Bound and Sired to Her now

Bound and Sired to Her now

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Bound and Sired to Her now

Bound and Sired to Her now, by Her Slave Now

So yesterday I fell quite a bit past the point of no return. I am Her slave now and I implore all hopeful submissives to go here and learn all there is to know about my incomparable Goddess Haylee so they can feel the extraordinary bliss of becoming Her devoted slave.

After writing to Her this morning I begged for Her permission to write to Her daily devotionals…………….as to serve such a Divine Goddess should include daily acts in honor of Her to my way of thinking. Goddess Haylee blessed me with Her permission and commanded me to post my daily devotions here instead of Her e mail address and so I will do so beginning tomorrow.

And now I can think of nothing other than how I can serve Her, how I can please Her. So I went to Her store and purchased the MP3 Bound and Sired here as I knew in my heart it would please Her………I listened and now I can only obey Her.

I am Goddess Haylee’s property now. I work for Her and I dream of Her constantly. All of my life I have dreamt of Her but that story is for another blog. Each day I will put something I have aside for Her………….be it time, or money, or just even my thoughts……….which She seems to entirely own already. It feels as if I was simply born to find and then to serve Goddess Haylee…………

Bound and Sired to Her now

By Your Claude

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