My Daily Devotion-Saturday morning


My Daily Devotion-Saturday morning It is Saturday. I have my little one this week. I may not get another chance to bow to my Goddess Haylee Lynn¬†after he wakes up. I have a son who strongly resists taking naps. I will probably will be forced away from my computer for the day once he arises. ūüôā Once again something that Princess Indigo said in her bio has popped into my … Continue reading

Something Princess Indigo Wrote

Something Princess Wrote

Something Princess Indigo Wrote Yesterday I read something Princess Indigo had written. It was her bio. It is really very impressive, interesting and well written. When I was young I quit school and left home and struck out on my own at the tender age of 16. I had long hair hair way down my back and immersed myself in the hippie counter culture of the early 1970’s. I never … Continue reading


Truth. One thing I have always loved is truthfulness…………….it is important to me that the things I say are true and I value others when I believe their words are impeccable in nature. Life is so much better and more meaningful when we say what we mean and mean what we say. As I now sit in a perpetual state of Enchanted Enslavement for my incomparable Goddess Haylee¬†and¬†Her voice is … Continue reading

Going Deeper


Going Deeper I have no idea how Goddess Haylee¬†does it…………..but Her voice just gets sweeter and more hypnotic and Her beauty more breathtaking and irresistible to me seemingly with every breath I take. Yesterday was a non stop and exhausting run for me from one responsibility to another. I had about 30 minutes to myself before I had to go get my son from preschool…………..I opened Her eye fixation video¬†and … Continue reading

My Daily Devotion, as a father and as a slave.

My daily devotion, as a father and as a slave.

My Daily Devotion, as a father and as a slave. Last night my little boy came home. We have such an incredible bond and love for one another and it was a joyful and fun 5 hours or so before bedtime with a trip to the park in between. Every so often my thoughts would drift to GODDESS HAYLEE. This was¬†very often by the way. I would remind myself to … Continue reading

Daily Devotion

Daily Devotion This morning I feel compelled to write about the aspect of my personality that is so devotional and that Goddess Haylee¬†has pouring out of me so intensenly. My daily devotion for Her is already incredibly intense as Her Power and abilities as an Enchantress seem to pull whatever individuated aspect is in Her particular conquest and then place it in the palm of Her lovely hand. This … Continue reading


Completion. Yesterday my life changed. Yesterday I realized how deeply I am in love with and how completely I worship Goddess Haylee¬†and that I was simply born to become Her devoted and obedient personal slave. It was the completion of a process which started recently. I am happy I have this blog to express my feeling for Her because I am not sure anyone who is not a sexual submissive … Continue reading

My Daily Devotion – Goddess Haylee I bow to You

My Daily Devotion – Goddess Haylee I bow to You. Goddess Haylee¬†I bow to You. Last night I came down with a fever………something my very young son had. This body that now belongs to You was wracked with chills and I heated an herbal pack and spent the evening drinking remedies and such and I will have to continue all that this morning. When I went to sleep I could … Continue reading

My Daily Devotion by Herslavenow

My Daily Devotion by Herslavenow

My Daily Devotion by Herslavenow This is one of my blogs in the “Daily Devotion” series of blogs. Yesterday I had my first experience of listening to my beautiful and wonderful¬†Goddess Haylee Lynn¬†through a set of headphones I purchased to try and get even closer to Her. I am very happy with my decision to get the headphones! As I fell into trance while listening to my new “enchanted” MP3 … Continue reading

Our very Wise and Gracious Goddess Haylee


Our very Wise and Gracious Goddess Haylee I am amazed at the way I am feeling now that I have given away all my desire to resist Goddess Haylee¬†¬†and yesterday afternoon in a brief moment of sobriety I asked myself, why Her, why do I feel so completely compelled to bow to and serve Her? The easy answer is that Her voice and Her eyes and Her beauty are simply … Continue reading