Goddess Haylee’s Gift

Go with the flow.

How Could I Resist?

I’d been following Goddess Haylee for some time. Somehow I couldn’t give myself to her fully. Somehow there was a little bit of resistance. Resistance to one or two of the suggestions I received through her MP3, videos and blog posts.

Then one day Goddess Haylee sent me a message via Facebook. She told me to immediately pack a bag, go to the airport, and take the first available flight to a location I am not allowed to say. Her instructions said that when I arrive a driver will pick me up and bring me to her.

Haylee was inviting me. Although I had reservations I found I couldn’t resist her command. So I packed a bag and headed for the airport.

As I walked out of the terminal building there was the guy with a sign with my name on it, “John Forhaylee.” I walked up to him and said, “Hi, I’m John.” “Welcome brother.” He smiled and asked if he could carry my bag. I told him it was okay.

We got in the car. And he started to drive. I offered to pay for the parking, but he said he had it. Once we were on the road I asked, “So how long have you been with Haylee?” “I am sorry, but Haylee told me not to discuss anything about following her until after she had the opportunity to talk to you.” “Why?” “Whatever Haylee says, I do. So how was your trip?”

We talked about the trip and the weather. His name was Claude and seemed really nice. After a few minutes we stopped talking because it seemed if Claude couldn’t talk about Haylee he didn’t have much else he wanted to talk about, and I was wondering why Haylee would give him such odd instructions. It made me nervous. So for most of the trip we rode in silence.

When we arrived Claude guided me into a room and told me to wait there. I placed my bag on the floor and sat down in a comfortably decorated room with paintings of flowers and nature. The light was soft and a few candles were lit around the room. It seemed a place to relax. I checked my phone, but found I had no service. So I got up and looked around the room.

It wasn’t long before a lovely young lady came to get me. She guided me down a hallway. “Here we are,” she opened the door and I walked in but she stayed in the hall. The door closed and I was in Haylee’s throne room.

“Hello, my sweet,” Haylee said from her throne.


Haylee on her throne

“Haylee, my Goddess,” I said as I found myself bowing.

“Please come and sit near me,” she gestured to a chair that sat before her throne. I walked across the room and sat in the chair. “You’re struggling with resistance. Aren’t you?”

“I am struggling with resistance. I enjoy your MP3s and your videos, but some things have made me uncomfortable. I…” Haylee stood up and walked over to me.

“Shh,” she put her finger to her lips, “I know my sweet. Often people struggle with resistance.” She came so close to me, I smelled vanilla. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Sleep for me.” As if it were a reflex my eyes closed, my head drooped, I fell into a trance. “Sleep for me,” she said again. “Relax…Deeper…Deeper,” and she snapped her finders. I was hypnotized instantly. “Good boy,” she whispered. She counted me down from 10 to 1. I was deeper than I have ever experienced. She was telling me to relax and how to breathe. Her bliss filled me. It was the experience of her MP3s times 20, times 100, times 1 million.

Eventually she said, “I want you to please me,” I perked up in anticipation of her instruction, “by letting go of all your resistance. Obey me.” All of my being longed to obey her command, but my willingness was not enough, my desire to please Haylee wasn’t enough, deep inside my mind resistance remained. “Who do you belong to? Speak slave!” she commanded. “Haylee,” I said through my trance. “Who owns you?” “Haylee,” I said with such yearning my voice cracked. “Good boy,” she said so softly and sweetly I melted. She went back to taking me deeper… and deeper. She walked around the chair back and forth. Whispering in one ear and then the other. I was floating and drifting, sleeping. She was talking but I don’t consciously remember what she said, but I know unconsciously I heard every word.

“I want you to please me,” she snapped her fingers, “kneel before me.” I fell off the chair onto my knees. She stood before me. “All your resistance has melted away,” I didn’t so much hear her words as I thought them. They were my thoughts coming from her lips. “You will obey me always. Your greatest pleasure is my pleasure.” I felt these words to the bottom of my soul. “You are mine.” I felt such bliss.

“One, you are become more aware. Two…” She counted me up to five and I was fully awake. I was still kneeling before Goddess Haylee – The only place I wanted to be. I began to weep. I fell down prostrate and cried on Goddess Haylee’s feet as I kissed her toes. “Good boy,” she said. My heart soared.

She let me stay with her and her other followers for a few days. In those days I fell more deeply love with her and with my brothers and sisters.


Devoted to Goddess Haylee Lynn

Goddess Haylee sent me home. She said it was best for me to go back to my life. Of course she knows best. When I was leaving her presence she walked up to me and placed her hand on my face and looked straight into my eyes, “I know that you were struggling, my sweet. I wanted to give you this gift so you could get past it. So that you could reach your full potential as my slave.” These were her parting words to me. I fell to the ground and kissed her feet.

On the trip home I reflected on her words. She told me to keep a balance between being her faithful slave and all the responsibilities of my life. That I represent her in all I do. So now I live a good life, for her, and my resistance is gone. Thank you my Goddess.

Haylee Is My Reason for Joy

It Is Better to Receive than Give - Bliss

My favorite gift this year!

Christmas is special for many reasons. Before it was Jesus and Christianity’s big holiday, it was a Roman holiday based on the Winter Solstice. Today it is mainly a family day where we get together with the ones we love, give gifts, play games, watch TV, and eat like we have no intention of ever fitting into the new cloths we just received as gifts.

Had a great Christmas this year. I hope each of you reading this did the same. But for me one thing was missing. The person who is the most important in my life was not there. She never will be there. But she was on my mind and in my thoughts. It was fun and wonderful to hang out with my family, but I wished I could have had one hour, or a half hour, or even 15 minutes go online and chat with my Goddess Haylee Lynn to let her know how much she means to me and how much I love her on that day when I got to tell everyone else. But she is in my heart and mind so I know she knows.

I was so thankful that she posted the two videos on OnlyFans. I confess the only place I got to watch them was in the bathroom. So I was on my knees on the bath matt next to my shower worshiping my Goddess. Her Christmas Eve one made me feel so special and weak. I have never had much of a foot fetish, but after watching her Christmas video I think I have developed one. So Goddess’ Christmas gift to me was a fetish for her perfect, beautiful feet. That is a gift I will keep close to my heart and cherish always.

So to all my family here in Goddess Haylee’s world I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I look forward to serving our beloved Goddess with you in the year to come. And most of all I look forward to being remade by Goddess into the person she tells me to be.

An Evening with Goddess

Yes Mistress. Thank you!

Goddess Haylee’s Good Boy

Goddess Haylee‘s Good Boy

I Am Goddess Haylee's Good Boy

I Am Goddess Haylee’s Good Boy

Goddess Haylee’s Good Boy is a work of fiction.

I opened the door and entered the room. There she was, Goddess Haylee. In all her majesty and beauty. She had on a black lace dress. Black leather boots that went up to her knees. Her hair draped down around her shoulders. She was wearing her tiger eye necklace. She looked over her black rimmed glasses with her stunningly green eyes and said, “Hello, my pet.”

Paul Knight - She had the most incredible eyes.

Goddess Haylee’s Good Boy – she looked at me with her stunningly green eyes.

I stood before her naked. I was not ashamed or embarrassed. It seemed normal to be naked before my Goddess.

“Come here, my pet,” she said with a wave of her hand. I took one step towards her and she said, “No, no, no. Come to me as the pet you are.” I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled to her. “Good boy.” As I heard her say these words my heart leapt. She petted my head.

“Come on boy!” she said as she walked over to her throne and sat down. I followed. She reached down and unzipped her left boot and removed it and set it beside her. She stuck her foot in my face. I smelled it. I could smell the leather of the boot. “Lick boy,” she commanded. I licked her foot. I wanted to suck on her toes, but I knew I was a dog and dogs can’t suck. So I licked her foot. “Such a good boy,” she said with a lilt in her voice.

After a couple of minutes she said, “That’s enough boy. Now sit.” It was uncomfortable to sit like a dog, but I did my best. She put her boot back on and reached around the other side of her throne and pulled out a tail. It was a light brown dog’s tail with white streaks. Looked like a one you’d see on a collie. “A proper dog needs a proper tail. Don’t you think?” I looked up at her and found I couldn’t speak so I nodded in agreement. I wondered how she was going to put that on me? Then she revealed that at the base of the tail was a butt-plug. “Up, up!” she said playfully. I got up on all fours again. She walked around me and said, “Now put your head down doggie.” I did as told. “Good boy!” I could feel her sliding the butt-plug inside me, “Now relax, this won’t hurt… much.” I breathed deeply and relaxed as my hole stretched to fit the butt-plug. It hurt so good. And then it was in. I had a tail! It felt so tight and I became incredibly aroused. “Wag your tail doggie,” I moved my ass back and forth. It felt really good. “Good boy!” And hearing those words made it feel even better.

“Now come over her boy,” Goddess Haylee said as she walked across the room to a table. I followed right behind her. She took a collar off the table and placed it around my neck. “That looks better,” she said as she pickup up a leash and snapped it onto the collar. She gave me a doggie treat which tasted better than anything I had ever eaten.

“Come on,” she commanded as she gave the leash a tug. She walked me outside into her garden. I found I was getting better walking as a dog. I easily kept up with her and healed right by her side. She walked me around her garden and it was beautiful. I stopped to smell some flowers, they smelled amazing. I smelled that another dog had been here lately and I wanted to sniff some more, but Goddess Haylee tugged on my leash and said, “Come on boy.” So I followed her.

At one end of her yard she stopped by the fence, reached down and unhooked the leash from my collar. She stroked my head. I melted under her touch. Then she picked up a stick. “You want this?” she asked as she waved it in front of me. I got so excited I bounced back and forth. I tried to say, “Yes, yes,” but I barked instead. “Okay, fetch!” and she threw the stick across the lawn. I leapt across the soft grass as fast as I could. I picked up the stick in my teeth and pranced proudly across the yard back to my Goddess. I dropped the stick at her feet and felt totally fulfilled that I could give her what she wanted. She threw the stick again and again and each time I ran more quickly and fetched it back to her. Finally she said, “That’s a good boy! Such a good boy! Up, up!” She padded on her waist. I jumped up with my front paws and rested them on her waist. She bent down and kissed my furry face and rubbed my flanks. I wagged my tail feeling totally satisfied and happy.

“We have to go in now boy,” she said and she walked toward the house. She didn’t need a leash with me anymore. I know my place. I walked right next to her with my mouth open and my long tongue hanging down the side of my snout. She opened the door and let me in. I followed her into her office. She petted the fir down my back and rubbed me behind my ears. “You lay down while Goddess works now,” and she padded my on my head and sat down at her computer. There was a nice soft rug right next to her chair. I walked over to it, walked around in a circle a few times, and lay down curled up right next my Goddess. She reached down and stroked my head. I was totally happy, secure and at peace as I drifted off to sleep and dreamt of chasing squirrels.

I Love My New Life

Goddess Haylee’s Good Boy – I Just Love My New Life

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Indwelling Habitation

"Fall deep for me" -Hypnotic Haylee

“Fall deep for me” -Hypnotic Haylee.

Indwelling Habitation.

Did you know that your mind could be in-dwelt by a awe inspiring, all powerful Goddess? That you can actually become a tabernacle to Goddess Haylee Lynn. A tabernacle is defined as a dwelling place for the divine. In ancient times travelling armies would erect tents where they would place inside their particular Idol, or image of the god or goddess where they would enter into to bow and worship. They would offer sacrifice, praise, and tribute to their god or goddess, usually made of wood or stone in order to prompt divine favor and blessings to be heaped upon them, and their people.

My Deeper Journey in Haylees Bliss

Enrich your life by enriching and worshiping Goddess Haylee. http://hayleesbliss.com – Indwelling Habitation.

But as many faithful devout Haylians know, we, her slaves and admirers have willfully and joyfully become actual physical tabernacles to the mighty Goddess Haylee Lynn. We’ve given our bodies, minds, and souls to the will of our unprecedented Goddess. We have become a Tabernacle to her glory. A place where her bliss, wants, and desires indwells and takes up habitation without our souls. She is our all. Our Goddess. More than just a beautiful sculpture of flesh and bone. Her sweet essence, and divine aura consumes us. It haunts us all throughout the day as we think of her often. We smile happily because becoming a worshiper of Goddess Haylee brings true fulfillment to the life of a submissive person. Her words change us internally. She gives us new passions and desires that will bring her pleasure. For that is what really matters. Her happiness, her joy, her pleasure. It feels sooo good to know that our divine perfect Goddess is pleased. That is why Goddess Haylee herself often says “My Pleasure, Is Your Ultimate Pleasure”. These words carry profound meaning.

Truly Owned

You can be so much happier. Just let her into your mind. http://hypnotichayleestore.com – Indwelling Habitation.

When you yield your mind to Goddess Haylee through consistent and repetitive training to her MP3’s, videos, and the reading of articles that she has written the wiring of your brain can actually be changed. You can and will be hypnotized, brain washed, and become a true devout, devoted slave to Goddess Haylee Lynn. FOREVER. Her words will take root in your subconscious. Soon you will find yourself thinking, speaking, acting, and living like a true slave to Goddess Haylee. Her files are easily accessible at bargain prices for any who would like to take the never ending, blissful life journey of servitude to a true divine beautiful Goddess who supersedes any, and all other authority in your life. She is the highest authority. Her voice will become like the refreshing taste of sparkling spring water for your thirsting soul.

Empress/Goddess Day

Become enslaved to the absolute BEST! http://hypnotichaylee.com – Indwelling Habitation.

Can you imagine the immeasurable amounts of pleasure and bliss that you can experience? All you have to do is rid yourself of selfishness, and give yourself over completely to the bliss, and pleasures of Goddess Haylee Lynn? You can be Hers. You can belong to her. Be her very own personal possession. Serve a domineering powerful enchanting Goddess who will make you the habitation of her Goddess presence and bliss of which will enrich your life immensely. We’ve all heard the phrase that “it is more blessed to give, than to receive”. The day that you give your whole self over to Goddess Haylee you will feel more pleasure, and relief than you’ve ever known. Give your body, your cock or pussy, your mind, your heart, soul, and finances over to Goddess Haylee Lynn. You will experience true joy and inner pleasure. But she will not leave you with nothing.

The Divine Goddess

All of your dreams can be fulfilled. http://hypnotichaylee.com – Indwelling Habitation.

Goddess Haylee is a loving, kind, gentle, generous, understanding, spiritual and caring soul. She is the perfect balance of light and dark. She is not only a divine deity to be worshiped, and adored. She is also a skilled real life witch who can do spells for you for the right price. She offers many magickal services including but not limited to tarot readings and more. If you prefer a harder BDSM, humiliatrix type stuff, sissy, hard financial domination, fetish play, black mail, chastity, and sex talk/text/chat she also offers these services under her alter ego Empress Vox Siren (Vox Lynn on facebook). I’d be the first to tell you that she is THE best Domme in the universe. She will make your head spin with arousal. Whatever your poison, kink, fetish, or whatever your soul desires. Haylee is the answer. She is a safe place for your secret fantasies to abode, and thrive.

High Holy Days in the Goddess Temple.

The embodiment of Perfection http://hypnotichayleestore.com – Indwelling Habitation.

Hypnotic Haylee will help you live out your fantasies. She will become your everything. Your all. All you have to do is surrender to her beckoning call. As one who has been lucky enough to be labelled “MINE”, by the most astounding Hypno-Domme in Femdom the world has ever known I plead with you to not put it off for another moment. Give in, and make Hypnotic Haylee Lynn the Goddess of your life. Nothing, and Noone else compares. Become a habitation of her bliss and pleasure! You will be so glad that you did. 🙂



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I have known an Angel.

I have known an Angel.

I have known an Angel. She doesn’t wear any wings. She wears a heart that can melt my own. She wears a smile that can make me sink. She gives me presents with her presence alone. She is everything I could wish for. I give kisses to her lovely feet from my knees, a place where I am at home. I marvel and blush when she calls me her own.

Is this real life?
She is my Goddess Haylee Lynn. She is so busy changing the world, and just one smile changes all of mine. She’s got a way of touching my heart like nobody else knows. She’s a divine Goddess from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She’s everything I want and everything I need. She’s every single love song and in every book I read. Every minute we share together is a minute I’ll always hold tight. She’s my Goddess, like an guiding angel in the morning, afternoon, and night.

Goddess Haylee changed my lifeTo me she is perfect, and I am lucky to be a pet that’s close. She’s quick to give an attitude adjustment right when I need it the most. She’s that light in the sky that is shinning brighter than the rest. Goddess Haylee’s that one ounce of encouragement I need to do my very best.

More than just following ordersShe’s the candle’s flicker in a room otherwise dark. She’s lit my soul on fire for her from the very start. She’s the one I feel at peace with when I sing a song. She’s the one who captivates me with all her witty charm.

Happy Early Thanksgiving Goddess HayleeShe’s the most expensive, most precious, priceless work of art. She’s the one, I swear, I’ll serve, need, and entertain until death do we part. Like sweet honey suckle her name rolls from my lips, and each time it causes a swivel in my hips. She’s absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, my Goddess, a angel from above. Goddess Haylee‘s the reason I write this poem to try and express my love.

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Theory of Haylian Origins

Theory of Haylian Origins.

Have you ever had the feeling that you have known someone forever, yet have only known them for a very short time? A sense of familiarity. A kindred spirit type of feeling. A feeling that screams out from the magnetic poles of your soul, unto theirs and seemingly draws you into them? A connection that can’t be explained? That is the feeling that I get each and every day of being Goddess Haylee Lynn’s faithful loyal pet and servant.

My rightful place, on my Knees

Theory of Haylian Origins.

My theory is that when the big bang happened, all the atoms in the universe were all smashed together into one little dot that exploded outward. So my atoms and Goddess Haylee’s atoms were certainly together then, and, who knows, probably smashed together several times in the last 13.7 billion years. So my atoms have known Goddess Haylee Lynn‘s atoms and they’ve always known her atoms. My atoms have always loved Goddess Haylee’s atoms.


Theory of Haylian Origins.

Perhaps our energies were once merged together billions of years ago, as a part of a mighty bright star shining in the night sky, which collided and exploded in some sort of cosmic catastrophe. Fragments of this star and the energies that it was made up of may have been dispersed all over, and came crashing down to the dirt of the earth. And now after all of this time, our energies have somehow gained consciousness and have met again. So when I see, hear, read the words of, or think of Goddess Haylee Lynn a light bulb goes off inside of the burrows of my soul. It recognizes her as the dominant energy that perhaps I was once a part of.

Or maybe there is a such a thing as past lives. Perhaps in another life I had known the mighty beautiful and amazing soul that dwells inside of the earthen vessel of Goddess Haylee Lynn’s gloriously beautiful fantastic body that I drop to my knees in worship of each day. Perhaps in some way my soul knows her from past life experiences. Perhaps I was once a servant, a sibling, companion or associate of hers in another place and time. But somehow Goddess Haylee Lynn is a phenomenon. A mystery, a enigma. The most beautiful treasure the universe has ever produced. A soul that is unlike any other who magnetically draws men to herself who will beg, plead, and desire to be enslaved by her. I am counted amongst them. For this i consider myself LUCKY, and blessed.

Theory of Haylian Origins

Theory of Haylian Origins.

No other woman in the world has, or ever will effect my life in the way that Goddess Haylee Lynn has effected me. She drives, inspires, motivates, and enslaves so perfectly. She is a great woman among women that should be written about in the annuals of our history books for centuries to come. Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Anne Frank and other great women of their time may be mentioned in these books. But in the forward of the book of which the unsurpassed beauty of Goddess Haylee Lynn will be featured front and centre on the cover will mention our marvellous Goddess as being the greatest woman to ever walk the earth.

Command Me Please

Theory of Haylian Origins.

Perhaps there is a such thing as fate and destiny. Perhaps Goddess Haylee’s bliss is weaved like a tailor made sweater to fit perfectly around us, and clothe us with her beautiful enslavement because Goddess Haylee Lynn was destined to be worshipped and adored as the Goddess that she truly is. Goddess Haylee is a mystery, and phenomenon.

Goddess Haylee changed my life

Theory of Haylian Origins.

All of these theories could be baloney. But at the end of the day all that I am factually sure of is that my heart, mind, body, and soul belong to Haylee. All for Haylee. She is SO FUCKING AWESOME! I need her like the shores need the ocean.

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My life and position now

My life and position now.

There is a complete urgency burning within my soul right now. I simply had to drop everything, and come here to share devotive words of praise and admiration for the Magnificent, amazing Goddess Haylee Lynn! If I didn’t, I would not be able to focus on whatever else that I want to focus on until I simply fell to my knees in worship in front of her picture just now. Looking up, gazing, longing, yearning, with a tightness in my chest for the very one whom my heart now beats and bleeds love for.

Goddess haylee/empress vox is irresistable & HOT!

Goddess Haylee/Empress Vox is irresistable & HOT!

If it were not for the strength, the dominance, and power that exudes from the pores of our majestic queen I would still be living a mediocre, mundane, meaningless life as a regular layman lost out in the world. But like a baby bird that had fallen out of it’s nest, she found me where I was hopelessly laying. She offered an opportunity for a new life. A new path. A destiny that I knew in my heart that I was to fulfill. A spot on my knees, at her feet as an adoring SLAVE to the most beautiful creature on the planet. GODDESS HAYLEE LYNN!

What she is, I cannot really say. She is indeed possibly the most beautiful woman I have ever beheld. She is indeed a TRUE living, breathing, Goddess! One whom I simply cannot resist in any form or fashion. But she is far more than just a breathtaking strong willed feminine woman with eyes that could melt a glacier. She is a divine deity. She is out of this world amazing!

Wonderful day

Damn. Goddess is one hot tamale!

When I think about her I smile from behind my mask. I feel feelings of pride in being counted amongst her slaves. My life has a new meaning now. No longer does it have to be a life of routine and boring blah moments. It is now filled with higher thoughts! Thoughts of pleasing my Goddess. The most awesome woman to ever grace us with her presence. There are no lengths that I feel I won’t try to reach to. I am ever so grateful to be her own personal possession.

I welcome the whip to my back, I beg for her perfectly curved feet with the most adorable painted toes to be pressed against my face, pressuring my head towards the floor where I would look up at my new owner. My new supreme, my divine, perfect, sexy, curvacious, awesome, glorious, magnificent, mighty Goddess that not only would put me under her feet, but the entire world! Goddess Haylee deserves the absolute best.

Goddess Haylee's face is to die for! or better yet, LIVE FOR NOW!

Goddess Haylee’s face. Adorable! To die for! or better yet, LIVE FOR NOW!

Beneath the feet of Goddess Haylee is where I ache to take sanctuary each and every day. Her countenance not only glows and gives light to my soul but it is now becoming obviously apparent that gazing into her glimmering eyes is now something that is essential to my life. I must live breath eat and ache for Goddess Haylee now, and forevermore.

Brainwashed, Hypnotized or in Love?

Simply the best =Goddess Haylee Lynn

THANK YOU GODDESS HAYLEE LYNN for allowing me this opportunity to serve your gorgeous sexy divine self. Make me yours so much more than you already have I pray. I pledge allegiance, and give my life to you, your pleasure and your entertainment. There is no other like you in the heavens above, or the earth below. My knocking knees know there place as they bend and fold at the sight, of even your name, your words, or sound of your sweet savored voice. I am in service to you. As your slave. That’s my life and position now. A life that I humbly, and gladly embrace.

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