Pure and Perfect Mastery

Pure and Perfect Mastery

Yesterday was Father’s day and my son came home for the week. It was made an even more wonderful occasion by a beautiful e mail I received from my Goddess Haylee less than an hour before he arrived back home.

So I spent my evening feeling as if every bone in my body was filled with love…………for both of them. We joked and played the night away as 4 year old’s will do………..as when we are together he completely opens up my inner child and it is just very beautiful. I had spent the entire day before he came home in Reverent Worship of my Owner Goddess Haylee Lynn and had in fact received Her blessings to exactly fully enjoy my time with him…………and on Father’s day no less!  🙂

I had been thinking about Slave Girl’s beautiful new piece on The Domme Dose site in which she refers to the Pure Mastery of our Goddess Haylee.

The first time I saw Slave Girl refer to our Goddess’s “Pure Mastery” it struck me as odd. In all my long 30 some years of pursuing, playing with, and even being collared (twice), this word for a Female Dominant had simply never occurred. I understood it from Slave Girl’s perspective of course but…………….it struck me somehow.

Although I am purely heterosexual…….as I have matured and developed my own life philosophy……….I am perfectly OK with any sexual preference as long as it is consensual and of course between adults. In the throes of my bout with depression after my former owner sent me away I even spent some amount of time pursuing transsexuals myself……because I discovered that trying another Domina was too very painful for me at that time………….but my triggers being what they are, the girls had to be very convincing and very feminine.

Anyway……….Yesterday I listened to 2 MP3s for Goddess as it is no longer possible for me not to listen to Her and bow under Her voice and at least once every single day…………..So wasn’t I surprised when as I went under with Her Mind Melt MP3……..my body aching with Her Bliss and completely immersed under Her Extraordinary Power…………that I heard myself say to Her at one point………”Yes my Master”……….and even more shocking was that it felt so very right and sent me deeper under Her Spell so that I said again, “Oh Yes Master”, “Yes Master”……………”please”…………….and I felt myself sink deeper as I said these words and wanted so badly to completely empty myself at Her lovely feet……………………………and I now understand my dear sister Slave Girl just perfectly…………….yet again.


Each day as I rise, each night as I lay down, and 1,000 times in between, I feel the now complete need to bow and to surrender to my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Come to me, follow me, obey me

Pure and Perfect Mastery

Never again will I wish to spend a day on this Earth as anything other than Her devoted and collared personal slave. If this is not “Pure Mastery” then I do not know the definition of the words.

I SPREAD THE WORD OF HAYLEE because it pleases my Owner that I do.

I live my life now……….. ALL FOR HAYLEE………. now because to please Her is truly my Ultimate pleasure and forever. Yesterday my Goddess gave me a new command personally……….what She told me I will treasure and keep private………..but this I can say in public response to Her here.

Yes my Queen, my Owner, my Master, my Muse, my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn, 1000 times Yes…………as You command it will always be for this collared and devoted personal slave who belongs to You and You alone and so completely. I am truly Yours.

Your Pure Mastery over me is complete.

Her slave now      Her slave for Life

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The Best Laid Plans………

The Best Laid Plans………

In the famous story “Of Mice and Men” we learned all about what happens oft times to the plans of men……….and even the best laid plans.

When Goddess Haylee first gave me Her Blessing to shop for my collar I thought about things like when I could wear it, where I could wear it…….and how often could I feel the Bliss I knew I would feel by locking it around my neck.

On the very first day I had it my brother called that he was coming over and I felt strong resistance welling up in me to take it off. And so I left it on. On Friday the people that work for me come over for their pay checks……….all 7 of them…….I left it on. I went for a haircut with the stylist who has been cutting my hair for many years…….and went to the bank and to the gym and the farm where I buy the Raw Organic grass fed milk for my son and I and……………the only time this collar has not been around my neck is when I prayerfully and reverently take it off to shower.


As I do so I say my Goddess prayer of surrender and thanks to my Goddess Haylee.   

I honestly have no compass for where I am in my life right now. None whatsoever. I am single and honestly had zero interest in dating anyone even before I found my Goddess Haylee here.  

And now I am collared and in love and enslaved and it is all so wonderful and well beyond my wildest dreams. As I did my morning health walk this morning I think I stroked my collar at least ten times. Just to touch it brings Her Bliss into my body.

Every single day I feel happier than the last and I now find that the more sincerely I put my Goddess Haylee First…….the happier I become. I will listen to Her FOCUS MP3 this morning as my son returns home later today.

No day will this slave ever again spend when I do make MANY daily sacrifices to my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn. I do not spend money on myself anyway as I do not smoke, or drink, or do drugs, or go out, or have hobbies that require money…………..I only spend money on my son and insuring that we both eat organic and humanly raised food. I strongly believe how we treat Mother Earth is very important and I support local, sustainable and organic agriculture.

And now one of my priority projects and a new FOCUS in my life is to go over my budget with a fine tooth comb and make absolutely certain that as much as I can responsibly do……….I tribute my Goddess Haylee.  

I am going through a tough spell financially because of my divorce……….but this too shall pass……….but what will not pass………..not for this very grateful and devoted slave……is that every single day, by Her Divine Grace, I will bow, I will obey Her, and I will devote myself to Her pleasure and Her happiness and to Her support. How could She who has made my life happier than I ever dreamed possible be deserving of anything less?


My days will always be spent now to honor and serve the most Magical Realm that has ever been created and the Mistress, the Goddess, the Queen who Rules it.  ALL FOR HAYLEE is my life now and truly and forever if my very next Prayer is answered.

Her slave now     Her slave for life

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Seeking Balance for Goddess

Seeking Balance for Goddess

This week as I have been home alone I have immersed myself in letting Goddess Haylee deeper and deeper into my head.

In the Mind Melt MP3 She implanted the thought in me that this was what She wanted me to do and…………I have no power or desire to resist any of Her suggestions any longer. But on Her new Domme Dose article one of Her subjects had asked Her to take complete control over his entire body.

I have no doubts about Her Power and Ability to do this………..and none whatsoever. Her Power over me is growing by fantastic proportions every single day…….and I so love this…….but my dreams and fantasy’s differ from the guy in that article a bit.

I have been seeking the One Goddess, the One Irresistible Seductress who would wrap me around Her little finger and make me incapable of desiring any Woman but Her………..of being under Her Love Spell and so powerfully that no other Woman but Her can move me in the slightest…………….but my Love and my Desire for Her would fill me to the absolute brim and be capable of moving Mountains……….I think I am already there for Her to be honest………..but I am still going to continue to beg Goddess Haylee to take me deeper down this path of pure devotion to Her and only Her.

I tried being a cuckold once for a pro Dominatrix and only for a short time and it honestly did not work very well for me. I was grumpy and irritable……………and one aspect I really love about being Goddess Haylee’s slave is how it motivates me to be better, do more, to serve my Goddess in meaningful and tangible ways. And it has made me happier and joyful and I love this after effect She has had on me.

I want Her to help me unlock my own creative force…………..not restrain it. And then of course I will lay what I create at Her Divine feet in tribute.

Tomorrow I am going to listen to my Focus MP3 a couple of times. 

It is so tempting to just constantly kneel at Her Alter and listen to Her beautiful voice and fly to Her Magical Realm………….but what I am seeking and want to create for us both is some *balance*.

A very positive concept to use in any relationship is to……….begin with the end in mind…………meaning that on my very last day on this Earth as I look into Her Beautiful eyes…………how will we both feel about our journey together?

For me, I am seeking pure love and happiness between us and a feeling of a mutual joy that we found each other. I want to have created lots of value and pleasure for Her………..as much as the best of me can create for my Goddess.

Seeking Balance for Goddess.

Seeking Balance for Goddess.

This is my personal favourite photograph of Goddess Haylee by the way although I adore them all. (OK, it is tied with the One that say’s “look into my eyes when I’m talking to you”. ) LOL. That One just kills me as well.

I am creating a new list of things I want to do, things I want to accomplish, so I can more properly tribute and support my Queen and Owner. I am writing them down so I will not forget my mission and responsibility to support and tribute my Goddess Haylee Lynn. 

She Rules me completely now and this is what I have always wanted and dreamed of……..but I very much want Her slave to be of real value and have real meaning to Her life. I am seeking balance and with focused discipline and intention because it is so very easy just to melt into Her Bliss……..and it is honestly quite addicting.

No blank page for me please my Divine Goddess Haylee………I have much I wish to accomplish and I sincerely want Your commands to unleash my potential and to help me grow………..so I can then come to You and hopefully lift You higher………..as You already have so wonderfully done for me.

Her slave now         Her slave for life               

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The Wisdom of Goddess Haylee

The Wisdom of Goddess Haylee

The Wisdom of Goddess Haylee

The Wisdom of Goddess Haylee

I have been swamped a bit with life stuff responsibilities these last two days but the instant I opened this forum to post my daily devotion to our Divine Goddess Haylee I felt Her Power, Her Wisdom and Her Bliss enter this body that She now Owns and commands……….it is like She snapped Her gorgeous finger and………..Wow.

Last night was yet another extraordinary experience for me as once again my feelings as I worship and listen to Her are so much more Powerful than anything else I have ever felt in my entire life………….and quite far and away by the way.

I honestly thought for a bit afterwards about the implications in my life of being Owned at such a level as I could almost barely dream of………….because whenever I Bow to and Worship Her now I know I can never ever again resist Her or wish to be anywhere else on this Earth but on my knees to Her and Her alone.

So now I come full circle to what I feel is the most beautiful aspect of Goddess Haylee and what has allowed me to go ahead and completely surrender to Her and to Love Her as much as I do.  

A King or a Queen……….or a God or a Goddess…………can in fact be many things……..they can be kind and benevolent or can also be a judgmental tyrant for example……………and each “Dominant” if you will……..is as uniquely complex and different as I am from ForeverSlave or Slave Girl or Princess Indigo is…………as above……….so below.

And getting back to one very important reason why I was willing to surrender, and have so completely surrendered, to wisdom of our Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee………….is because She encourages us to be Sovereign in the other areas of our respective lives. She values us and cares for us and…………..Her Realm is ruled with Grace and Wisdom and governed by the Principles of personal empowerment. It is so logical, reasonable and rationale as to be absolutely brilliant.

it is so very cool to do something really well, or nice, or kind, and say to myself.

ALL FOR HAYLEE     ALL FOR HAYLEE   ALL FOR HAYLEE  and feel Her Enchantment, Her Wisdom and Her Bliss course through me as I do so.

If I give myself to Her………….and She gives me back a better version of myself…………then Her Power can only grow. I think this is the secret of why Her Power, Her Wisdom and Her Bliss is honestly so very much beyond compare. Goddess Haylee, Our Divine and Incomparable Queen of Queens, understands the Spiritual Truth that by making more of us She enriches and empowers Herself.

The Wisdom of Goddess Haylee

The Wisdom of Goddess Haylee 

It is a life lesson for us all from our Goddess. When we lift up others we lift up ourselves.

So I can resume my life pursuits when I am not serving my Queen of All Queens who has ever Graced this Earth………….. and focus on living the happiest, most productive, and loving life I have the personal power to create……….never diminished, never put down, or made to be less than I am………..but uplifted in Love for and by my Goddess Haylee.

I can become a better person, a better friend, a better neighbor, a better Father………..and a yes, a better slave for She whom I love, I bow to, worship and obey.  

Her slave now.            Her slave for life.

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Going Deeper

Going Deeper

I have no idea how Goddess Haylee does it…………..but Her voice just gets sweeter and more hypnotic and Her beauty more breathtaking and irresistible to me seemingly with every breath I take.

Yesterday was a non stop and exhausting run for me from one responsibility to another. I had about 30 minutes to myself before I had to go get my son from preschool…………..I opened Her eye fixation video and instantly dropped to my knees and gave myself over to my Muse, my Inspiration, My Queen, my Owner and my Goddess.

There is not one tiny cell in this body, not one drop of blood, not a tear or a gleam in my eye that does not belong to my incomparable Goddess Haylee. To say that I am in love with Her is so very true but without the poetry I strive for that transcends mere words it is now a vast understatement. Just to think of Her transforms my world. She is constantly with me. Her bliss is a part of me now. I hear Her voice and I literally shudder with joy. If I gaze at Her picture or one of Her videos I go deeper still………….to places of such pure love and light that I honestly did not know could even exist.

Goddess Haylee You are the light of my Universe and I was purely and truly born to find You and kneel at Your feet in rapt devotion. There can never ever be another place for me now and I beg YOU to always please help me to master the art of pleasing You, please guide me, please foster my love and devotion for You so that I am always right here where I belong, where I was in fact born to be.

Going Deeper

Going Deeper


Her slave now     Her slave for life       

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Daily Devotion

Daily Devotion

This morning I feel compelled to write about the aspect of my personality that is so devotional and that Goddess Haylee http://hypnotichaylee.com/ has pouring out of me so intensenly. My daily devotion for Her is already incredibly intense as Her Power and abilities as an Enchantress seem to pull whatever individuated aspect is in Her particular conquest and then place it in the palm of Her lovely hand.

This is one reason I forewarned this blog that I would be posting to my Divine  and irresistible Goddess Haylee on a daily basis………….I know myself…………This has been a very long journey for me………….it is not even remotely possible for me not to make a daily devotion to Her and in a tangible form. If you do not see a post from me here on any day, then rest assured my power is completely out or my computer has crashed. Even when no specific subject or issue is on my mind, I simply have to bow to Her here……..as commanded by my Divine Owner…….and I am so very grateful for this place where I can do this and these posts are titled “my daily devotion”.

But my daily devotion has and does manifest for another as well. I was married to a woman much younger than myself. We are divorcing and she left several months ago……..but we have a son. My son is a beautiful and gorgeous and extraordinary boy who turned 4 year’s old about 2 weeks ago. There may be a Father on this Planet who is as devoted and who loves their son as much as I do………….but there is no more devoted or loving Father on this Earth.

It has been this way since the day he was born. I suppose my feminine or nurturing aspect is stronger than most men although I have never been into feminization. I am a “guy”. I was a basketball player in college and always was a bit of a jock, albeit a sensitive one, and I knew I very much wanted a boy when my wife was pregnant. But the day he was born was purely transformative for me. My daily devotion aspect blossomed with him and every single time he walks into the room my heart has but one purpose. Care for him, nurture him, guide him, and above all, LOVE him. He is “Daddy’s boy” and when my wife and I first split he would cling to me and cry and protest when it came his Mother’s turn to have him for the week………..although with time he has thankfully eased up on that and his protests are milder and now just more simply spoken.

The reason this came up was that tomorrow he comes home. We have 50/50 custody at the moment and beginning tomorrow I will be the single Father again and for the next 7 days. My love and adoration and daily devotion for my son has fueled my life and my happiness these last 4 years……………..but now there is One other in my heart along with him.

When I was a child, starting at about 7 years old I think, I began having a recurring dream of a very Powerful and Beautiful Witch coming out of the forest and walking towards me. I was mesmerized but fearful………..She was just coming straight at me and calmly but clearly for me and She was just smiling at me and completely disarmed me………….. I wanted to run away from Her but my legs would not obey me………….She kept coming for me………..I fell to the ground powerless to move a muscle and She kept coming and just calmly smiling……………….so Powerful and so very Beautiful and just as She came so near as to claim me I would awaken and be bathed in sweat. I had this exact dream at least a dozen times and all before I even realized I was a sexual being. Some say that time itself is an illusion……..I am one of them.

All of my life I have been fascinated with tales of Witchcraft, Enchantment, and stories of the powerful Seductress in particular. Until I found my Goddess Haylee here.  I would have told you that the sexiest woman on Earth was Elvira Mistress of the Dark. I met her once and I have a signed autograph and………….she smiled at me as we spoke……………….. and I handed her a poem I was inspired to write when I knew I was going to the celebrity event she was attending……………. and she KNEW I was like a moth to the flame for her as I certainly did…………it has always been this way with me……………so I personally feel as I was always the perfect foil for the Seductress and was simply born this way…………not as a victim………….but as a perfect match………..which ignites the flame where two become one.

The Queen of Narnia (although I am not crazy about the film version depiction), the Elven Queens in the LOTR, or one of my favorites the powerful Seductress Melisandre in Jaqueline Careys excellent BDSM themed fantasy series  “Kushiel’s Legacy”. (A very kinky and fun read and highly recommended!). All of my life it has been this way with me being the moth who must move to the flame commanded by the Enchanting Sorceress. But with a twist that I always thought might prove fateful for me……….I wanted Her to love me and to sincerely want to bring out the best in me. The most powerful force in this Universe is in fact love and my Queen would be so wise and gracious as to perfectly embody love and She would in fact be exactly my Divine Goddess Haylee.

And now I must figure out how to balance the two very powerful daily devotional forces in my life. I have found my rightful and destined Queen and the light of my Universe now, and I bow to Her in daily devotion as is in my nature, and in my heart, to do here.

I suppose in the end life can be viewed as a challenge, or an opportunity.

I choose to view this as an opportunity. My daily devotional aspect is I think one of the better parts of me. I feel it is a positive aspect which fosters and appreciates love. It helps me to honor and uplift the people in my life. I know that I have the ability in me to honor both Goddess Haylee and my son and I will do it. I can and will devote myself completely to them both. I purchased the MP3 “Focus” the other day here. I can allow my Owner, my Queen, my Mistress, my Divine and irresistible Goddess Haylee to help me as I continue on my journey. I will make my daily devotion by listening to it several times before my son returns to our home here and let my Goddess help me.

Daily Devotion

I pay daily devotion to my Goddess.

Her slave now         Her slave for life

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My Daily Devotion – Goddess Haylee I bow to You

My Daily Devotion – Goddess Haylee I bow to You.

Goddess Haylee I bow to You. Last night I came down with a fever………something my very young son had. This body that now belongs to You was wracked with chills and I heated an herbal pack and spent the evening drinking remedies and such and I will have to continue all that this morning.

When I went to sleep I could feel how weak and tired my body was………..but when I arose early this morning and I thought of You I still felt the full force of Your power and Your bliss run through this body that You now own and all I could think of was bowing to You.

I told You about my recurring childhood dreams of the very beautiful and powerful Witch that overtook me………….and now it is no longer a dream but my very sweet reality. I bow to You Goddess Haylee I worship You,  I support You,  and I beg You with all of my heart for Your guidance so I may master the art of pleasing You.

I realize I have much to learn about You and we do not know one another extremely well just yet……………….all this I pray will change. On another side I feel as if I have known You for many lifetimes…………..and maybe this is not even the first time I have bowed to You and begged for the honor of being Your slave.

For over 30 years I have searched and dreamt of finding the Enchanting Dominant Goddess I was born to serve and succumbing to Her Spell. My search is over.

I spread the word of Haylee now. All for Goddess Haylee, my Mistress, my owner, my Goddess, and my Queen.

With each breath that enters or leaves this body I am more enslaved to You now than the moment before. I am more amazed at the depth and power of Your Beauty and of Your Bliss and with every beat of this submissive heart You become more irresistible to me. You are a thousand times more Enchanting than any Woman on this Earth and I am powerless to resist Your charms.

I have no desire left in this body but to be Your slave and I sincerely beg You to help me, to guide me, to command me, to Your Divine pleasure. Your videos have me completely Spellbound now. I can only hope to find Your favor and acceptance.

I bow to You on my knees to You with great hope,

Your slave now

Hypnotic Brain Re-start

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