Bound and Sired to Her now

Bound and Sired to Her now

Bound and Sired to Her now Posted on May 24, 2013 by Her slave now So yesterday I fell quite a bit past the point of no return. I am Her slave now and I implore all hopeful submissives to go here and learn all there is to know about my incomparable Goddess Haylee so they can feel the extraordinary bliss of becoming Her devoted slave. After writing to Her this morning I … Continue reading

Real time vs online slavery

Real time vs online slavery. I am speaking now as someone who has been pursuing Dominant Woman for about 30 years now. I have sessioned maybe 150 to 200 times in real time. I have written to and played with dozens and dozens of professionals as well as amutuer Dominas as I have had a membership on with personal ads for Fem Dom and such many times and been … Continue reading

Meeting Goddess Haylee

Notes on being healthy for Haylee.

Meeting Goddess Haylee Meeting Goddess Haylee happened by chance really. Meeting Goddess was not something that was planned. It all started one afternoon when I returning home from a long day at work. I just happened to glance to my right, and there was this bright red sports car with the number plate O BEY. I smiled to myself, how it read out the instruction “Obey”. I thought to myself … Continue reading