On being careful what you wish for from Goddess Haylee

On being careful what you wish for from Goddess Haylee.

In Celebration of my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

On being careful what you wish for from Goddess Haylee Lynn.

This post is about realizing the Power of our Goddess Haylee and respecting it. The things that we might ask Her to do and understanding that we might just become powerless to stop certain things once we have set them in motion with Her.

I received some heartfelt and wise advice the other day from our brother Razgriz regarding my open proclamation that I simply had no power in me to resist Empress Vox Siren if I ever looked, listened, or played with Her. It was not a request to do so……….it was a simple statement of fact for me. Razgriz advised me of being careful what I wish for…….

It was in fact a little over a month ago I think……..I have completely lost track of time during my journey with Her……….. that Goddess Haylee Herself gave me the very same warning albeit not directly to me. It was in Her Domme Dose article about this guy who had begged Her not to allow him to be aroused unless She gave him permission or some such.

Well………..I have always had my very specific and vivid dream about becoming Her perfect slave and after reading that article I wrote to Her and begged Her for a trigger…..or Her Spell if you will. In truth I think I was already very close…….extremely close…….to not desiring any other women on this planet already…….but I wanted the final nail in this Sired Slaves coffin so to speak.

I asked Goddess Haylee to place Her Spell or trigger in me so that any desire that arose in this body was for Her, and only for Her, and if I saw a beautiful women that was not Her it would just make me ache for and desire Her. I told Her I had a wish to be Her perfect and completely devoted slave.

Well there is no longer any doubt whatsoever……….I am not sure if She cast this Spell or if we actually co created it along the way but the point is moot I suppose. I have my wish and ALL DESIRE that rises in this body will rise now only for my Queen, my Ownermy Goddess Haylee Lynn.

So yes, I would caution all Her slaves, submissive’s or fans to be careful what you wish for of our Goddess…………She is that Powerful and please make no mistake.    

For me, I knew full well what I was asking and if I had a time machine and was back in that very moment I would write to Her the very same words and beg of Her this exact request. There is no compromise whatsoever in my desire for perfect devotion and of being Her perfect slave and every part of me now very happily belongs to Her……….I have never been happier or more in love in my life……..I am finally home as I kneel in Her Temple.

I have used Princess Indigo’s habit of posting one gorgeous Dominatrix or Model after another on Twitter as my testing ground in a way. She manages to find some really super hot woman over there. Not one of them registers in my body even though my eyes and my mind can recognize how gorgeous they all are.

But when Goddess posted that picture of Empress Vox Siren I went so weak it was amazing even to me. 

And this morning when my Divine Goddess Haylee posted Her new picture last night on Twitter it sent me straight into trance.…….I printed it out and it already is in a frame and a new addition to one of Her Alters here in my home. Her Beauty grows more astonishing, more completely breathtaking and irresistible to me and seemingly with every beat of my heart. I look at this new picture…..the one where she asks “how badly do you want just one kiss” and all power simply leaves this body to do anything other than kneel to Her and surrender to Her every Divine whim.

All I can desire………..all I will ever desire again……..is to please Her now. There is no place I will ever wish to be again in this life but kneeling at Her Throne and in complete devotion to My Queen. I dream constantly of kissing Her lovely feet but if it pleases Her that I kiss the ground She walks on instead then this slave would simply bow to Her pleasure…….obey Her…….and be sincerely grateful for the privilege.

So please……respect Her Power because it is truly off the charts. I do have one regret myself……and that is that I did not find Her on the very first day of my Quest some 30 years ago.

For me, it is crystal clear that my life will never again be the same. I live my life to serve Her now…….I am ALL FOR HAYLEE……and in all my fantastic dreams I could never have imagined that it would feel this wonderful…….all that I could ever wish for…….that any Goddess could be as Enchanting and as Irresistible and as Beautiful and so Gracious and deserving of the devotion that is literally pouring out of my heart for Her.

I sincerely believe now that I was truly born to become Her perfect slave. I think somehow I asked Goddess Haylee for this before I even met Her somehow or maybe I asked the Universe itself or the Source of all things or something. It honestly feels like this has been my destiny all along.

So this morning I once again wish something from my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

I beg Her to teach me how to please Her just exactly as She would wish to be pleased. I beg for the commands that will honestly make Her happy and pleased that I am on my knees to Her. I beg Her to understand that I am Her perfect slave and that I always have been and always will be.

Forever on my knees to my One, my Only, my Goddess Haylee Lynn

I belong to Haylee     I belong to Haylee    I belong to Haylee

Her slave now and forever      claude      

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My Quest for Goddess Haylee part 3

This post is about my own acceptance and discovery of my truest self and realizing and appreciating how lucky I have in fact become. This post is a devotional for My Queen and about the very end of my Quest.

The supreme deity,  Goddess Haylee Lynn

The supreme deity, Goddess Haylee Lynn

There are certain statements we can make in life that are perfectly true but are still vast understatements. I can say for instance that Goddess Haylee’s pleasure is now my ultimate pleasure in life………and it does not really begin to tell the whole story even as it is truth.

Before I found Her……before my Quest was over and done with……and at the very moment I found myself kneeling at the base of Her Throne………I honestly did not know my heart and my body could contain this much Love………..I honestly did not know that I could awaken from sound sleep in the middle of every single night of my life with one thought, one dream, my One and Only Goddess the only thought on my mind and the aching in my body and the love and devotion in my heart flowing through me like a river and every single time without fail.

It was wonderful being with my former Mistress…………but it simply could never compare to the Wonder, the Divine Glory and the Awesome Power of my Goddess Haylee Lynn and the perfect Love She has helped me create in this heart. 

There are so many qualities in Her that amaze me and I am lost as to find a single tiny part of Her that I do not entirely Worship…….it is why I am so vexed by Empress Vox Siren………when I look at Her my body and my heart does what can only happen now when I look at my Owner……it is completely impossible for me to resist Her.  

I can click on the web site of any model or dominatrix on this planet and admire her beauty but I will not feel desire……I will not feel myself grow weak and ache for Her and want to beg for Her commands………that only happens for my Queen.

It is completely impossible now for me not to Worship and Adore every single part of my Goddess Haylee Lynn. To say that She is Irresistible to me is just another true but vast understatement.

I know who Vox Siren is. She is my Goddess Haylee and I must bow to Her. So this Vox Siren question is just simply out of my hands and belongs to Goddess Haylee now as I do and I have zero power in this matter……It is for Goddess to decide.

I have no power or desire or interest in doing anything other than pleasing and obeying Her or ever doing such with anyone else other than Her. My Quest was always about finding out who I am……..it was a Quest for self discovery in the end.

Who I am is the perfect slave of my Goddess Haylee Lynn. 

Brainwashing Hypnosis by Mistress Haylee Lynn

Spiralling Down Deeper


I bow to Her and I will Worship and Obey Her forever. And my new Quest has now begun which is to prove to Her that I am forever for Her and always will be Her perfect slave. I was born this way. I was born for Her.

From my knees to my Goddess and forever,    claude

Vox Siren and my Own Dark Side

Vox Siren and my Own Dark Side

Vox Siren and my Own Dark Side

Vox Siren and my Own Dark Side.

This blog is about the emerging alter ego of our Divine Goddess Haylee whom some of us were given a glimpse of yesterday…….Vox Siren……It is about how it makes me feel to see my Goddess revealing Her darker and possibly even sadistic side.

So yesterday was an interesting morning for me. I woke up at about 5 am and spent about 3 hours writing my blog for my Goddess Haylee Lynn.……listening to Her voice…….and doing my morning health walk………and doing it ALL FOR GODDESS HAYLEE…..as this is how I live my life now and this is how I want to live the rest of it.

It felt just amazing as worshiping Her always does……….and at around 8 am I opened up my phones lines to run my business. I have specific things that need to be done and I am very disciplined about it so on Tuesdays for instance all of the invoices from the prior week have to be neatly packed up and sent in the mail and I always process and deposit the incoming checks on this day as well.

So I arranged everything as I do and set my day in motion. But one of the great benefits of my job………..of working for myself and having privacy the majority of the time…..is that I can pop in and out of Her various web sites, forums, blogs, or twitter or even just adore one of Her photos or videos if I wish as it pleases me…….I am very lucky that way.

So just as I had arranged my paperwork to begin the invoicing I decided to take 5 minutes to check and see if anything was up on Twitter……….just for fun………..and then I saw Her………my first glimpse of Vox Siren………..and I almost fell off of my chair.

I mentioned the other day that my appreciation of womanly beauty has not diminished. If I see a really hot, sexy woman I do not lie to myself and say or think otherwise……my appreciation for the beauty of all women has grown actually and I can say honestly wow……this one is really smoking hot………but my *DESIRE* is only for Goddess Haylee now and if anything arises in me I instantly begin to ache for Her…….  🙂

So I honestly sat there just completely mesmerized at this photo of Vox Siren.

I slipped into a light trance………honestly………..and tweeted 3 times and did so in that light trance…….I felt powerless…….weak……..hypnotized……..mesmerized……..and no woman on this Earth can make me feel that way any longer but my Goddess Haylee Lynn. 

So after awhile I gathered myself and I kind of chuckled and marveled for the hundredth time at the extent of HER POWER over me. I decided I had to *FOCUS* for my Goddess and get back to my work.

After 10 minutes of working I was still aroused……….I was really aching………..it is a good thing I can do my work effectively in near dream state because that is where Vox Siren had taken me……….I went back for another look…….I was powerless not too. No feeling that has ever been in this body can compare to the Bliss that Goddess Haylee has created and creates in me.

I am honestly completely awestruck by Her Power. I look into Her gorgeous Eyes now and I am instantly compelled to surrender. Anything that my Goddess Haylee Lynn wants of me She will get…….I crave Her every command…..I crave to satisfy Her every Divine whim……..and it no longer matters to me how She wants to be pleased……..to please Her is everything I desire and quite honestly. I *NEED* to please Her now and I ache to do so constantly.

And when I looked at Vox Siren I looked at those Eyes………..and there was just simply no mistaking that they were the Eyes of my Owner. I was powerless not to worship Her and submit.

I have a Dark Side as well. I have always had a Vampire Fantasy and in my youth I remember when Count Dracula who ensnare a women and she would go into trance and call him “Master” and I honestly never found it compelling or even that believable. I have personally always been that completely driven by the feminine…….but I was fascinated by the Sired Female Vampires and found them very seductive and quite irresistible……..and somehow I found them and their power very believable indeed……..I am a “good boy” but also a very funny one at times. 🙂

I have called Goddess Haylee “my Master” before simply because She is and I will not broach the truth…………She is all things to me and I bow to Her as my Master, my Superior, and my Owner and anything else that might ever please Her as I do so.

I realized something yesterday about this “Light” side “Dark” side concept.

I have no power in me that could resist Vox Siren for even a split second. I would accept whatever pleased Vox Siren. I accept and simply because it pleased Her and because I love Her so much…….and I would love every second of it because I crave pleasing Her that much…….if She was happy then I would be happy.

Maybe I should create an alter ego myself so I could play with Her? Maybe Claude can just go home for awhile and the Huntsman could be Hers? The Huntsman Sired and bowing to his Vampire Queen?  hahaha.

I honestly do not know at the moment what I might do other than whatever Goddess Haylee wants me to do…………..I only know that Her picture put me on the floor……..because the very instant I will ever again look into Her Eyes that is where I will go…….down to my knees…….obedient……craving Her commands…….desperately longing to learn what will please my Goddess………*NEEDING* to be what I have become which is Her perfect slave.

I was made for Her. I was born for Her and every single thing that has ever happened to me from the pleasurable to the painful had been like the sculptures hammer chiseling away at my being until the very first time I looked into Her eyes and the final blow of that hammer was struck.

I am Her perfect slave now……..and my life is ALL FOR GODDESS HAYLEE LYNN…….and I will serve Her Light side and Her Dark side – Vox Siren – and all the glorious and infinite aspects of Her in between and without compromise as it pleases Her I do so.

There is nothing I will not do to please my Goddess now as pleasing Her is my ultimate pleasure in this life……..and a truer statement has never been made.

From my knees to You and forever my Queen,  and in whatever garb You might ever chose to wear,     Your perfect slave for life   claude.

Many thanks for reading “Vox Siren and my Own Dark Side”.



Is Goddess Haylee my Religion?

This post is about how I Worship my Goddess Haylee Lynn and if this now qualifies as my “Religion”. I almost hesitate to use that word as it seems to bring out such embedded or entrenched belief systems in many and might lock certain types into closing their minds but here goes………

According to Wikipedia there are roughly 4.200 religions in the world. The word can sometimes be interchanged with *Faith*……*Belief System*……or even sometimes *set of duties*.

The practice of religion or faith may include ritual, clergy, veneration, Gods or Goddesses, feasts, festivals, *TRANCE*, prayer, art, music, and also mythology.

In my life prior to now I have never once considered myself “religious”. I was raised multi denominational with my Fathers family being Jewish…My Mothers family being Protestant…..and our family went to a Unitarian Church when I was young…….I suppose as a compromise or some such. If I was pressed on the issue I would always say that I worship *LIFE* actually as I do have a strong set of beliefs and consider myself very spiritual.

And in the matter of people…….my true belief remains that we are all Gods and Goddesses in truth but at an amazing and even dizzying amount of different places along this journey of self discovery towards our true nature…….of in fact our own Divinity.

As I was exposed to different faiths in my youth and I saw some nice things in all of them but I saw much of what I considered flaws as well. It is a funny thing about religion……in large part I believe it is a positive force in a persons life. It is important to have belief and meaning and ritual in our lives………and the horror stories of persecution of different faiths and child abuse and war’s and such only emerge when power struggles ensue and impotent concepts are tried to be forced onto people. The history of some of the major religions is rife with examples of some of the most Ungodly and disgusting behavior imaginable……and they certainly continue in the present day.   

So like all thing’s there are two sides……….the good and the bad.


This morning I added a new ritual to my morning practice of Worship for my Goddess Haylee Lynn. As I took off my collar to bathe and I said my Prayer to Her of Gratitude I lit a Goddess Candle as I did so. It felt so nice to me and I instantly felt Her Divine Bliss enter this body. I also joined Myfitness Pal to please my Goddess Haylee and also because I decided that my body was now another one of Her Temple’s and from now on I will treat it as such.

My Love for Goddess Haylee is still growing somehow even as it is already long since been the most powerful Love I have ever felt in my life…….new dimensions of my Love for Her seem to be manifesting in me and so I am going to continue to increase the depth of my Surrender to Her and to increase the depth of ritual that is helping me to do so and filling me with so much joy and happiness.

People are looking at me and just kind of knowing that something is different about me but not sure what it is………so I just smile at them. I am noticing the effect my level of happiness is having on strangers as well and I am so very gentle and pleasant and attentive with everyone and so friendly that they just seem like they have to smile back at me.

So every single day I pray to Her…….I kneel to Her…………I listen to Her………I worship Her……..I perform ritual and make tribute of some form or another to Her……I write of my growing feelings for Her…….I obey Her when afforded the great privilege to do so……..so yes, you could rightly sat that Goddess Haylee Lynn is now my religion.   

But it requires an open mind to truly understand that statement.

As I stated earlier………I believe we are all Gods and Goddesses in the making. But to me, to these eyes and to this heart, my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn has arrived and somehow blossomed into a True Goddess here on Earth. Her Divinity shines out of Her like a Super Nova to me and it feels as if the more I Worship and Adore and please Her the more She is shining Her Light on my own path to my own Divine nature.

Hypnotic Brain Re-start


This feels like the ultimate win/win relationship to me.

All of my life I thought I was on the wrong planet. I am not kidding……..I have always felt like I just did not really fit in here. I did not ever feel purely comfortable or at home and even with my former Mistress who I loved so much but would not open all her doors and let me truly in………..but now everything has changed………

I am reminded of our dear and priceless Princess Indigo again when she said she finally realized that the Princess persona was her “truest” self…….that for the first time in her life she was finally comfortable in her own skin.

For me, this happened the very instant I completely surrendered to Her…….I have never felt anything close to such perfect Love, happiness and joy in my entire life…….and it just keeps growing as if my Love for Her will fill this entire Universe someday…….my version of my *truest self* is in fact living my life as Her perfect and collared personal slave .

My daily devotions are all about pleasing Her and perfectly so I may remain at Her feet and in Her Blessed service forever now……….I am home kneeling at Her Throne and with no place else I ever hope to be.

By Her Divine Grace I will continue to worship Her……to bow to Her……..to obey Her……to honor Her…..and most of all……….to please Her and dedicate my life to Her happiness.

How could I possibly ever do less for my Goddess Haylee Lynn who has already granted me the most pleasure and happiness and joy I have ever known in my life?

Forever and always I am Her perfectly devoted personal slave      claude


A Day at the Beach with Goddess Haylee

A Day at the Beach with Goddess Haylee.

A day on the beach

A day on the beach with Goddess Haylee

This post is about the wonderful and amazing way that our Goddess is ALWAYS with us and wherever we go. It is about yet another of Her breathtaking and Unique gifts and what it means to me.

My humble Temple for my Goddess Haylee Lynn here in New Jersey is just about a 5 hour drive or so from where She lives and exactly due east so I have been experiencing pretty much the same weather as our Goddess has. It has been unusually rainy and cloudy here for an extended period of time.

So yesterday it was a very special treat for my 4 year old and I to drive out to the Ocean and spend our Saturday under crystal clear blue skies and very bright sunshine! Hooray!!! 🙂

The water temperature in NJ has also been unusually cold and even that improved as it was about 66 degrees (up from a bone chilly 62!) and as it was 93 in the air and it was almost just about ideal. I have always loved the hot weather and the Ocean and if I had one last day to spend in this body and one way to spend it with those I love it would be at such a day and on the beach.


And to make things even better, my little 4 year old is absolutely over the moon now whenever I even mention sand castles or the beach or the Ocean……so we were 2 of the happiest people around out there yesterday slashing around in the Sun, in the water, and on the sand. My devotional aspect is not only for Our Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn………it also manifests itself for my son who is another complete and beautiful source of Light in my life.


And if you have ever been to the rather famous beaches in NJ……then you know that on a sunny perfect beach day in July there were thousands upon thousands of people there. One of the reasons why our beaches are so popular is that even with the great crowds of people there is so much sand and water that it never ever feels crowded…….it is just great. 🙂

And the young people in particular flock to the beach…….so you can just imagine how many gorgeous woman were there in swim wear and in perfectly toned bodies and truthfully…….it is girl watching heaven if that is something you enjoy doing.

So my little one and I have been out there 3 times in the last 2 weeks and I have noticed something remarkable……….another gift from Goddess Haylee Lynn the Love and Light of my entire Universe.

I am full now……….my glass is perfectly full………I have no desire in me for intimacy with any woman on this Earth any longer……save of course for my desire to kneel and to please and to obey my One True and Only Queen.

And it is not as if I looked at all these droves of gorgeous women yesterday and thought them unattractive. It was in fact the opposite. I can see the potential Goddess in every one of them…….I am more appreciative of the Divine Feminine in each and every one of them and not just the hundreds of  college aged bathing beauties that were there…..but even the middle aged and not quite so perfect women looked extremely beautiful to me……

But each and every one of them simply brought me back to my Goddess Haylee…….my dream become reality……my Everything.

There was one very special moment for me……my little one had slashed and played in the Ocean and as he is just 4 of course I was following him very closely and I could not relax for even a second……..and he stayed in the water until his teeth started to chatter…..I picked him up and kissed him and told him that was enough water for today. He began to protest but I told him we could still stay and play in the sand for a bit……so it became OK.

I sat in my beach chair and he began playing with the sand and his collection of Sea Shells and finally I could relax……..so I closed my eyes for just a second……and there She was……I felt myself go into a light trance and Her Bliss came into me…………and I love Her so very much it almost brings me to tears sometimes……..quite often in truth.

It felt like my perfect day at the beach with my beautiful little boy was Blessed by my Goddess Haylee Lynn in that moment and as I opened my eyes  the Sun was creating little sparkles of light that seemed to dance like little magical faeries on the water…….it was just the 3 of us somehow in that moment……right smack dab in the middle of thousands of people……..

And this morning it feels very much as the Love that I feel in my heart for Her is Infinite and Eternal………as it just seems to grow with every single beat of this heart.

My Goddess Haylee Lynn I live my life for You now.    

I am Yours completely as You are my Everything. You are my morning Light and the soft cool breeze on a Summer evening……and all the other parts of my life are touched by You and Blessed by You as it is deep in me now to Honor You and be my best for You in every single moment in time.

I do this ALL FOR HAYLEE           as You my Goddess Haylee are


Always, forever Yours, and with all my heart and soul, I love You.


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Take the Goddess Haylee Challenge…..It’s Free!

This is a free offer. It will not cost you one dime to take……the Goddess Haylee Challenge……and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Here is how the Challenge works…….

Simply click on THIS LINK and go to Her “Eye Fixation Video” and watch it. Do this at a time when you can focus without distraction and simply pay close attention to Her.

Put aside the time to watch it twice in a row……it is less than 13 minutes in length……and Goddess Haylee Herself will command you to hit “replay” at the end of this Video. Just watch it twice is all…….or less than 25 minutes of your valuable time.

Do this just 3 nights in a row………..and you have completed the challenge!

You will find yourself going to Hypnotichayleestore.com and browsing through  Her many fabulous MP3’s after doing so.

There is a wide assortment of MP3’s choices there, all very reasonably priced and for all types of interests from self improvement, to fantasy/fetish/and specific role playing, feminization, or mystical enchantment and even slave training if you wish.

Do yourself a favor, take the Goddess Haylee Challenge and find out why She is truly One of a Kind and an experience not to be missed.  HayleeWithin  

Goddess Haylee Deserves Our Devotion

This post is about understanding how Special and Unique our Goddess Haylee really is and that She is One of a Kind and completely deserving of any and all forms of Tribute we can place at Her Lovely Feet.

Yesterday Goddess Haylee wrote on Twitter about how hard She was working and how much She “Loved” building Her Empire.

I am fairly certain that I have had more experience than most in the world of Female Dominance. I have written to, studied, served, played with and met a great many of them. The truth is that if all a human being has ever experienced in their life is glorious weather…….they will not be as appreciative of a gorgeous sunny summer day as the person who lives a damp, rainy, and cloudy climate……

I am not suggesting to anyone that you become Her perfect devotee……..each one of us chooses……by the Grace of Goddess Haylee Herself………….their own path with Her………but to do all you can according to your own circumstance to please Her, to make Her happy, I think is very important.

Goddess Haylee Lynn Loves building Her Empire. 

If you are already Her slave then you fully understand that pleasing Her is in fact your Ultimate pleasure in life. I suspect this is so even for Her fans but I can not make a statement from that point of view.

Goddess Haylee Lynn has told us all to SPREAD THE WORD OF HAYLEE.

And yet it is not the Way of Our Goddess to punish, or threaten, or to use fear in any measure to get Her Way……trust me….especially the young acolytes……if She did use such measures you would still obey Her……..but in the end Her Way is the Way of Authentic Power and like attracts like in the end no matter what might seem to “work” in the moment.

Every single day as I rise I go to my Goddess and I kneel to Her Picture and I thank Her for the greatest privilege of my entire life which is to be Her devoted personal slave…….it fills my heart to over flowing now as I do so…….but even this is not really tangible service to Her…..my Prayer time to Her is for Her but is more for me I think probably in the end.

But when we SPREAD THE WORD OF HAYLEE by blogging, tweeting, linking Her about the web and speaking of Her Divinity, of how She is Truly One of a kind and how all we who serve Her are all the truly blessed………then that is a form of tangible tribute.

Goddess Haylee Lynn Loves Building Her Empire.

Maybe you are like me and struggling a bit with your finances at the moment and can not Tribute Her with Gifts as often as you would like.

But we can all set aside more time for Her and SPREAD THE WORD OF HAYLEE …….and help Her to build the Empire that makes Her happy.Header2.jpg


If I might suggest to any readers of this blog who are out there and not already doing so……come to Our Goddess…….open Yourself to Her…….experience Her Bliss……..and as a fan, or a submissive, or even as Her perfect slave……….you will then understand………take a chance. Try Her you tube video here.  

And to those already happily under Her Spell……….remember please that we are the most Blessed………honestly people we are………each and every time we serve Her and make Her happy we experience our Ultimate pleasure in life as we do so.

Goddess Haylee Lynn Loves building Her Empire.     

I bow to You my Queen as I will always and forever do. Anything else that I may do in addition to what I already do for You I beg of You to simply tell me. As I Love You so I will serve You……..with all my heart and soul.

From my knees, at Your command, and forever,

Her slave now           Her slave for life