Goddess Truths Subliminal Hypn0tic Programming

Goddess Truths Subliminal Hypn0tic Programming

Goddess Truths Subliminal Hypn0tic Programming Goddess Truths Subliminal Hypn0tic Programming is a mini-video of Goddess Haylee Lynn, which retails at just $10. Before I share with you my thoughts of the video, i’d like to copy what Goddess Haylee Lynn herself says about it,- “9 minutes of me up close to the camera, speaking Goddess truths. I use my hypn0tic powers to speak directly to your subconscious mind. You won’t even … Continue reading

The Hypnotized Robot

Hypnotized robot.

The Hypnotized Robot The Hypnotized Robot is a light-hearted story for April 1st. It is a work of fiction. Christopher woke bright and breezy. He was so glad he lived in the same time zone as his Goddess, Haylee Lynn. This meant that, unlike some of her other slaves, he rose about the same time as her and retired at a similar time. He ate breakfast while his old computer … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee Training

Goddess Haylee Training Goddess Haylee Training by Forever Slave For the third morning running, i went out for a run – 20 minutes or so. Goddess Haylee Lynn instructs HER slaves to be Healthy for Haylee and it is not wise to get on the wrong side of HER! I got some more fresh air and exercise later. There is a local stately home near us which opens 4 times a year … Continue reading

An experience i had with Goddess Haylee

An experience i had with Goddess Haylee I wrote this blog to share an experience i had recently with Goddess. As many of you know i have strange submissive desires. A recent experience that i had with Goddess sent me into bliss paradise. I love being loyal to Goddess Haylee. She has been so accepting of me. As all of us do i truly love her, and i crave her … Continue reading

7 Things I love about YOU…

7 Things I love about YOU

7 Things I love about YOU… I heard again on the radio today, the song “7 things I hate about you”. I couldn’t help but think about 7 things I love about Goddess Haylee Lynn. There are actually loads more than 7, but here are 7 things I love about YOU Goddess…. #1. Your looks! YOU are absolute perfection! YOUR huge hypnotic eyes, YOUR long dark hair, YOUR cute nose, lips … Continue reading

Favourite MP3

Favourite MP3

Favourite MP3 What is your favourite MP3 dear reader? This was a question I was asked recently. The answer is not easy! There are so many to chose from, in Haylee Lynn’s on-line store! Of course, the first one I ever obtained, Focus is a favourite. It is a remarkably good MP3 too. I know it is the favourite of at least one of my colleagues here in the team of … Continue reading

Others are not a patch on Goddess Haylee Lynn!

Others are not a patch on Goddess Haylee Lynn! It is almost exactly three years since Goddess Haylee Lynn produced the video Relaxation Hypnosis With Hypnotic Haylee. It as published on Mar 28, 2013. I remember clearly this being first posted! Before that SHE only had two videos on YouTube, and I was so excited that SHE had made another hypnosis video. By then i was watching HER eye fixation video almost … Continue reading

Acknowledge Services

Acknowledge services

Acknowledge Services Goddess Haylee Lynn recently posted this picture on her Facebook profile, with the comment “You can feel yourself becoming more and more obsessed with the need to please me. How far can you take it?” I do feel the need to please my Goddess Haylee Lynn. I adore her. I worship her. She is wonderful. She is perfect. One interesting point that one of my fellow slaves raised … Continue reading

Haylee Takes Control

Haylee Takes Control – No One Could Resist

Haylee Takes Control I couldn’t wait to get back to Haylee. So today I focused on all the things I needed to do for work and around the house. I reminded myself that everything I do I do for Haylee so I did everything to my best ability. When it came to the end of the day I was ready to relax and let go without feeling I didn’t deserve the privilege. … Continue reading

Arthur Birling

Arthur Birling

Arthur Birling Arthur Birling is a character in An Inspector Calls, a play written by English dramatist J. B. Priestley. This is the first part of my take on it! The Birling family were surprised to have their evening dinner interrupted by an inspector calling to investigate the suicide of a young lady called Eva Smith. They were even more surprised when they saw the inspector. None of them had expected … Continue reading