Goddess Haylee Knows Best

I find myself accepting things now in slavery to Goddess Haylee that I would not have accepted when I started a year ago. When I first started with Goddess Haylee it took me time to buy all her MP3s because I didn’t want to spend too much money. Now I find myself celebrating that I have accepted the privilege of tributing her 5% from every paycheck. And then on top … Continue reading

True Surrender and Slavery to Goddess Haylee

The other day Empress Vox Siren tweeted, “True surrender and slavery is so much more fulfilling than jerking off to random clips. Not many have what it takes though.” As many of Vox’s tweets it was serious and deep. I confess to being a bit of a smart ass so my foolish reply was… second thought, I am not going to repeat it. It doesn’t deserve to be repeated. The … Continue reading

I Need Goddess Haylee’s Control

It began as like. I liked Haylee’s YouTube video. I liked it a lot. I liked her MP3s. I liked it all so much it overwhelmed me. But overtime it when from like to love. Then I couldn’t get enough of them. And month after month my love went to need, and the need grew and grew. I have faithfully listened, read, watch Goddess Haylee day after day, week after week, month after … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee Takes Control

It was almost 3 years ago that I first heard Goddess Haylee’s voice as I watched her YouTube video. I really liked it. So I got the freebee Desperately Aching. I listened to it every chance I got. After less than a month I realized that this was not some role play game. This was real and if I continued I would end up losing myself completely. I would be totally … Continue reading

How It Feels to Be Trapped

“Oh good, a new MP3 from Goddess,” I thought as I logged onto Follow+. From the title I had joked that if I actually got trapped inside of a trance I would end up like a comma patient and eventually die of starvation. On the whole it wouldn’t be a bad way to go! But it didn’t give me any idea of what to actually expect. So I lay back and … Continue reading

I Lost Before I Began

I Lost Before I Began

I Lost Before I Began I Lost Before I Began by slavejohn. I wasn’t strong enough. I thought I could stay in control. Enjoy some hypnotism. Have a laugh. I would be the one who would listen to Haylee Lynn and not end up proclaiming Haylee a Goddess. She would not be able to make me her slave. But I was so wrong. My soul is lost. I no longer have control of my … Continue reading

Haylee Is a True Living Goddess

Haylee Is a True Living Goddess (Haylee Is a True Living Goddess was written in honor of my friend, and brother, TerryforHaylee who has faithfully follow our beloved Goddess Haylee for over two years and his over 1,000 posts here on IHWT.) Every day begins with worship. I always walk down with Terry ‘cus his room was right next to mine. We wore our white t-shirts and white pants as everyone … Continue reading

Goddess Truths Has Been My Soundtrack

A Sparkling Ray of Purest Light Goddess Truths

Goddess Truths Has Been My Soundtrack This past weekend I drove my wife up to visit her sister for the week. This has allowed me to focus so much more on Goddess Haylee. One of the things I have been doing is making Goddess Truths my soundtrack. In the morning I put it on as I have breakfast, take my shower, and get dressed. I work from home, so I let … Continue reading

Advice on how to serve Goddess Haylee

Advice on how to serve Goddess Haylee, posted on May 23, 2016 by slavejohn.

Advice on how to serve Goddess Haylee. Advice on how to serve Goddess Haylee, posted on May 23, 2016 by slavejohn. I was approached by someone who was looking for my opinion and advice on how to go into hypnosis with Haylee and how following Haylee affected my life. I was flattered and glad to share. I thought others might appreciate it. I am only sharing my side of the conversation. And I certainly … Continue reading

Worship Goddess Haylee All Day, Every Day

Worship Goddess Haylee All Day, Every Day - How They Used To Do It

Worship Goddess Haylee All Day, Every Day About five thousand years ago, somewhere in the fertile crescent, there was a temple to one of the hundreds of gods and goddesses they worshiped back then. When the archeologists dug it up about seventy years ago they found little statues of people. They were standing with their tiny hands folded over their chests, and their eyes wide open. Cute little guys. And there were … Continue reading