss Haylee Lynn, or Mrs Haylee Lynn? I know these things are important. How do you prefer … Continue reading

Electric Collar

Electric Collar Electric Collar is a work of fiction. “What is it that you want pet” asked Goddess Haylee Lynn to one of her most loyal and trusted slaves. “I wish I could be a better slave” he replied. “That is good. In what ways do you want to be a better slave?” She continues, in her soft and velvety voice. “Well generally. I wish I gave you a tribute more … Continue reading

Vox Black Lips Boyfriend Enslavement

Vox Black Lips Boyfriend Enslavement Vox Black Lips Boyfriend Enslavement is an iwant video made by Goddess Haylee Lynn. This is how she herself describes the video,- “Lipstick Fetish, Mean Girls This was a custom request. It is zoomed in HD to my shiny perfect black lips. You are/were my boyfriend, and I sent you this video to tell you that I am connecting deeply with my inner bitch, and … Continue reading

Cock Control Seduction

Cock Control Seduction

Cock Control Seduction Cock Control Seduction is another wonderful iwant video clip produced by the amazing Goddess Haylee Lynn. It sells for just $6-99 – truly an absolute bargain! I always feel that it is right and proper to give her the first word on her products, and this is what she says about this one,- “Cock Control Seduction- stroke to my perfection and surrender ALL control Jerk Off Instruction, … Continue reading

Paul Knight

Paul Knight. Haylee Lynn was stunning.

Paul Knight Paul Knight written by Paul Knight (not his real name), edited by Forever Slave. This is a story of my conversion from selfish man to devout worshipper of my Goddess Haylee Lynn after visiting the Church of Haylee. My name is Paul Knight. I used to be an investigative reporter for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and I thought I had a great life. I was well known around town for my work as … Continue reading

What happens when you stare into my eyes?

What happens when you stare into my eyes? “What happens when you stare into my eyes?” is an iwant clip made by my Goddess Haylee Lynn. As she herself says about it “What happens when you stare into my eyes? Eye Fixation, Mind Fuck Do you find yourself craving more of me? I wonder if you will become enslaved. Do you think you will? See what happens when you stare … Continue reading