Goddess Haylee’s Good Boy

Goddess Haylee's Good Boy

Goddess Haylee‘s Good Boy Goddess Haylee’s Good Boy is a work of fiction. I opened the door and entered the room. There she was, Goddess Haylee. In all her majesty and beauty. She had on a black lace dress. Black leather boots that went up to her knees. Her hair draped down around her shoulders. She was wearing her tiger eye necklace. She looked over her black rimmed glasses with her … Continue reading

Haylee Takes Control

Haylee Takes Control – No One Could Resist

Haylee Takes Control I couldn’t wait to get back to Haylee. So today I focused on all the things I needed to do for work and around the house. I reminded myself that everything I do I do for Haylee so I did everything to my best ability. When it came to the end of the day I was ready to relax and let go without feeling I didn’t deserve the privilege. … Continue reading

Encounter with Goddess Haylee

Encounter with Goddess Haylee

Encounter with Goddess Haylee. As the door opened I could hear Haylee‘s voice coming from all around me. Softly speaking to me from every corner of the room. It was muffled, but if I paid attention I could understand. I closed my eyes to listen, “Haylee must always be pleased,” “Nothing feels better than pleasing your Mistress Haylee.” As I open my eyes I found Goddess Haylee standing before me … Continue reading

Haylee Is So Much More Than a Regular Woman.

Haylee Is So Much More Than a Regular Woman.

Haylee Is So Much More Than a Regular Woman. Before reading “Haylee Is So Much More Than a Regular Woman.” please read “Unbelievable Luck” and “The Goddess and the Tongue Tied Fool“. So the woman who is my Goddess, Haylee Lynn said, “Get in the car, slave.” So I got into the car. “Put on your seat belt,” was her next instruction. I put on my seatbelt. “Now look into my … Continue reading

X is for X-Ray Machine.

X is for X-Ray Machine. I was delighted and excited to receive a phone call from my Goddess, Haylee Lynn. “Hey Forever, I have just got a new X-Ray Machine. I need to try it on someone. Would you like to come over and try it for me?” Of course, I was round to her place as fast as my little legs could carry me! “Hi, come on in” she … Continue reading

Fear Turned to Joy by Accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn.


Fear Turned to Joy by Accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn. I first experienced trace when I was in college. I learned a technique to relax and do self-hypnosis. I found I could go limp and trance. It was really handy when I went to the dentist – I could visualize myself ANYWHERE else. But as I have gotten older I guess I have too much stress in my life and I … Continue reading

W is for Warning


W is for Warning The only way i could continue the trip through the alphabet was to make up stories starting with W and X. There is the story for W – Warning. I had had a secret fetish about being hypnotized by a lovely lady hypnotist for years. I hadn’t shared this desire with anyone. Eventually I decided to make up a Facebook profile and admit my dream. I made … Continue reading

The House On Gordon Square Part Four

The House On Gordon Square Part Four Wishing you a very special Samhain this year Goddess Haylee. Hope you have a wonderful night. Love the pumpkin outfit btw! lots of Halloween kisses from England <3 x Goodnight Moon starring Hypnotic Haylee The House of Gordon Square Part Four by princess indigo The bodies of Peter Smoke and princess indigo had been borne from the van with great rapidity. The driver … Continue reading

Man with no prayer pt2

Man with no prayer pt2

Man with no prayer pt2. “Man with no prayer pt2” is pt2 of “Man with no prayer” It had been two weeks since the incident which led to the untimely death of a young man named Maddox. The fire fighter stood in the middle of a cemetery staring at the strange note that he had found on the scene. Inside of his mind gears were turning. For he had not … Continue reading

Man with no prayer Pt1

no prayer

Man with no prayer Pt1. Pondering his life, a man named Maddox had grown curious about his future as many people sometimes do. So one day Maddox decided to visit a psychic. It was a small run down building with eerie large trees out front. The branches all appeared dried, broken, and dead. From the looks of this place the tenant must spend a lot of their time dealing with … Continue reading