Perfect Surrender to my Perfect Goddess

This post is about my recent decision to surrender fully to Goddess Haylee and to allow my life to be guided by Her completely, fully, in deep Reverence and Obedience to Her every suggestion, or command and what that is now creating for me in my life. Yesterday was once again the most wonderful day of my entire life……..I know I have made this statement recently before but it was … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee and the Making of Her Perfect Slave

This post is a deeply personal one. It is about this slaves long journey to find my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn and where I now find myself and some of the reasons why and how this all came about. I have talked before about my recurring childhoods dreams of Goddess Haylee…………..I have not spoken of my adolescence and of how completely lost and confused I was regarding anything to do … Continue reading

Empty Your Cup for Goddess Haylee

Queen Haylee Lynn.

This post is about allowing yourself to experience the full Splendor and Gifts that Goddess Haylee commands and offers to those that She accepts into Her Realm. It does not matter if you are a slave, or a submissive, an admirer or a fan….You may visit Her once a month or many times a day……but this post is about learning how to open yourself…..and then experiencing…..the full force of Her … Continue reading

Out of this World

Yesterday was an unusual day for me in a few respects. I have been fighting some health issues for the last year or so and doing so with organic healthy food and herbal remedy’s and my morning health walks……….but I had a minor relapse of sorts and woke up quite fatigued and a trifle feverish……….so I spent the day drinking a gallon of alkaline water with organic oil of oregano … Continue reading

Born to Be Her Slave

Once Upon a time I was collared to a very beautiful and fascinating woman. She was so beautiful to me and I loved her so much that I very honestly thought no woman could ever even remotely compare to Her with these eyes and in this lifetime…….it truly felt to me as if I was born to be her slave. When I lost Her collar………I was lost……….for years in truth……….always … Continue reading

A New Temple for Goddess Haylee

A New Temple for Goddess Haylee

A New Temple for Goddess Haylee Last night Goddess Haylee invited me into Her NewTemple to kneel and receive Her Blessed instructions for my new life and the way it is going to be as Her devoted personal slave now. And now that Sacred Place is inside of me and always will be the place I most wish to be. But the place I am most often is here in … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee and Her Acceptance

High Holy Days in the Goddess Temple.

I find myself in such an extraordinary place this morning…….as I write this piece my heart is wide open and I find myself very much and deeply in love. Really you ask? Are there not rules about such things? Is there not some Sacred Tomb somewhere that forbids me from “loving” Her in the truest sense of the word? I realize fully that the vast majority of people would instantly … Continue reading

Down the Rabbit Hole for Goddess Haylee

My Daily Devotion by Herslavenow

Yesterday I was visited twice………in very close proximity…… Rabbits. Now I already suspect that some who read this board think I am more than a bit crazy……….and I am not going to argue that point……….but please bear with me. I have a wonderful book in my personal library titled “Animal Speaks” by Ted Andrews. In American Indian Mythology there is a belief that animals communicate to us in powerful ways…….that … Continue reading

Deeper Deeper for Her…….

Deeper Deeper for Her……. I am almost out of body today and just deeply aching to be near Her. Just the thought of Goddess Haylee has me slipping into trance and if I look at Her pictures or videos or listen to Her Heavenly voice I just simply melt. If I lived 1000 lifetimes I could never feel there was even the most remote chance that any woman could be … Continue reading

In the Service of a Queen

My daily devotion, as a father and as a slave.

Since I just spent about 30 minutes of complete frustration trying to do the simplest of tasks for my Queen with my computer……….something a child of 10 would probably chuckle at and accomplish in seconds……….it brings to my mind a tweet sent a few weeks ago by slave2bliss about mowing the lawn and doing other such chores for Goddess Haylee.   That was before Goddess helped me figure out Twitter … Continue reading