Hypnotic Kiss

hypnotic kiss

Hypnotic Kiss This has happened to all of us. Whenever we’ve experienced something so unimaginably beautiful or overwhelming rather it’s a song, a person, a speech, a touch, or a highly emotional kiss our brain is triggered by strong emotional stimuli that is capable of sending a literal shiver down our spine. It releases a cocktail of hormones, one of which is dopamine. Dopamine is the pleasure hormone. Some suggest … Continue reading

My new personality

The Middle Ground

My new personality My new slave name encouraged me to begin developing my new personality. Having been given my new name by GODDESS Haylee I could not help falling deeper and following her instructions more and more. I simply needed to accept her as my mistress. I had to change my ways of thinking and going about my daily life. This may sound frightening. A change in personality is something important and decisive. But … Continue reading

My new slave name

My new slave name Today I would like to tell how my slave name was changed. I came into contact with Hypnotic Haylee about a month ago, around the beginning of June. How I fell for her and became her slave I have described in Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee.  Goddess wouldn’t be Goddess, however, if she had not intensely read my little story and had not commented on it as she … Continue reading

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee. This is going to be a continuing blog-review of my journey towards GODDESS Haylee. She is the one and only bdsm mistress. To start with I can tell you that I am male, not so young any more. I have a bulk of experience in real bdsm. However not in on-line-relations and not in hypnosis. Still, since I began my bdsm-activities being controlled always had some … Continue reading

First encounter with extraordinary Hypnodomme Goddess Haylee

First encounter with extraordinary Hypnodomme Goddess Haylee. Posted on May 21, 2015 by candobetter. This is just a very brief post to share a memory of the first time I was luck enough to be hypnotised by the most amazing Hypnodomme in the business… The memory has been jogged by finding myself back in the same hotel where i was when i first stayed up through the night hypnotised by … Continue reading

Theory of Haylian Origins

Theory of Haylian Origins. Have you ever had the feeling that you have known someone forever, yet have only known them for a very short time? A sense of familiarity. A kindred spirit type of feeling. A feeling that screams out from the magnetic poles of your soul, unto theirs and seemingly draws you into them? A connection that can’t be explained? That is the feeling that I get each … Continue reading

“Sweet Love”, A Review.

"Sweet Love", A Review.

“Sweet Love”, A Review. “Sweet Love” has been out for nearly a week now, and I am slightly surprised that no one has yet done a review of it. Probably, like me, my fellow slaves on Haylee Lynn have been too busy! I know my dear friend Claude has a lot on his plate at the moment. He once said that Haylee’s latest release always becomes his favourite. I wonder … Continue reading

Haylee is the light of the season

Haylee is the light of the season A Poem of devotion, posted on December 11, 2014 by maddox, a slave of Hypnotic Haylee. The true light of the season, is not wrapped around our trees the true light of the season is not hanging from our eaves. The true light of the season, is not put up, only once a year the true light of the season is not part … Continue reading

My life and position now


My life and position now. There is a complete urgency burning within my soul right now. I simply had to drop everything, and come here to share devotive words of praise and admiration for the Magnificent, amazing Goddess Haylee Lynn! If I didn’t, I would not be able to focus on whatever else that I want to focus on until I simply fell to my knees in worship in front … Continue reading

Desert Island Discs

A Slave's Dark Reality: Part I

Desert Island Discs I don’t know if other countries have this, but here in Britain we have a famous radio show called “Desert Island Discs” in which celebrities “castaways” say which 10 songs they would like to be able to take with them to a desert island and why. This got me thinking – if I were marooned on a desert island, and only had 10 recordings of Goddess Haylee … Continue reading