Advice on how to serve Goddess Haylee

Advice on how to serve Goddess Haylee, posted on May 23, 2016 by slavejohn.

Advice on how to serve Goddess Haylee. Advice on how to serve Goddess Haylee, posted on May 23, 2016 by slavejohn. I was approached by someone who was looking for my opinion and advice on how to go into hypnosis with Haylee and how following Haylee affected my life. I was flattered and glad to share. I thought others might appreciate it. I am only sharing my side of the conversation. And I certainly … Continue reading

Brainwashing Feels So Good

Brainwashing Feels So Good Laying on my bed. Flat on my back. Earbuds jammed in my ears. Listening to her voice. Her beautiful voice. Her lyrical voice. Her Divine voice… And her words. Her words are all true. She writes her words in place of my thoughts. I think only what she tells me to think. My mind is her tablet. Blank and ready to receive her Divine commandments. I have … Continue reading

Come Follow Haylee!

Come Follow Haylee! - In Her Service

Come Follow Haylee! After 20 years of being a Goddess, Haylee had not collected dozens of slaves – she had hundreds of slaves. She had amassed a fortune. All gratefully given from thankful slaves. Each house she bought was larger than the last. What had begun with a small group of devotees had become a personal empire. Goddess’ estate was large, she had acres of land and a second house that previous owners had used as quarters … Continue reading

I Am Home Now

I Am Home Now In a recent post TerryforHaylee said, “…I didn’t want to get to personal,” when referring to something he asked Goddess Haylee about. I don’t want to get caught up in that discussion here, but his comment made me think, “What The Fuck! I am more personal with the people here than I am with anyone else.” My friends here in Goddess Haylee’s world know me better than anyone else on … Continue reading

Who You Gonna Call?

Who You Gonna Call?

Who You Gonna Call? Empress Vox Siren has always scared me. Used to think that Vox was a kind of game Goddess Haylee played, like ’50 Shades of Gray.’ As long as you had a safe word you’d be fine. But I check out her site when I first came to Haylee, and realized it was no game. Vox is Haylee’s dark side. Is it because Haylee’s light side is so wonderful that … Continue reading

Resistance Is Futile

Resistance Is Futile - I Cannot Resist Such Beauty

Resistance Is Futile Once I start listening I am done for. She takes control. I lose all resistance. The problem is that sometimes I am distracted by thoughts of my life and my work. I didn’t think that was “resistance” but I am beginning to. I am seeing that resistance is anything that comes between my self and my Goddess. It turns out there are different types of resistance. “Self” is … Continue reading



Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis by Maddox Cruise. “Help me, I’m bound” I cry aloud, but my fainting pleas for help fall onto deaf ears. I fret, and i struggle to break free. For my current state is tight, and it is hard to breathe. As if I’m finding myself bound inside a cocoon. A state of metamorphosis to say the least. A state of going from one form, to another form. In … Continue reading

I Am a Sub to Goddess Haylee


I Am a Sub to Goddess Haylee I was drawn to other ‘hypnodoms’ before Haylee, but none of them ‘fit.’ The first time I saw Haylee’s videos and listened to her MP3s I was overwhelmingly drawn to her, but after only a couple of weeks I came to the realization I had to either commit my entire life to this person or get out. It scared the shit out of me and I ran away … Continue reading

How Haylee Claimed My Soul

How Haylee Claimed my Soul - Come With Me

How Haylee Claimed My Soul Goddess Haylee’s MP3 ‘You Love Me, You Need Me, You Crave to Please Me,’ ended and everything went quite. Relaxed, calm, I laid there completely satisfied, feeling Goddess’ bliss. In the back of my mind I felt Haylee’ presence. I gave into it and allowed her presence in my mind to grow. I heard myself saying, “I am ready for my chosen path. Show me … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee’s Secret World

Goddess Haylee’s Secret World …It was at that moment I felt there was someone behind me. I spun round and in the candlelight didn’t initially see anyone. There was someone seated on the throne. It was Haylee… “Hello my Sweet.” I was dumbfounded to be in her presence. I walked over to the mandala before her throne and assumed my rightful place – on my knees before my Goddess. Looking … Continue reading