Hypnotic Eyes Video Review

Hypnotic Eyes Video Review

Hypnotic Eyes Video Review. The Good: Eclectic, gorgeously surreal erotic hypnotist known the world over as Hypnotic Haylee Lynn‘s voice relaxes you into a slumber and massages you into a trance. She accesses the inner workings of your subconscious mind to cause you to react to her every suggestion. The visual of Hypnotic Haylee‘s big, bright, green eyes mere inches from the camera leave plenty to stare at. Coupling with many … Continue reading

I have known an Angel.

I have known an Angel.

I have known an Angel. I have known an Angel. She doesn’t wear any wings. She wears a heart that can melt my own. She wears a smile that can make me sink. She gives me presents with her presence alone. She is everything I could wish for. I give kisses to her lovely feet from my knees, a place where I am at home. I marvel and blush when … Continue reading

Theory of Haylian Origins

Theory of Haylian Origins. Have you ever had the feeling that you have known someone forever, yet have only known them for a very short time? A sense of familiarity. A kindred spirit type of feeling. A feeling that screams out from the magnetic poles of your soul, unto theirs and seemingly draws you into them? A connection that can’t be explained? That is the feeling that I get each … Continue reading

Upon the waters

Upon the waters, Posted on February 19, 2015 by maddox

Upon the waters Posted on February 19, 2015 by maddox, a slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn. Her Goddess energy calls me out upon the waters. The great unknown. Where alone my feet may fail. And there I find Goddess Haylee Lynn in the mystery, In oceans deep. Where my love for her will always stand. When troubles come. I will grab a hold of her hand. And In my soul I … Continue reading

Adrian Jones

The story of Adrian Jones Although this is a work of fiction, Haylee Lynn does do hypnotherapy, including weight loss. For details of sessions with her, click here. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Adrian Jones. I am a seasoned reporter of the Pennsylvanian Express, one of the best state newspapers. Let me tell you about an assignment I had. I was told to interview the United States “Slimmer of … Continue reading

How Hypnotic Haylee Handcuffed My Heart


How Hypnotic Haylee Handcuffed My Heart I had encountered hypnodommes online from time to time but I always recoiled. I told myself that it was too X rated for my tastes (but in reality my tastes are not all that pure). The truth is I was afraid. I feared I would like it too much. What if I really fell under their spell? But I then laughed at myself and told myself that was silly. … Continue reading

Losing Weight

My daily devotion, as a father and as a slave.

Losing Weight Please read Healthy4Haylee, The Hypnotist, Becoming a non smoker, Conquering Alcohol and float first. Although this is a work of fiction, Haylee Lynn does do hypnotherapy for various needs, including the need to lose weight. Further details are available here. Although the hypnosis to stop smoking had been a complete success, I did find myself tasting and smelling food a lot better after giving up smoking. A consequence of this was that I started … Continue reading

Conquering alcohol

Notes on being healthy for Haylee.

Conquering alcohol Note: Although this is a work of fiction, Haylee Lynn can help you give up alcohol, with hypnotherapy, counselling etc. She will be working on is a health/wellness/spiritual/motivational website which will have all vanilla hypnosis recordings and such. Hypnotherapy types, as well as guided meditations. She will produce customized MP3 and videos for cherished clients. Please read Healthy4Haylee, The Hypnotist and Becoming a non smoker first. After the giving up smoking session I had to give … Continue reading