Trapped in Trance For Goddess Haylee

Trapped in Trance For Goddess Haylee Last night, after doing some stuff around the house, I was able to play Trapped in Trance for the second time. I got it late the night before, so I was only able to listen to it once before bed. This time I wanted to play it on loop, since my night was free. I lit a vanilla candle as per Goddess Haylee’s task … Continue reading

On My Mind, In My Mind

On My Mind, In My Mind. I put Goddess Haylee’s MP3 into my iTunes on my cell phone. Probably a common thing to do. But today I noticed that there is a column on the list of music on my iTunes that says how many times I have listened to each entry. For several of Goddess’ MP3s the numbers are already over a hundred. All together I have listened to them 725 times. … Continue reading

Indwelling Habitation

Indwelling Habitation. Did you know that your mind could be in-dwelt by a awe inspiring, all powerful Goddess? That you can actually become a tabernacle to Goddess Haylee Lynn. A tabernacle is defined as a dwelling place for the divine. In ancient times travelling armies would erect tents where they would place inside their particular Idol, or image of the god or goddess where they would enter into to bow … Continue reading

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 3

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 3. Do you remember accompanying me on my journey to GODDESS Haylee? This is Part 3 – the sequel in which I would like to describe how her spell on me became tighter. Above all I began to realize her supreme presence in my life. Desperately Aching became my sort of mantra for a couple of days or – to be exact – … Continue reading

I’m so Sorry Goddess Haylee

Something Princess Wrote

This blog is about my growing weakness for Goddess Haylee and a sincere apology to her for my lack of activity. I am coming to the realization that my life truly revolves around Haylee, and i love my Goddess. I need her attention so badly. I will always crave her blissful control. There is no escape from her sweet spell. I have been feeling so guilty the past few days … Continue reading

How Hypnotic Haylee Handcuffed My Heart


How Hypnotic Haylee Handcuffed My Heart I had encountered hypnodommes online from time to time but I always recoiled. I told myself that it was too X rated for my tastes (but in reality my tastes are not all that pure). The truth is I was afraid. I feared I would like it too much. What if I really fell under their spell? But I then laughed at myself and told myself that was silly. … Continue reading

Review of Aching Love-a review by Lucid

"Aching Love" as reviewed by Lucid

Review of Aching Love. A review by Lucid Recently I purchased Hypnotic Haylee’s enticingly named ‘Aching Love’ recording. I noticed just how full my hypnotic library was of ‘love/addiction’ themed sessions.  In truth, I’ve never fully trusted my emotions. The closer I seem to get to the naked flesh of my feelings, the more troublesome and labyrinthine they appear to become.  For example, since adulthood I cannot recall ever crying because I … Continue reading

Enchant – First reflections on this wonderful MP3 by Goddess Haylee

Enchant – First reflections on this wonderful MP3 by Goddess Haylee Lynn I have to be different! While everyone else was buying, downloading and listening to the wonderful new release, “Aching Love“, I was listening to another file which I had recently obtained “Enchant“. I will have to wait to listen to “Aching Love” – I have the file, but I will have to buy some vanilla body spray before … Continue reading

Dr Says You’re Fucked – Erotic Hypnosis Mp3

Dr Says You’re Fucked – Erotic Hypnosis Mp3 Review by blissdesires on November 2, 2013 Beginning to listen to “Dr. says you’re fucked!” there is an edge to Vox Siren’s voice, the Empress of darkness, as Her words begin to fill my consciousness. Her induction is a sensual seduction, as for a moment or two i wonder is this really where i want to go, will it all be too intense? Though the … Continue reading

Hypnosis is Erotic

Erotic Hypnosis There is no question that the thing that first attracted me to Goddess Haylee was Her erotic hypnosis. It was that one little tickle in the back of my mind that lured me in to watching Her erotic hypnosis video for the first time. I love to read Goddess Haylee’s words and every night I spend some time reading Her blog posts. Other times I’ll read the descriptions … Continue reading