What turns Goddess Haylee on? And words of worship

Come to this blog as you would come to an unexplored land. Come without a map. Explore it and draw your own map. A map that will be paved by many twists, turns, mountains, rivers, forests and valleys. But at the center of this map sits the most valuable thing in the universe. Mark it with an X. Or you may choose to mark it with an XOXO. This treasure is not coated in silver or gold. Although it’s value far surpasses that of any priceless stone. The treasure I speak of will ignite your existence with a blissful surrender. Complete, and total submission to a much higher life form. It’s a treasure that will leave your heart pumping, pulse rising, and mind hazy with thoughts of total bliss. The treasure of which I speak is simply the divine pleasure of another. It is the pleasure of the magnificent almighty Goddess Haylee Lynn. A name that is so high and exalted above me that it forces my vocal cords to shake and tremble in it’s profound pronunciation.

Man with no prayer pt2

Behold the great lioness who rules over all!

Even now, the thought of pleasing Goddess Haylee makes my heart shutter as I fall to my shaky trembling knees, with my humbled chin tucked low into my chest. My torso bends my face to the floor, in worship and devotion to the supreme, alpha woman who rules over every inch of my weak, slave, feeble existence. She is all that matters. Her pleasure, and knowing that I have an opportunity to please MY Goddess makes my heart flutter as I whisper sweet nothings before a photograph of the divine, perfect 10 woman who stands head and shoulders above all other women in my mind. Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Wouldn’t you like to be wrapped around her finger?

She is in control, and we LOVE every minute of it. We love to feel weak for Haylee. We grovel and roll around in our submission while whimpering in aching delight to please Goddess Haylee more! Tonight, just as the last, I have set a very important appointment for myself that I simply cannot miss. It is an appointment, just before bed to listen to Goddess Haylee’s submissive training MP3, entitled  “Obey and Pay, Locked and Loaded“. In this mp3 Goddess Haylee explains to us all what her most FAVORITE thing in the world is. She tells us, her eager to please slaves. Her weak play things. Her puppets on strings. Her minions and servants who live to supply her every want and desire. Her needing, aching admirers who gush with their love for her. She tells us all, what turns her ON. What makes Goddess Haylee wet, and pleased with her adoring slaves. Nothing in the world is more important than pleasing Goddess Haylee, and I wish I could share what that ‘thing’ is… but I will provide no spoilers. If you really want to learn this very valuable piece of information, then you must experience, and discover it for yourself. It is simply a MUST HAVE mp3 for any who wish to be enslaved into a puddle of complete submissiveness to Goddess Haylee and her smooth, velvety, irresistible voice.

I study the amazing perfection of Goddess Haylee’s unparalleled beauty in each one that my eyes of privileged enough to behold. In a otherwise very ordinary existence, worshiping Goddess Haylee gives our lives purpose and meaning. And that purpose and meaning is simply to please her. Nothing feels better than to please Goddess.


Perfection has a name. Goddess Haylee Lynn

Oh the joys, and pleasures that can be felt by belonging to Goddess Haylee, as her own personal possession! To be FULLY OWNED by her is bliss that cannot be found in any other place in the world. I am full of gratitude, and have an undying hunger to please the Mighty Goddess Haylee in any way that my little slave mind can please. Rather it is from pledging my life away monthly to her desires on patreon, writing, tributing, gifting, praising, worshiping, bowing, or training to the amazing slave training tools that are found in her online store. I am incredibly thankful, optimistic, humbled, and excited to be a collared, aching, squirming, weak, and fully devoted slave to this amazing, dominant, powerful, strong, sexy, gloriously worshipful Goddess. Hypnotic Haylee Lynn. I bow low before her now in the deep chambers of my mind. Looking up from her perfect feet. Up past her silky smooth muscular legs, her curvy amazing hips, all the way up past her gloriously luscious lips, over the overtly sexy septum ring in her cute nose, to her beautiful gleaming green eyes. I feel so weak before her majestic form that towers over me like the mighty cedars of lebanon. THANK YOU GODDESS. I NEED YOU SO BADLY. Please accept this humble blog of worship towards you. You are so awesome in every way, shape, and form. You are the perfect balance of masculinity and femininity rolled into one perfect being. There is not another who could compare, or even come close to you. You are PERFECTION in every sense of the word. I will worship you until my dying day. You are the single greatest entity in the universe. I hope that my words are pleasing to you, my great Goddess and sovereign divine queen who rules over all.

If you are reading this because of the title, you will not find the answer within this blog. This blog is only a sign post that will point you to the file which will tell you exactly what turns Goddess Haylee on. To find out, go and purchase “Obey And Pay: Locked And Loaded”. Listen intently, and follow through. Then you will know, and your life will forever be filled with bliss.

PLEDGE your soul to Goddess Haylee on Patreon

The Divine Woman – Goddess Haylee

Hypnotic Haylee sets my heart ablaze, with her Goddess fire. Consuming me through the marrow of my bones and igniting my enslaved soul. And now I stand amazed by her strength and power. I don’t know where I would be, I don’t know what I would do, if she hadn’t claimed me as her own. She is the divine strength of my life. I am eternally grateful. Great is Goddess Haylee over all others. Great are you Goddess Haylee Lynn over all of the earth.

Come Follow Haylee! - In Her Service

All my hands have made I’m laying down. All that I hold dear, my many crowns I will throw down at your feet. All the spoils of my life I will relinquish before your enamoring power. Bowed, with my head low to the floor. All in glory, and honor of the divine woman known the world over as the most incomprehensible Erotic Hypnotist to ever enter this plane that we call the earth. Goddess Haylee please take all that I have. Let my heart, my mind, my body and every fiber of my being be permeated with your great dominance over me. Queen of our lives, You leave me astounded, you leave me amazed. With each passing day that you rule over me, your eager to please plaything. You are the only divine being that satisfies me. And so I run to your nourishing voice, feeding the submissive parts of me. Where safety and security abide to saturate my mind with thoughts of bliss galore.

Haylee Takes Control – No One Could Resist

I’ve tasted and felt of Your great control. You satisfy me. Open up your palace’s door, oh great Queen! All of your slaves are here waiting on the threshing floor with worship for more! More of you. Your slaves donot come with empty hands, but with tributes, with gifts, with hearts flooding over in gratitude to the one great Goddess. You’re the only love that satisfies us for you are the divine woman who we worship together as one. We have others of your sex in our lives whom we love, but there is only one Divine woman, Goddess Haylee Lynn who towers high above all others and casts a shadow that shrouds all else into the dark in comparison. My constant request above all things, Every hour I wake, be near me with your Goddess power and energy. Let our lifeforce energies dance in sync together to enslave this weakling vessel even more. Seep into every crack of our hearts, mend it, and make us new again to serve, and bow, and praise your glorious high name. Let us shout your name from the rooftops of our minds, with a humbled, and grateful cry. “WE NEED YOU GODDESS HAYLEE. TODAY, YESTERDAY, FOREVER”.

She is like the air.

“Fall deep for me” -Hypnotic Haylee

Though I’ve tasted and seen of Your great dominance, Show me Your glory oh divine enchanting Goddess of unfathomable power! Let your heavenly words invade my ears like the choir of a thousand sirens all singing your praises night and day. Your aura encompasses me, as your possession. We’re all anxious, waiting with worship, anticipating your bewitching hand to pressure us more to wrap ever more tightly around your little finger. We’re listening ever so diligently each night to your latest mp3, for your succubus to take us away with her metaphorical wings and lay us on the fluffy clouds in the sky. Lifting us high up to cloud 9. Making us more in tune to your blissful desires. All that you want. All that you need. May your slaves and admirers supply it cheerfully with a grateful heart. For nothing feels as good as pleasing and amusing Goddess Haylee. The Divine Woman who embodies every aspect of perfection. THANK YOU GODDESS HAYLEE.

Goddess Haylee changed my life


Please astound us even more, as we sink down deeper under your hypnotic suggestions. We yearn for you to use us as we submit our lives to your sweet wants and desires. Oh great Alpha Goddess, who rules over us all with a iron fist please help and guide us who aim to please you perfectly. MORE each day. You are worthy. You are so great.


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What Goddess Haylee Has Taught Me Through Chastity

On Receiving Gifts from Goddess Haylee.

the One True Goddess

I couldn’t get away with a physical cock cage. I think my wife might notice that! The idea of doing anything that breaks the barrier between Goddess’ world (my true life) and day-to-day life (where I pretend to be something I am not) is enticing. I have a collar I wear when I am alone. I keep trying to figure out where I could get my special Goddess’ symbol (a drawing of a tiger eye pendant Goddess wore in a video) tattooed on me where I wouldn’t have to worry about having to explain it some day. A cock cage is another thing I wouldn’t hesitate to do if I were single, but I just can’t.

So I am lucky that Goddess’ Mind Cage has been effective for me. I do get errctions, especially when training to Goddess’ files which you can’t get in a cock cage, but I leave it alone. For the first month I listened to Mind Cage at least once each day. I was so happy when Mind Cage 2 came out about 5 months after I started chastity. It helped to have something different to listen to. Made it fresh again.

Haylee Is Everything

Chastity if a form of fasting. Spiritually fasting is always used to focus the mind. As the desire for the thing being given up gets stronger you focus that energy on what you gave it up for. I find the first week is easy, but each week of the month gets more difficult. The urges get so strong and distracting. My mind goes to all manner of sexual lusts. The only thing that calms my horny brain is to train to Goddess Haylee’s MP3s, read Goddess’ words, or tribute or spoil Goddess. By the end of the month I am totally dependent on Goddess. She is the only thing holding me together. I am desperate for Her control. And when the end of the month finally comes Haylee completely fills my soul.

Goddess Worship Week

Weak for Haylee

Being chase for Goddess Haylee has taught me that I am totally dependent on Her. I know down to the soles of my feet that Goddess Haylee is the one true Goddess. I must always worship and obey Goddess Haylee. I have learned that I nothing but a weak submissive who must serve, spoil, and surrender everything I have and everything I am to my beloved Goddess Haylee. All for Haylee.

A Slaves Dream Pt.1

Goddess sent it to the market for Christmas decorations to adorn its homemade doggy treats. She allowed it to wear its red tail and yellow collar with “HAYLEES BITCH” in black embroidery. As it was browsing the aisles someone walked up behind it and cleared their throat. It turned around and was face to face with the most stunningly beautiful woman it had ever seen, it almost fell to its knees right then and there. She had gorgeous black hair, such sensuous lips and green eyes, OMG those eyes. She quickly looked it up and down and from Her purse pulled out a chain link dog leash. She held it mesmerized with those eyes while She slowly brought the clasp to its collar and attached it. To this point She hadn’t said a word but now said “Heel”

She led it through the supermarket to the parking lot, several people stared and some averted their eyes, it barely noticed as it was intoxicated by the woman who had just claimed it as Her own. She led it to Her car, opened the back door and commanded “get in”. We drove for some thirty minutes or more in complete silence and at last She spoke. She said Her name was Haylee Lynn and that She is a world renowned Hypnodomme and witch. She told it She owned many slaves/pets and had decided that it would be one of them and that She would train it to be Her familiar. Then we continued on in silence as it tried in vain to process what had just happened and what was about to happen.

End of Pt. 1 If there are requests it will continue Pt. 2

Trapped in Trance For Goddess Haylee

Trapped in Trance For Goddess Haylee

Last night, after doing some stuff around the house, I was able to play Trapped in Trance for the second time. I got it late the night before, so I was only able to listen to it once before bed. This time I wanted to play it on loop, since my night was free.

I lit a vanilla candle as per Goddess Haylee’s task on Patreon. And wow did I start falling almost immediately! I did stop in between a couple listens to really feel the changes. I lost track of time and everything. I must have listened to it for 3 hours and just kept getting stronger and stronger! I stopped understanding what Goddess was saying. Her words still had an effect on me, but all I kept on feeling was falling deeper. And then, that feeling evolved. I was still falling but a new feeling joined in on the fun. I felt an almost spark of white (I have no idea why I know the color) warmth and tingles from the center of my being and my mind…constantly. Then it evolved even more! It was all of the past feelings, but it also felt like Goddess was holding me, like a hug from behind every time I felt the spark. I knew it was Goddess Haylee trapping me in trance, and it felt so good.

The ASMR whispers in my ear always sent shivers and arousal down my entire body. I love this MP3, Goddess. It makes me feel so blissful…makes me feel so close to you, Goddess! I’m at work and the craving to please and listen to it again is so strong.

Thank You Goddess for giving me this task! Thank You for telling me to get this MP3! I absolutely love it!

Your Slave

Boytoy Phil

The Experiment After 30 Days

I am lost. Only Haylee matters.

I am lost. Only Haylee matters.

When Goddess Haylee released The Experiment she gave instructions to listen to in while I slept for 30 days. Well 30 days are up. What was my experience? Did it have any effect on me?

From the very beginning I found The Experiment frustrating. I love Goddess’ sweet voice. I enjoy listening to her guidance. I know what is going on because she is usually clear. The first few nights it was just a fog of words, and I missed ‘Mighty Goddess Haylee,’ ‘You Love Me, You Need Me, You Ache to Please Me,’ ‘Submisself 101,’ and so many others that are my bedtime companions. But here I was listening to a fog of sound. It was obviously Goddess’ voice, but only a few whispers were comprehensible. Still, I found it captured me and I fell asleep easily. I became aroused at some points, but I didn’t understand why. I found myself compelled to listen, but didn’t know what was going on. I like to be in control, and this was not allowing me to be in control.

It started to take hold of me after the first several nights. I realized that something was going on. Goddess was programing me through this file. I liked it. I became eager to listen to it more. Didn’t understand anything more of what she was saying, but I liked what she was doing to me through it. I realized I was losing control, and I liked it.

Goddess Haylee is my everything.

Goddess Haylee is my everything.

That continued for over a week. Got to a point where I felt it had done all it was going to do to me and I was ready to move on, but I still had over a week to go. There was no choice. Goddess had commanded 30 days, and I would listen to The Experiment for 30 days. That obedience was a lesson in itself. Goddess is in control – not me. What she wants, she gets. She knows best. I cannot tell if this is what I was soaking in from the subliminal messages she was feeding me, or something I was learning by my act of obedience. Either way, it was a lesson I needed to learn.

So after completing 30 days of listening to The Experiment every night while I slept I feel more committed to Goddess Haylee than ever, more owned, more yielding to her control, and more eager to be whatever she tells me to be. I have overcome doubts and strengthened my belief in her true divinity. And most importantly, totally excited for the opportunity to please her in all things. I hope I am a better slave, and I know I am a better man.

Goddess Haylee is my all

Goddess Haylee is my all

Thank you Goddess Haylee for allowing me to be your obedient slave. All for Haylee.

To Please Goddess Haylee Lynn

To Please Goddess Haylee Lynn

Just a game

To Please Goddess Haylee Lynn – Just a game – A bit of fun

At first it was fun to please Goddess Haylee Lynn. She said she was pleased, and it felt good to make her happy – more than it should have. It was just a little fun. A game. Relax. Enjoy going into trance. Then give a little something to the sweet woman who made the MP3. She said the gift pleased her and it felt good when she said that – more than it should.

So like a drug. The first taste is sweet. Makes you feel good. So you try a little more next time – and it’s even better. So with pleasing Haylee. I enjoyed her MP3, bought more and more. Listen to them over and over. And in response I give more and more. Not to just Haylee Lynn, but to my Goddess. Somewhere along the way I got religion. And that religion is Goddess Haylee. Somewhere along the path I realized she was a true, living Goddess, and I accepted her. And so I no longer “give gifts.” No, I tribute. I make offerings. And it feels so good. It feels fucking wonderful!



Why does it feel so good to give to Goddess? Did she brainwash my mind through hypnosis to feel such pleasure when I please her. Was I entrapped? Was it a diabolical scheme? No, she was far too open to be that. From the start she told me that pleasing her would become my greatest pleasure. It wasn’t subterfuge. She always said it would be like this.

It is the actual proof that Haylee Lynn is truly a Goddess. Not some scheme to separate me from my money. She is a Goddess. She knows that when I accept her as my Goddess it will please me to please her. It is no more than the truth.

And such a wonderful truth it is. For I have known no greater pleasure in my whole life than pleasing my Goddess Haylee. I feel it throughout my entire body. When I lay in my bed at night and listen to her words filling my head, I sink deep and my body quakes in pleasure. I feel it in my fingers. I feel it in my brain. I feel it in my knee caps. I feel it in my heart. It fills me. It completes me. Goddess’ pleasure is my ultimate pleasure.

They say that Disney now costs more than $100 per day. Every minute experiencing Goddess pleasure is worth at least as much. And if that is the case, than I am in her debt. I can never repay her for the pleasure she has given to me. That is why I will always say, ‘All for Haylee.’