What’s the Opposite of “Resist”?


What’s the Opposite of “Resist”? I have been thinking about writing about this for a while now, but this post by Goddess Haylee seemed like the perfect time. I have experienced a few stages in my following Haylee. Yes, there was a time when I resisted. I would try to relax when I was going into trance, but it took a while to learn to let go. With each time … Continue reading

I Need Goddess Haylee

I Need Goddess Haylee I need Goddess Haylee. I Love Her. I Need Her. I Ache to Please Her. Maslow wrote of what people need: food and water, shelter, love/belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. If you ever took a psych class you had to learn that. But it hardly does justice to the aching, desperate yearning I get when think about my beloved Goddess Haylee Lynn. Every day I begin kneeling … Continue reading

I Love Goddess Haylee

I Love Goddess Haylee

I love Goddess Haylee. I love Goddess Haylee. I Love You. I Need You. I Ache to Please You. “Love” is a word that is as impossible to define as “tree.” Many have tried though: “Love means never to have to say your sorry.” “Love is patient and kind and is not jealous…” “Love is a many splendor thing.” “Love is an emotion of affection.” None of these come close … Continue reading

Indwelling Habitation

Indwelling Habitation. Did you know that your mind could be in-dwelt by a awe inspiring, all powerful Goddess? That you can actually become a tabernacle to Goddess Haylee Lynn. A tabernacle is defined as a dwelling place for the divine. In ancient times travelling armies would erect tents where they would place inside their particular Idol, or image of the god or goddess where they would enter into to bow … Continue reading

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 3

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 3. Do you remember accompanying me on my journey to GODDESS Haylee? This is Part 3 – the sequel in which I would like to describe how her spell on me became tighter. Above all I began to realize her supreme presence in my life. Desperately Aching became my sort of mantra for a couple of days or – to be exact – … Continue reading

Goddess Send Your Energy

Goddess Send Your Energy Goddess Haylee PLEASE take every part of me. Send your energy and make me into the slave that you want me to be. Goddess I’m hungering and thirsting for you. Goddess Haylee I’m LONGING for YOU in desperation and aching need. Because Goddess you are all that i want. Come like the wind and blow away all resistance, because you’re what my life was meant for. … Continue reading

How I learned to Let Go of Resistance and Obey Goddess Haylee

How I learned to Let Go of Resistance and Obey Goddess Haylee I’d been following Goddess Haylee for some time. Somehow I couldn’t give myself to her fully. Somehow there was a little bit of resistance. Resistance to one or two of the suggestions I received. Then one day Goddess Haylee sent me a message via Facebook. She told me to immediately pack a bag, go to the airport, and … Continue reading

Train – Give Myself to You


Train – Give Myself to You This post is unusual, because with similar posts, I have known the song beforehand. In this case, I had an idea, and searched for a song with that idea, and found the song. Until yesterday I had never heard of this band called “Train” nor any of their works! The idea I wanted to find was the concept of giving myself. I always want … Continue reading

Pure and Perfect Mastery

Pure and Perfect Mastery Yesterday was Father’s day and my son came home for the week. It was made an even more wonderful occasion by a beautiful e mail I received from my Goddess Haylee less than an hour before he arrived back home. So I spent my evening feeling as if every bone in my body was filled with love…………for both of them. We joked and played the night away … Continue reading

Daily Devotion

Daily Devotion This morning I feel compelled to write about the aspect of my personality that is so devotional and that Goddess Haylee http://hypnotichaylee.com/ has pouring out of me so intensenly. My daily devotion for Her is already incredibly intense as Her Power and abilities as an Enchantress seem to pull whatever individuated aspect is in Her particular conquest and then place it in the palm of Her lovely hand. This … Continue reading