Just One Lick

Just One Lick By Hypnotic Haylee Aren’t my new boots just absolutely divine? My VERY good boy claude has purchased them for me. I wonder if looking at this photo causes you to drift off a bit, and daydream inside of your mind, all kinds of delicious scenarios? I am going to paint one inside of your mind, and any time you see shiny black boots like the ones I … Continue reading

Amazing Foot!

Tribute Goddess Haylee

Amazing Foot! A work of fiction. It was a normal day, and Haylee Lynn had dropped into town to do a few chores. First up she had to drop into the bank to pay in a cheque one of her slaves had sent her. While queuing up to be served, suddenly a couple of masked men armed with shotguns burst into the bank. Haylee Lynn and the other customers and … Continue reading