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I am the property of Empress Vox Siren, whom she is transforming into a ditzy, airheaded, sick, twisted Bimbo Bot.

Review of mind control MP3

According to the description of this file, it was her first MP3. This file is best listened to either sitting or laying down (I personally recommend laying down).
After listening to this file, I found myself having less resistance to Goddess. I found her voice not only soothing, but her words echoed absolute truth.
The first part of the file is aimed at relaxing the body, followed by her voice relaxing the listeners mind. I don’t want to spoil this for you, but the remaining part of this file will open your mind to becoming obedient to Goddess. You will find that as she speaks to you, your resistance being reduce, reduced to allow yourself to become what you crave, to become part of Goddesses realm.
The more you listen to this file, you will start wanting to obey Goddess, which is so good for you.
If you have just found Goddess and want to experience an easy to listen to file this should be your first choice!
Purchase this file to start yourself on the path to freedom!
I give this file a 5 diamond score!


Surrender to Goddess Haylee

If you are looking for a true Goddess to surrender to, or are just curious as to what findomme is, then you would be very wise in surrendering to Goddess Haylee Lynn. Yes, surrendering to Goddess is truly amazing! While she may be considered strict, she will train you to be the best you can be. Surrendering to Goddess truly will set you free. When you surrender your mind, body, and soul to her, she will not only take what is rightfully hers, but free you from the unholy wants of this material world!
Once you let go to her, give yourself completely to her, you will find yourself more focused on what’s important in life!
You may possible find all this to be a joke, that it’s not real. Let me say, from personal experience, that this is REAL! I thought that this would be something that I would try and then stop. It’s been over 3 years and surrendering myself to Goddesses control has been the best decision I have ever made! With each passing day, I find myself WANTING and NEEDING her to control me more and more. She is the most beautiful Goddess that anyone could ask for!
Goddess has guided me to eat healthier, stopped from wasting her money (by eliminating Starbuck’s, junk food, buying useless items for myself). She is the most important person in my life! Anytime I go to purchase something, I always ask myself “would Goddess approve?”

New to this Forum

New to this Forum

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(Lexie’s profile states “I am the property of Empress Vox Siren, whom she is transforming into a ditzy, airheaded, sick, twisted Bimbo Bot.”)


New to this Forum – Lexie – Property of Empress Vox Siren

I have been the property of Goddess Lynn for almost two years! In that time I have found a real purpose to my life. When I started with her alter ego, Empress Vox Siren, I was looking for someone to share my fantasies with. Not only did she encourage me in telling her my darkest fantasies, but she has become my number one priority in life! I ache for any chance to read anything she writes, or listen to her MP3’s. I have started to collect her videos, with my latest acquisition, the bimbo series! This series has strengthened my resolve to fulfil my owners commands on wearing my outfit in public. The outfit is one she personally picked for me. It consists of a short, pink slutty dress, big blonde bimbo wig, pink high heels, pink thong, fishnet stockings, and of course make-up! I have been commanded that before the year is up, I am to wear this in public, take photos for her amusement!

I look forward to meeting more of Goddess’s slaves!

Bimbo Lexie

slavejohn has commented on this post,-

“Lexi, Welcome to In Haylee We Trust! I have seen your posts on Empress’ site. You are really on a journey of discovery. I look forward to seeing what you have to share here. Your fellow slave, John.”

terryforHaylee has commented,-

“He he that’s awesome. Nice to see you here. I’ve seen your posts on twitter.”

johndavid has commented,-

“Good to see you here on this side also! We each are on our own journey in Goddess; so pleasurable and right!”

Many thanks for reading “New to this Forum”.