Two My Daily Devotion posts by Herslavenow

Two My Daily Devotion posts by Herslavenow

Two Daily Devotion posts by Herslavenow Two My Daily Devotion posts by Herslavenow, edited into one post by Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn. This post is another devotional for my Goddess Haylee Lynn whom I truly love and adore. I am quite under the weather still and going to keep this short. I need to close my eyes but still answer my phones when they ring. I do not feel like … Continue reading

My love for my Goddess

Emerald Eyes that Entrance and Enslave

My love for my Goddess I want to talk about is love. It is a word we use all the time. What is unusual about English is that we have only one word for it. In some languages they have many words for love. They have a word for erotic love, another word for the love you may feel for a member of your family, perhaps to a pet and … Continue reading

Rededicating my life to my Goddess Haylee Lynn

Interview With a Goddess.

Rededicating my life to my Goddess Haylee Lynn “Rededicating my life to my Goddess Haylee Lynn” is about rededicating myself to my Goddess Haylee Lynn and the realization that I have truly come home to Her and reached a very important destination in my life. Everything that is happening in my life these last several months seems to fit together so seamlessly now. I embarked on a mission a few … Continue reading

Pinks and Blues for Goddess Haylee’s Claudia

The Hike

This post is about my blossoming feminine alter ego Claudia and how much my Goddess Haylee is inspiring me to express myself as a woman. It is a very funny thing but I was always a boy’s boy as a child albeit a sensitive one. I excelled at and loved sports and never once enjoyed anything that might be considered “girlish” or feminine. As an adult my hobbies and interests have … Continue reading

Hike with Haylee.

The Hike

The Hike Synopsis. I had to decide. I could achieve a lifetime ambition and become state chess champion or I could go on a hike with Haylee. What was it to be? This is the second part of a story. If you haven’t already read it, please read part 1, “Speed Dating” first. A link to it is here,- So after meeting Haylee, I went home and dreamed of her. … Continue reading

The conduct of Her slave

Goddess Haylee Eye Fixation Video My fate is sealed

This post is about some of my recent conduct and my privilege to wear my Goddess Haylee Lynn’s collar and of trying to remain worthy to continue to do so. None of control circumstance in our lives…….shit happens as they say…….but each one of us IS responsible for our response to the shifting field of play we call life. And we will create consequence…… it positive or negative, consciously on … Continue reading

Our Goddess Haylee is Truly Divine

My daily devotion, as a father and as a slave.

This post is about our Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn of course and also about a new word I learned yesterday. Even though I am the collared slave of the most incomparable Goddess who walks this Earth……I can still recognize and appreciate another Superior Female when I see one. So I am a bit more than impressed with the lovely actress from Sherlock Holmes fame……Irene Adler and now I am following … Continue reading

Claudia is Hers now

This post is about the complete Ownership that Goddess Haylee just took of my alter ego Claudia. All day I have just about been unable to concentrate on anything but Her because She commanded me to wear my frilly pink panties………my body is tingling and my pussy stick is dripping. I am Claudia now any time that my Goddess Haylee Lynn wants me to be. I am Her bitch, Her … Continue reading

As a Man Thinketh

As a Man Thinketh This post is about my personal growth and Sovereignty mission and my Love for my Goddess Haylee Lynn and a personal dilemma regarding my darker side. This morning I am sitting down to blog wearing Her collar AND a beautiful pair of silk pink panties. They feel freaking wonderful and much more so because She commanded me to wear them for Her. There is just something … Continue reading

FemDom Fetish or Fantasy and dreams that come true

FemDom Fetish

FemDom Fetish or Fantasy and dreams that come true This post is about my FemDom Fetish and my lifelong fascination with powerful and seductive women. Yesterday a couple of things happened that I will note here today. I spoke about the beautiful IRENE ADLER who is not really a Dominatrix as far as I can tell……..she may be in her personal life but I have no clue……….but she is a … Continue reading