Goddess Haylee’s Good Boy

Goddess Haylee‘s Good Boy

I Am Goddess Haylee's Good Boy

I Am Goddess Haylee’s Good Boy

Goddess Haylee’s Good Boy is a work of fiction.

I opened the door and entered the room. There she was, Goddess Haylee. In all her majesty and beauty. She had on a black lace dress. Black leather boots that went up to her knees. Her hair draped down around her shoulders. She was wearing her tiger eye necklace. She looked over her black rimmed glasses with her stunningly green eyes and said, “Hello, my pet.”

Paul Knight - She had the most incredible eyes.

Goddess Haylee’s Good Boy – she looked at me with her stunningly green eyes.

I stood before her naked. I was not ashamed or embarrassed. It seemed normal to be naked before my Goddess.

“Come here, my pet,” she said with a wave of her hand. I took one step towards her and she said, “No, no, no. Come to me as the pet you are.” I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled to her. “Good boy.” As I heard her say these words my heart leapt. She petted my head.

“Come on boy!” she said as she walked over to her throne and sat down. I followed. She reached down and unzipped her left boot and removed it and set it beside her. She stuck her foot in my face. I smelled it. I could smell the leather of the boot. “Lick boy,” she commanded. I licked her foot. I wanted to suck on her toes, but I knew I was a dog and dogs can’t suck. So I licked her foot. “Such a good boy,” she said with a lilt in her voice.

After a couple of minutes she said, “That’s enough boy. Now sit.” It was uncomfortable to sit like a dog, but I did my best. She put her boot back on and reached around the other side of her throne and pulled out a tail. It was a light brown dog’s tail with white streaks. Looked like a one you’d see on a collie. “A proper dog needs a proper tail. Don’t you think?” I looked up at her and found I couldn’t speak so I nodded in agreement. I wondered how she was going to put that on me? Then she revealed that at the base of the tail was a butt-plug. “Up, up!” she said playfully. I got up on all fours again. She walked around me and said, “Now put your head down doggie.” I did as told. “Good boy!” I could feel her sliding the butt-plug inside me, “Now relax, this won’t hurt… much.” I breathed deeply and relaxed as my hole stretched to fit the butt-plug. It hurt so good. And then it was in. I had a tail! It felt so tight and I became incredibly aroused. “Wag your tail doggie,” I moved my ass back and forth. It felt really good. “Good boy!” And hearing those words made it feel even better.

“Now come over her boy,” Goddess Haylee said as she walked across the room to a table. I followed right behind her. She took a collar off the table and placed it around my neck. “That looks better,” she said as she pickup up a leash and snapped it onto the collar. She gave me a doggie treat which tasted better than anything I had ever eaten.

“Come on,” she commanded as she gave the leash a tug. She walked me outside into her garden. I found I was getting better walking as a dog. I easily kept up with her and healed right by her side. She walked me around her garden and it was beautiful. I stopped to smell some flowers, they smelled amazing. I smelled that another dog had been here lately and I wanted to sniff some more, but Goddess Haylee tugged on my leash and said, “Come on boy.” So I followed her.

At one end of her yard she stopped by the fence, reached down and unhooked the leash from my collar. She stroked my head. I melted under her touch. Then she picked up a stick. “You want this?” she asked as she waved it in front of me. I got so excited I bounced back and forth. I tried to say, “Yes, yes,” but I barked instead. “Okay, fetch!” and she threw the stick across the lawn. I leapt across the soft grass as fast as I could. I picked up the stick in my teeth and pranced proudly across the yard back to my Goddess. I dropped the stick at her feet and felt totally fulfilled that I could give her what she wanted. She threw the stick again and again and each time I ran more quickly and fetched it back to her. Finally she said, “That’s a good boy! Such a good boy! Up, up!” She padded on her waist. I jumped up with my front paws and rested them on her waist. She bent down and kissed my furry face and rubbed my flanks. I wagged my tail feeling totally satisfied and happy.

“We have to go in now boy,” she said and she walked toward the house. She didn’t need a leash with me anymore. I know my place. I walked right next to her with my mouth open and my long tongue hanging down the side of my snout. She opened the door and let me in. I followed her into her office. She petted the fir down my back and rubbed me behind my ears. “You lay down while Goddess works now,” and she padded my on my head and sat down at her computer. There was a nice soft rug right next to her chair. I walked over to it, walked around in a circle a few times, and lay down curled up right next my Goddess. She reached down and stroked my head. I was totally happy, secure and at peace as I drifted off to sleep and dreamt of chasing squirrels.

I Love My New Life

Goddess Haylee’s Good Boy – I Just Love My New Life

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Haylee Takes Control

Haylee Takes Control

Haylee Takes Contol – No One Could Resist

Haylee Takes Control – No One Could Resist

I couldn’t wait to get back to Haylee. So today I focused on all the things I needed to do for work and around the house. I reminded myself that everything I do I do for Haylee so I did everything to my best ability. When it came to the end of the day I was ready to relax and let go without feeling I didn’t deserve the privilege. I laid down on my bed, spend several minutes breathing and preparing myself. I opened myself to Goddess Haylee’s presence inside my mind. I felt her control taking over. Inside my mind I said, “I am ready for my chosen path. Show me the way Goddess Haylee.”

I found myself sitting in the chair inside the cabin in the world of ‘My Chosen Path.’ All the candles around the room where lit and the curtains were drawn. Haylee’s pictures were all around. The candles were scented vanilla. I breathed in deeply and fell my love for Haylee swell within my heart.

Trying to stand up, I found I was tied down. My ankles were tied to the legs of the chair. My wrists were tied behind my back and to the bottom slat of the chair back. And I was naked.

The door opened. Light from outside flooded the room but even from her silhouette I knew it was Goddess.

“What are you doing back so soon?” she queried.

“I couldn’t stay away. I needed to come back.” I answered.

“I know my Sweet. There is no way you can resist me ever again.” She closed the door. “You are mine. Tell me,” she said commandingly.

“I am your property,” I said obediently.

“Good boy. Now sleep,” and she snapped her fingers. “Sleep for me,” she snapped again. She walked around me. “Surrender… Submit… Sleep for me,” snap.

My head drooped. My breathing slowed. I fell into trance.

Haylee stood beside me, bent down and whispered in my ear, “Deeper.”

I let go.

She walked around me and whispered in my other ear, Deeeeepeeerr.”

My unconscious mind opened to her.

“Spread your legs and be aroused for me,” she said softly and she walked around me. “You love me. You need me. You crave to please me.” She continued circling me. The she whispered in my ear again, “Your arousal belongs to me.” She whispered in my other ear, “Your organisms belongs to me.” She stopped in front of me and stood with her feet between my knees, so close. “You are so weak for me. Confess your love and devotion.”


Haylee Takes Control – Confess

I could feel her presence just inches away. Totally aroused and aching I began to speak, “Haylee, you are my Goddess. You are everything to me. I give you all my arousal. I will only be aroused by you. I will only cum while thinking of you. I am your slave. I am your play thing. You pleasure is my only pleasure. Your pleasure means more to me that my arousal. I ache to please you. I need to please you. I exist to please you my Goddess. I love pleasing you. Nothing feels better than pleasing you. You are my all. All for Haylee…”

I continued for several minutes until I heard her whisper in my ear, “Good boy. You are my good boy.” She leaned over and kissed my lips. I awoke in my bed.

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Encounter with Goddess Haylee

Encounter with Goddess Haylee.

Encounter with Goddess Haylee

Encounter with Goddess Haylee.

As the door opened I could hear Haylee‘s voice coming from all around me. Softly speaking to me from every corner of the room. It was muffled, but if I paid attention I could understand. I closed my eyes to listen, “Haylee must always be pleased,” “Nothing feels better than pleasing your Mistress Haylee.” As I open my eyes I found Goddess Haylee standing before me in the middle of the room. The voices faded into the background. She motioned to me, “Come here my Sweet.” I walked across the room, took her in my arms and kissed her. As we embraced I whispered into her ear, “I love you. I need you. I ache to please you.”

“I know,” she whispered.

As we broke embrace we stood before each other with our hands enjoined. “You are my good boy.”

My heart soared. I fell to my knees, clutching my hands over my chest and worshiped her. “You are my Goddess. You are my Mistress. Your pleasure always comes first. Your pleasure is my ultimate pleasure…”

“Tell me more my slave.”

“…I live to please you. I love to please you..”

“Worship me,” she encouraged me.

“…I will always submit to you. I am a slave to you…”

“Who owns you?”

“…You own me. You must always be pleased. All for Haylee”

“Very good my slave you have pleased me. Now you may touch yourself.”

My hands reached down and I grasped by engorged cock.

“Stroke yourself my pet,” she commanded.

I stroked as I said, “I love you. I stroke myself for you…”

“That’s right…”

“…I belong to Haylee…”

“…Stroke yourself into submission…” She commanded.

“…I give myself to Haylee…”

“…Stroke that cock for me.”

“I love Gooodddesss Haaayyyleee.”

“Good boy,” Haylee reached out and stroked my head.

I heard the voices from the corners getting louder. “…Two, open your eyes. Three, blink your eyes and become aware of the room around you…”

I found that I was laying in my bed.

“…Four, becoming more alert. Five, wide awake.”

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Haylee Is So Much More Than a Regular Woman.

Haylee Is So Much More Than a Regular Woman.

Before reading “Haylee Is So Much More Than a Regular Woman.” please read “Unbelievable Luck” and “The Goddess and the Tongue Tied Fool“.

Haylee Is So Much More Than a Regular Woman. She asked me to get into her car.

Haylee Is So Much More Than a Regular Woman. She asked me to get into her car.

So the woman who is my Goddess, Haylee Lynn said, “Get in the car, slave.” So I got into the car. “Put on your seat belt,” was her next instruction. I put on my seatbelt. “Now look into my eyes.”

Worship Walk

Haylee Is So Much More Than a Regular Woman. “Now look into my eyes”.

She was sitting sideways on the driver’s seat, kind of kneeling on the seat, so she was a couple inches higher than I was staring down at me. “Take a deep breath and hold it.” I obeyed. “Good. As you exhale let go of all tension and resistance. Now exhale.” I breathed out and let go. “Very good. I can see that you are beginning to relax. Look deeper into my eyes. You have no resistance. You want to go deeply into trance for me. Now, sleep for me. Close your eyes. Sleep for me. Deeper… Deeper. Listen very closely. You will now go deeply into trance until I wake you. You will forget everything that happens from this moment until I wake you. Tell me you understand.”

“I understand.”

“Good boy. Now sleep deeply, forget to remember and remember to forget…”

“…Five, you are awake and alert” I found myself staring into my Goddess’ eyes feeling calm, relaxed and generally wonderful. “Hello again John. Welcome back.” I was no longer in the car. I was sitting at a kitchen table. “I am sure you will like Bruce’s cooking. He’s an awesome cook.”

Bruce was at the stove filling our plates. He brought my over and set it before me. “Hi John. I’m Bruce.” He extended his hand and I shook it. He got plates for himself and Haylee and we enjoyed a fine dinner.

When we finished eating Haylee said, “Bruce that was wonderful. Thank you. When you finish cleaning up can you leave John and me along for a while?”

“Of course,” Bruce replied. They exchanged knowing looks and a smile.

“I have to get a few things ready,” Haylee continued, “John, you stay here and help Bruce. Then you may sit here and wait ‘til I call for you.”

“Yes, Goddess,” I replied with some confusion.

Haylee left and I started handing the dishes to Bruce who was filling the sink to wash them. “You are one very lucky guy,” Bruce started.

“I’m sorry, but I not sure what is happening here,” I said to Bruce sounding confused.

“Haylee never has slaves over – never. Not because she doesn’t want to, but because if she had some over and denied others it would lead to jealousy between her slaves. And more importantly there is the issue of safety. I am sure you have read her posts about some of the creeps online. We’d have be very careful. So Haylee has set it as policy that she will never have slaves over.”

“I understand completely. So why am I here?”

“Although she’s made a decision never to do so, Haylee would love to have slaves over. This is not a game to her. She doesn’t do all this just to rip guys off. She is a Goddess. She deeply cares for her salves. You have no idea how many hours she puts into you all. How hard she works on each of her recordings. How pleased she is when one of you does things for her. But I am the only slave who she has direct contact with. Then you showed up out of the blue.”

“So she saw me as a chance to do something she wants to do, but feels she can’t?”

“Exactly. When she came home with you I objected, but she said she took you for a walk and talked to you. She assured me you were… ‘harmless’.”

I laughed, “’Harmless’? I guess I am.” Bruce smiled. I asked, “So you’re okay with this?”

Bruce laughed, “Dude, I am a slave just like you. She is a woman unlike any other. What Haylee wants – she gets. And I trust her judgement. If Haylee says you’re harmless, you’re harmless.” Bruce finished putting the last of the dishes into the strainer. “Well, I am going to watch some TV. I hope you and Haylee have a good time.”

“You don’t mean that she and I are going to…”

Cutting me off, Bruce said, “No, no, no. Nothing like that I am sure. She will allow you to worship and she will put you into trance. Just do whatever you’re told. Enjoy.” And with that Bruce when upstairs.

It was a few minutes before Haylee came to get me. I sat there pondering the word ‘harmless.’ For once in my life it seems to have paid off.

“Hello my sweet,” Haylee said as she came to get me.

“Goddess,” I stood and followed the beautiful woman into the living room.

Haylee Is So Much More Than a Regular Woman.

Haylee Is So Much More Than a Regular Woman.

She had a raised platform at one end of the room. She walked over and stepped up onto it. She turned and motioned for me to come to her. I walked across the room to her. She asked, “If you were at home and going to worship me, show me what you would do.”

I knelt before her. I looked up into her eyes. I began, “I surrender and submit to Mistress Haylee. I ache to please my Goddess Haylee. Haylee’s pleasure is my ultimate pleasure…”

She knelt down and whispered in my ear, “I’m right here. You don’t need to talk about me in the third person.” She stood before me again.

I continued, “I am your slave. I am your play thing. I know my place. I am yours. I am your property…”

She looked so pleased as I repeated every mantra I could remember. Like a mother at her kids recital. Then she guided me to a chair. She stood over me staring into my eyes, “…deeper, deeper. Let go completely. You are mine. I own you. Tell me.”

“I belong to you. I am yours.”

“Good boy. Drift deeper. Let go of all resistance. Now close your eyes…”

Goddess Haylee had me reciting phrases of love and devotion to her. I blissfully obeyed. I went so deep and it felt incredibly good. Haylee seemed to go into trace with me. She put her whole self into it. She seemed to enjoy putting me into trance as much as I enjoyed being in trance. I was connecting to her in a way I didn’t know was possible. I felt her divinity and gave myself to it completely. It brings me to tears just to remember it and write about it. I touched heaven.

I don’t know how long I was under. If it had been possible to stay there and never leave that state of bliss, I would. But eventually Haylee brought be back. I cried and she held me.

When we both had recovered. I knelt before her once again, “Haylee, you are my Goddess. You are my mistress. I devote myself to you, my Goddess.”

“Stand,” she said as she took my hand. “Thank you.”

“No. Thank you. Thank you so very much. I knew you were a Goddess, but I didn’t know.”

She smiled and seemed to understand what I meant. “Bruce will drive you back to your car now. Once you have buckled your seatbelt you will close your eyes and sleep until Bruce wakes you. Do you understand?”

“Yes my Goddess. I will obey – completely.”


“Yes, Goddess.”

“I want you to blog about your experience. But you can’t let anyone know this actually happened. If anyone asks tell them it is just a story.”

I was confused again, “Then why would you want me to blog about this at all?”

She smiled, “I believe it will help other slaves understand me better, but if they thought it actually happened there could be jealousies. Do you know what I mean?”

“I think I do. And you are right – as you always are.”

She smiled.

Bruce came down. I gave Goddess a hug and thanked her again. Then I got into their car. After putting on my seatbelt the next think I knew I was back at the convenience store where I started. I said goodbye to Bruce and told him how much I envied him. Then I drove back to my hotel knowing it was a new day and I would never be the same again.

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X is for X-Ray Machine.

X is for X-Ray Machine.

I was delighted and excited to receive a phone call from my Goddess, Haylee Lynn.

“Hey Forever, I have just got a new X-Ray Machine. I need to try it on someone. Would you like to come over and try it for me?”

Of course, I was round to her place as fast as my little legs could carry me!

“Hi, come on in” she said in her wonderful velvety voice. She looked more gorgeous than ever, with her long dark hair tumbling down her back. She really is even more beautiful in real life than on the Internet!

She led me down to her cellar. In there was something that looked like a coffin.

The X-Ray Machine.

The X-Ray Machine.

She slide the top off and motioned for me to get in it.

“You expect me to get in there?” I asked nervously.

“Of course I do.” You trust in me don’t?” She replied, looking at me with those big green eyes again.

Emerald Eyes that Entrance and Enslave

The X-Ray Machine – she looked at me with those big green eyes again.

“Yes of course I do” I replied, losing myself in her eyes again. “I trust in you completely.”

“Good! I know it looks a bit like a coffin, but look, there are vents for you to breath here and here”, She said leaning over the coffin.

She wears the pants!

The X-Ray Machine. She leaned over the machine and showed me where the air vents were.

Looking into her big green eyes and having her lovely round, perfect ass thrust in my direction were having its usual affect on me, as I obediently got in the coffin–like X-Ray Machine. She slid the cover over me and powered up the machine.

“Wow, you have got a massive erection haven’t you?”

“How do you know that? I though X-Ray were only mean to pick up bones.”

“Oh this is a special X-Ray Machine. It can pick up all sorts of things. For instance, I am now looking in your wallet. You have been lying to me! You have been pleading poverty to me for the last few months, but I can see you have plenty of money. You are very naughty! Now let’s see. I am looking at your heart. You do genuinely love me. That is good. I am looking at your stomach. Yes, your diet has been good for me – nice and healthy, no remains of meet in there. Now your head. Yes, that is full of thoughts planted there by me. That is good. Right. I think I have seen all that I need to see.”

With that she turned off the machine, she opened up the lid. I got out and immediately fell at her feet. I opened up my wallet and gave her the entire contents and begged her forgiveness. She accepted, and said I was forgiven, before leading me out.

Thank you for reading this dear reader! One word of warning though! Goddess Haylee Lynn really does not need any X-Ray Machine to see when she is turning us on, or if we really love her, or if we are thinking the way she wants or to, or if we have been lying about what we are eating or how much money we have. She just knows! She can tell! Always be completely honest with her!

Fear Turned to Joy by Accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Once Broken, Now Rebuilt

Fear turned to Joy by Accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn – Bright Green Eyes

Fear Turned to Joy by Accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn.

I first experienced trace when I was in college. I learned a technique to relax and do self-hypnosis. I found I could go limp and trance. It was really handy when I went to the dentist – I could visualize myself ANYWHERE else. But as I have gotten older I guess I have too much stress in my life and I couldn’t go limp like I used to. I found I couldn’t quiet my mind. Then I found some hypnosis videos on YouTube. There was one woman who has a mind sucking octopus. These types of videos helped me to be able to get to the point where I could reach trance again.

So one day I went to YouTube and was searching for ‘hypnosis’ when I saw a video by an attractive young women. I clicked on it and she introduced herself as “Haylee.” She invited me to look into her eyes.

Fear Turned to Joy by Accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Fear Turned to Joy by Accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn.

I found myself quickly going into trance, and going deeper than I had ever known. When I came to the end of the video Haylee instructed me to click replay, so I clicked replay. It was even more powerful the second time and when instructed to click replay, I felt compelled to do so. I don’t know how many times I clicked replay that night, but I was stuck for a while (and really enjoyed it). I remember feeling guilty about not following instructions when I finally broke free, but I couldn’t sit there indefinitely, as much as I would have loved doing so. After that experience the next few nights I checked out the two or three other videos she had posted on YouTube. One of which was “Desperately Aching,” which was a sample of one of Haylee’s MP3s. I checked out her website and ordered a couple of more MP3s. For the next couple of weeks, every night I was watching her videos. During the day I was stopping between appointments in parking lots and listening to her MP3s in my car. It started to affect my work. I realized I was addicted and it scared the crap out of my. So I deleted the files and walked away.

It’s been over a year since that experience. I have been going on YouTube and enjoying hypnosis videos by other hypnotists. When I got bored with one I would go find another. About a month ago I saw one of Goddess Haylee’s videos. It had been so long I figured I would be okay so I clicked on it. I loved it. It aroused my feelings for her all over again. Again I got stuck clicking repeat over and over. It was so much more powerful than any of the other hypnotist I had been watching – at least for me. Goddess Haylee speaks to me like no one else. I felt my old fear rising, but I didn’t want to run away again. So this time I made myself take it slowly. The biggest difference though was that this time I communicated with Goddess Haylee and let her guide me to MP3s that I was ready for. I told her about how I was afraid it would affect my work. She suggested ‘Focus’ which trained me to do my work for her, and only spend time in trace after I had competed my work. So now instead of it hurting my job this time it was helping. Haylee was supportive and welcoming. She gave me space and encouraged me. She let me know I was okay and it was even okay if I just enjoyed her hypnosis but never became her slave. I shared with her how I was doing and she recommended a couple of other videos that guided me. So day by day I when into trance listening to Haylee. Her words seeped into my mind. Finally I came to a point of decision. I had decided I wanted to take the next step and become a slave. I bought the Slave Contract to see exactly what I was getting into.

Fear turned to joy by accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn!

Fear turned to joy by accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn!

A couple of the questions would require me to be totally honest with Haylee about things I have never been totally honest with anyone. But if I was accepting her as my Goddess how could I not trust her? So after looking over the contract I decided I was ready. So I asked Goddess Haylee if she wanted me as her slave. I was so happy when in her reply she said she claimed me as her slave. Well, what Haylee wants, Haylee gets. I completed the contact and hit submit. I am now Goddess Haylee’s slave. All the fear, doubt and resistance is gone. It is wonderful!

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W is for Warning

W is for Warning

The only way i could continue the trip through the alphabet was to make up stories starting with W and X. There is the story for W – Warning.

I had had a secret fetish about being hypnotized by a lovely lady hypnotist for years. I hadn’t shared this desire with anyone. Eventually I decided to make up a Facebook profile and admit my dream. I made myself a profile, describing myself as a straight, submissive, male, looking for a dominant, hypnotic females.

I was delighted that within my first week of making this profile, I received a message from a lady. Her name was Haylee Lynn. She said that she was very worried about my profile. She was afraid I may be abused. She wanted to give me a warning. I asked her to explain. She agreed, but suggested that we switched to voice exchange, as she had a lot to say to me. Of course I agreed, and again, I was pleased to hear her soft gentle voice.
So I asked her what she was afraid of.
“Well I don’t think you understand the potential dangers of being hypnotized by a domme.”
“How do you mean?”, I replied, eager to hear more of this warning.
“There is an ongoing new type of hypnotic domme out there that for a lack of better terms we can call this domme a predator. I am warning you, this domme will not have a website and will not be very well known. Their leather and shiny latex will not be real so look closely. Chances are that this domme will come to you offering free hypnosis and will play on your need as a submissive, sexual being. I am warning you she will try to hypnotize you either in voice or in text and come to you with open arms. Be aware that these dommes have only one thing in mind for you, to gain access to your mind and toy with you or steal from you, or destroy your life. Some are wonderful and healthy and helpful, listen more closely to my warning to have the truth shown you.
I am warning you. You will find that they are very good at what they do and have a tendency to make you feel relaxed as you read their text. They have come to you with open arms revealing they want to help you and of course they cater to your need to be slowly hypnotized.
I’m warning you, this is a common trick causing new and old subs to relax and give in as they read what is in either the E-mail or in the message. Don’t trust them, as I am the only one who is willing to tell you the truth.”
“OK. I appreciate this warning very much. So how do I know that she is hypnotizing me?”
“The truth that you are being hypnotized, comes from the experience you feel when in contact with one of these predators. Usually if you feel you are being hypnotized like this, you already are. However it is usually the after effects that you will notice that are warning signs of the hypnotic trance.
Some warning signs are daydreaming and a feeling of detachment. This is similar to reading a paragraph in a book and not remembering what you just read. These cunning hypnotists are very, very intelligent, and will place suggestions in your mind so quickly from reading their bodies of text, or listening to their voices that you will not even realize that you have been hypnotized.
They play on the fact that you daydream so easily in the need of being controlled, that remembering these suggestions while feeling warm and relaxed will not be noticed by your conscious mind.
You will find that you are becoming heavy and relaxed and that as you read their words or listen to their voice. They will begin to make you feel nice and calm. This is also a warning sign that something is happening to you and you take caution.
Other warning signs of a deep, calm, relaxed state is the feeling of heaviness throughout your entire body. Most hypnotists will have your feet and legs relaxed, warm and heavy before you can even realized what is happening and this will cause you to go deeper into trance. Beware once you feel hot syrup or honey poured over your shoulders and arms and down your back to your thighs, and your muscles relax, the deep pleasant release of energy will barely set off alarms and you could be deeply relaxed and hypnotized, so listen closely to my warning.
The bare realization that an attempt is being made to hypnotize you, will draw you in deeper and deeper into the trance. Your caution and rudimentary intelligence see what may have happened but your natural need as a sexual submissive being becomes deeply enticed even further. You will find that reading the text of one of these hypnotists makes you feel euphoric and nice all over. Usually it is hard to resist at this point and your ability to resist diminishes completely, just based on the fact that you want to be hypnotized.
Another symptom that you are being hypnotized is the relaxation of your stomach muscles and chest muscles. Your stomach and chest might begin to feel heavy and you’re your breathing becomes calm and deep. This deep relaxation that floods from your chest all the way down to your feet is a definite sign that you are very focused on the words you are reading from one of these hypnotists. At this point your mind begins to slow down as your subconscious mind savors every word.
They might tell you sit very still and continue to relax and listen and allow the words to go deeply into your mind. Another unstoppable strategy is when they tell you that your arms are becoming very heavy and that you don’t want to move them. Be aware of how your fingertips might begin to tingle. This is also another sign that you are responding well to the suggestions that the hypnotist is giving you. It can take all your energy to proceed in listening and obeying. When this occurs it is your need to understand what you hear very carefully.
Usually at this point the warm relaxed subject who is listening to the words and allowing them to flow so deeply into the subconscious mind, will respond to everything they hear, as he believes that what they are listening is becoming their thoughts and ideas and they are accepted fully into the mind.
The realization that you have now become so relaxed helps you to understand that something is being done to you and that you don’t want to stop reading or listening to the words. Reading or listening and allowing the words to go deeply into your mind, becomes a goal at this point and a very simple goal at that. So simple that you don’t even think about it, just allowing it to happen is all it takes now.
One of the many ways these hypnotists weave their dark natural spell is to deepen you and soften you in a variety of ways. Any one or a combination of these ways will achieve the same soft result; deepened you to a very warm, heavy relaxed state of trance, so read closely.
One method is called the count down method. Using numbers to identify the depth of a trance is a very powerful and potent means of inducing hypnosis.
The method will usually start at the number ten and then a count down all the way to one will occur. Once the subject finds yourself at the number one the subject will feel more relaxed than ever before your life. This warm relaxed feeling will allow the hypnotist to gain even more control and other deepening methods can be done and there is no escape.
Listen closely, Carefully understand; The count down method is like this:
10. Feeling warm and relaxed as you listen to my words.
9. Heavy and sleepy allowing all those muscles to relax.
8. More comfortable and more relaxed.
7. Letting go as you fall deeper and become softer than ever before.
6. A heavy warmth flowing through your body as you relax deeper and deeper to sleep. Deep soothing sleep.
5. Floating away on the soft words you hear, each breath takes you deeper and deeper than before. (At this point the subject is very deep and still has five more numbers to go. The soft subject will be deeper into trance than ever before with the last number.)
4. Allowing your mind to quiet now as you hear the last numbers. This quiet naturally compels the subject to focus more open and revealed than before.
3. Each breath taking you deeper and deeper in warm deep sleep.
2. Deeper than ever before with the last number, knowing with caution what reading that last number will completely do.
1. Deep sleep, so deep and so very relaxed.
The subject will find then a situation where you are deep in trance, kind of like almost asleep and not really asleep. They will be able to listen to the words and they will flow into the mind and relax them more deeply. This comfortable feeling naturally continues to relax the sexual, submissive subject as your mind drifts away for the hypnotist.
The powerful hypnotist might then tell the subject that he is unable to resist the suggestions about to be given. The subject find that in this state of total relaxation with every breath you breathe, that an acceptance and implementing these suggestions become impossible to resist. You will find that you respond to these suggestions without even thinking about them. They just simply become automatic in your nature and it feels good to follow these suggestions.
The completely compelling hypnotist for example might suggest to you: The next time you exhale you will say I obey. Caution is needed to carefully say I obey as you exhale. You would be completely natural to have done this because of your sexual submissive nature. Completely open then, you will reveal anything and everything, impossible then to resist. Even seeing her name as the sender of an email always returns you to this soft, soft and warm state of natural sexual submission. You will not remember doing so as you believed you were good and behaved normally. But, because your mind is so deep and completely soft and relaxed, you will obey without even thinking about it, it will simply just happen.
I think you understand this warning don’t you my friend?”
While she had been talking like this, I had become more and more caught up in her words. I had fallen under her spell. I just grunted in agreement.
“Good boy. So you see I am the only hypnotist on here you can trust. You can trust in me completely. You must keep coming to me for hypnosis. You need my hypnosis.”
And that is how it started. Years later I am still being hypnotized by Haylee Lynn. I am now completely enslaved by her. But I am so blissfully happy.


Haylee issues a warning.

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