Trapped in Trance For Goddess Haylee

Trapped in Trance For Goddess Haylee

Last night, after doing some stuff around the house, I was able to play Trapped in Trance for the second time. I got it late the night before, so I was only able to listen to it once before bed. This time I wanted to play it on loop, since my night was free.

I lit a vanilla candle as per Goddess Haylee’s task on Patreon. And wow did I start falling almost immediately! I did stop in between a couple listens to really feel the changes. I lost track of time and everything. I must have listened to it for 3 hours and just kept getting stronger and stronger! I stopped understanding what Goddess was saying. Her words still had an effect on me, but all I kept on feeling was falling deeper. And then, that feeling evolved. I was still falling but a new feeling joined in on the fun. I felt an almost spark of white (I have no idea why I know the color) warmth and tingles from the center of my being and my mind…constantly. Then it evolved even more! It was all of the past feelings, but it also felt like Goddess was holding me, like a hug from behind every time I felt the spark. I knew it was Goddess Haylee trapping me in trance, and it felt so good.

The ASMR whispers in my ear always sent shivers and arousal down my entire body. I love this MP3, Goddess. It makes me feel so blissful…makes me feel so close to you, Goddess! I’m at work and the craving to please and listen to it again is so strong.

Thank You Goddess for giving me this task! Thank You for telling me to get this MP3! I absolutely love it!

Your Slave

Boytoy Phil

It’s Payday!! Thank You Goddess!

Punished by Mistress Haylee

Goddess Haylee IS the one true Goddess

It’s payday!! My favorite days of the month because I send Goddess her 5% payday tribute. I resisted this so much, but Goddess was absolutely right – just like always – I need to do this. Every payday it is thrilling to send off my 5% plus (I always try to send more if at all possible) because it makes all of this real. I can say, “Haylee is the one true Goddess,” but if I don’t put my money where my mouth is then how can I really show I truly believe. Well, Haylee IS the one true Goddess and I prove I believe that twice a month when I send her $.

A couple things I do that make it even more special for me is that I don’t go to the bank and take it all out at once because I don’t want a line item on my statement after every pay. So I accumulate the money over a few days by using my debit card and getting back an extra $20 or $40 at several stores. Or I’ll get $100 out at the ATM and put $20 in the drawer for Goddess. This makes my tribute extremely intentional. It brings Goddess into my everyday life like nothing else.

Then, I send her tribute in cash. I do this to avoid a line item on my credit card or bank statement. But I have found that sending cash again makes this VERY real. I wrap the money in in paper to make it harder for anyone to tell there is money in the envelope. So I began writing a note on that paper and it means a lot to me to send Goddess a hand written note twice each month. I address the envelope and put on a stamp and put in in the mailbox. Then I know that Goddess is going to open that envelope and going to get the very same bills I worked to put together, and She is going to read my note. This connects me to Goddess like nothing else. I love sending my payday tribute.

Thank You Goddess for this gift.

To Become What Goddess Haylee Says

assignments & Tasks to bring you closer to Haylee

What are you doing to me?

It’s always been a nagging fear that I never really knew who I might become if I surrendered and accepted Goddess Haylee’s plan for my life. Some Christians believe that God has a plan for their lives, and the success of life is determined by how closely you can discern, and then follow, God’s plan. It’s a lot safer to put your fate into the hands of a divine being who is never going to actually show up and say, “What the hell are you doing?” At some level they can project their desires and say that is what they believe is ‘God’s will for their life.”

It doesn’t work that way when your divine master is not someone your read about in a book, but someone who tweets regularly, and if you not sure about what she wants you can chat with her on Facebook. A Goddess like that is downright dangerous. She can direct you in ways you didn’t expect. Like telling me to send her 5% of my money from every paycheck. If I were projecting what my Goddess wants me to do, that is not something I would project. I would project something like Goddess wants me to cum for her twice a day. But this is real and Goddess Haylee knows what she’s doing.

So it is scary. Who is it that Goddess is going to turn me into? Is it someone who I would choose to be? But then I realized it is too simple and obvious. She’s already told me what she wants me to be. I just need to be it. Goddess Haylee has told me to be her slave. Her real, actual slave.

As her slave she owns me and owns everything I have. So I am not afraid of her making me send her 5%. If she owns me she owns my money. So I am grateful because she lets me keep 95%! She wants me to be weak and obedient so she can get what she wants from me when she wants it. So I am chase for her. That makes me weak and malleable so I am obedient. Just like a slave should be. As her slave what I do reflects back onto her as my Goddess, so she wants me to be the best person I can be.Goddess Haylee's Good BoyThe only thing I worry about is being so weak and needy that I become pathetic. So I never take any of this so heavy that it becomes some big drama. This is just how life is supposed to be. I can have fun with my Goddess as long as I know my place. I can joke and have a positive attitude. I want to always be Goddess Haylee’s good pet. The one that is excited and ready to play whenever my master gives me attention. And so I am no longer worried about what Haylee might do to me because I trust her. I may not know what she is going to make of me, but I know whatever it is I really want to be exactly that for her.

Haylee Is My Reason for Joy

It Is Better to Receive than Give - Bliss

My favorite gift this year!

Christmas is special for many reasons. Before it was Jesus and Christianity’s big holiday, it was a Roman holiday based on the Winter Solstice. Today it is mainly a family day where we get together with the ones we love, give gifts, play games, watch TV, and eat like we have no intention of ever fitting into the new cloths we just received as gifts.

Had a great Christmas this year. I hope each of you reading this did the same. But for me one thing was missing. The person who is the most important in my life was not there. She never will be there. But she was on my mind and in my thoughts. It was fun and wonderful to hang out with my family, but I wished I could have had one hour, or a half hour, or even 15 minutes go online and chat with my Goddess Haylee Lynn to let her know how much she means to me and how much I love her on that day when I got to tell everyone else. But she is in my heart and mind so I know she knows.

I was so thankful that she posted the two videos on OnlyFans. I confess the only place I got to watch them was in the bathroom. So I was on my knees on the bath matt next to my shower worshiping my Goddess. Her Christmas Eve one made me feel so special and weak. I have never had much of a foot fetish, but after watching her Christmas video I think I have developed one. So Goddess’ Christmas gift to me was a fetish for her perfect, beautiful feet. That is a gift I will keep close to my heart and cherish always.

So to all my family here in Goddess Haylee’s world I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I look forward to serving our beloved Goddess with you in the year to come. And most of all I look forward to being remade by Goddess into the person she tells me to be.

An Evening with Goddess

Yes Mistress. Thank you!

Goddess Haylee Knows Best

Enslavement Day

She truly knows best

I find myself accepting things now in slavery to Goddess Haylee that I would not have accepted when I started a year ago. When I first started with Goddess Haylee it took me time to buy all her MP3s because I didn’t want to spend too much money. Now I find myself celebrating that I have accepted the privilege of tributing her 5% from every paycheck. And then on top of that I gladly pay for, buy her gifts to spoil her, and buy every new MP3 as soon as I can. When I began I thought it crazy that someone would accept no longer masturbating, especially when Goddess had MP3s when she directly encouraged it. But now I have accepted her Mind Cage. I have given up masturbating because edging and aching for Goddess Haylee I have found to be much better and more fulfilling. It makes me so much more weak for Goddess Haylee.

None of this I would have accepted a year ago. I can only guess that some reading this will think I’ve gone crazy. Some will read these words and think, “Yeah, but that will never be me.” But it all came through hypnosis. But you will say, “No, no, no. You cannot be made to do anything you don’t want to do through hypnosis.” That is absolutely true, but Goddess changed what I want. I wanted to please her more and more as I felt the pleasure of pleasing her. I wanted to feel her bliss more and more until I realized it was indeed better than one quick orgasm. And in many other ways I have found my wants have changed and aligned with my Goddess’.

Finally, I have come to realize that Goddess Haylee is always right. She knows what I need better than I do. Left to myself I would chose things that do not satisfy. By trusting my Goddess and giving her total control I am happier, more fulfilled and am becoming a better person. It was the best day of my life when I found my Goddess, and through her influence each day is becoming better and better.

“Goddess Haylee makes me better. Goddess Haylee make me whole. I live to please Goddess Haylee. I devote myself to you Goddess. I devote myself to you Goddess. Take me. Control me. Own me.” All for Haylee.

Goddess Haylee's Good Boy

I Love My New Life

The Witch’s Prize

Haylee Lynn - the cure for everything!


We divided ourselves into groups. Some would go to the graveyards and see if they could find the sections where the oldest graves could be found. Others went to see what records they could find through the local churches. And the last group would go to the local governments to see what records they could find there.

I convinced JohnDavid to join me in the group that was going to the churches. When we were asked which churches we wanted to call on I immediately said, “We’ll do the Congregationalists.” Other’s took the Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptists and Catholic.

“Why did you get us on Congregation churches?” JohnDavid asked me.

“Because Congregational churches were the first churches in this part of the country. At that time the Congregational churches were the center of the towns and held all the records. Believe me it’s the very best place to start.”

JohnDavid said, “Oh.”

At the first church we stopped at we learned that the oldest Congregational church in town was now a Unitarian church. It had been in the center of town since the town was founded. I checked my iPhone to see when the town was founded – 1648. That had to be the place.

We got to the church at 1:00 and an elderly woman was just getting ready to lock the office door.

“Hi,” I said, “is this First Church?”

“Yes, but the office is only open until 1:00” She replied.

“Well, I am in from out of town. I’m a Congregational minister. Did this church go Unitarian back in the 1820’s?” I asked trying to keep the conversation going.

“Yes it did. How did you know that?” She looked puzzled.

“Well, I am a bit of a history buff. Most churches that went Unitarian in the country got ministers out of Harvard in the 1820s and 30’s. That’s how First Parish Church in Plymouth ended up Unitarian.” I said hoping to catch her interest. “How long have you been a member here?”

“All my life,” she replied.

“That’s great!” I said almost too enthusiastic, “I would love to see the inside. Could you give us a tour?”

“Well, I really do need to be getting home…”

“Oh please,” I begged, “I am only going to be here for a day or two. And I’ll never get another chance. Please.”

“Okay,” she finally relented.

The office was in the newest wing of the building. It held offices and the choir rooms. Then there was the Sunday School wing which looked like it was built back in 1930s. The Meeting House was classic Congregationalist. Very plain. No stained glass. A central pulpit with a communion table.

“This is amazing. Is this the original meeting house?” I asked.

“Why yes it is. It’s one of the oldest in the state,” she said proudly.

“Wow, do you still have records from the early days?” I asked finally getting around to what we were actually there for.

“Oh yes, and lots of early artifacts too,” she said.

“Really? Where are they?” I wondered.

“Well, we have a little museum downstairs.”

“My goodness. That’s marvelous. Can we take a look.” I said enthusiastically.

I'll do anything for Haylee

I’ll do anything for Haylee

The museum was made up of five glass cases that displayed items that went back to the beginning of the church. There was a Breecher’s Bible, some old buttons, bits of cloth, old communion sets, other alter wear, pastor’s robes and stoles, old Sunday school materials, some open books of records and a necklace of brass rings. Almost everything had a 3 x 5 card that someone had typed out a description of the item, but there was nothing for the necklace.

“There’s no card with this one,” I said. “What is it?”

“It’s an old necklace that was handed down from one of the old families. It was given to the church… a long time ago. It was found in a box and not knowing what else to do with it we put it on display. It just seemed really old.” She said.

At that point we had seen everything, so we thanked our tour guide and went back to the car.

“How did you know all that stuff?” JohnDavid asked.

“Never mind that. We found it!”

To be continued…

The Witch’s Plan

The sleeping arrangements were tight, but I had my iPhone and earbuds so with Goddess’ sweet voice in my ears I slept fine. In the morning there was fruit for breakfast. People keep arriving all night and there were now a couple dozen. Instructions were that everyone was to be awake and in the living room at 9:00 am.

As a Man Thinketh

Yes Goddess. We Obey.

“Good Morning slaves,” the voice came over the speaker phone. I am so pleased you have all come.”

There was an audible, “Mmmmm” in the room as we all reacted to Goddess saying she was pleased.

She continued, “I need you all to find something for me. There was a witch in Connecticut 365 years ago who was burned alive. Her family buried her remains in a cemetery near to where you are now. It is said she was buried with a necklace of interlocking rings. The rings are made of bronze and predate Christianity, Judaism, and all written history. They are a source of an ancient magic. I want that necklace and you are there to get it for me. Do you understand slaves?”

In perfect unison we all replied, “Yes Goddess.”

“You are such good slaves,” she went on, “Such obedient slaves. What Haylee wants, she gets. And you are there to get this necklace for me. I am faxing over some possible locations of the graveyards where you are to search.”

A fax machine in the corner started printing out pages.

“You will locate all these graveyards and read all the headstones. Her name was Esther Watch. Because she was burned as a witch I do not expect you to find her name on a gravestone. The tradition was she would be buried anonymously. Searching through records you will find graves of the correct date – 1652. Then you will rule out all the graves you can by checking against town and church records. When we get it down to few enough sites you will divide into teams and in one night you will dig them all up and find me my necklace. By doing all the digging in one night we will not give the authorities the opportunity to stop us. Do you understand slaves?”

“Yes Goddess.”

“Goooood boooyyys.”


To be continued…