You’re my world, you’re every breath I take

Emerald Eyes that Entrance and Enslave

You’re my world, you’re every breath I take By Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn. i heard the Cilla Black version of this song on the car radio today, and i thought to myself, “That is exactly how i feel about Haylee Lynn, my Goddess, my Mistress, my Hypnotist, my everything. She really is my everything, my every breath I take. I particularly like the line “Other eyes see the … Continue reading

Window Shopping with my Goddess Haylee

Goddess Worship Week Video Reviewed

This post is about something my mentor always calls “looking” and the spiritual truth that those who are “looking” are those that have not *found*. I had a bit of time a few weeks back when I was grappling with a form of insecurity about my place with my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn and I began shopping around the place……”looking”…….for a TS lover or some such diversion. That all seems … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee and Her Shining Light

This post is about how much I honestly love the Light side of my Goddess Haylee Lynn. For me personally I just marvel at Her inner beauty and it is a huge part of what is driving my love and devotion for Her. Yesterday our Goddess wrote a very wise and beautiful piece on acceptance and self esteem on Her facebook page. We live in a culture that is so many … Continue reading

Tribute Goddess Haylee

Tribute Goddess Haylee

Tribute Goddess Haylee “Tribute Goddess Haylee” is about my growing feelings on the importance of paying Tribute to my Goddess Haylee Lynn. I have never been very impressed by the concept of “financial domination” to be perfectly honest. Having been involved in the wonderful world of Dominant Women for about 30 years now I can say I never even heard the term back in the old days as it was … Continue reading

Mercy or more Torture for my Goddess Haylee?


This post is about what my Goddess and Queen will decide regarding what I may or may not do with Her property today. There was a slight indication about “Monday” a few days ago……..but I will take no liberty’s and make no assumptions about what will please my Owner now or ever. To be perfectly honest……….I do not think I have ever experienced a happier or more fulfilling weekend in … Continue reading

All for my Goddess Haylee Lynn

Arya's Beautiful Offer

This post is about a film I watched last night and about the new privileges and honors granted to me by my Queen and Owner my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn and is also a correction and clarification regarding terminology I used yesterday. Firstly, it seems I was in error to use the word “cuckold”. I always thought that meant strict ownership of a mans cock and his rights to use … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee and Her Cuckold Slave


Goddess Haylee and Her Cuckold Slave “Goddess Haylee and Her Cuckold Slave” is about surrendering my rights and privileges to orgasm to my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn and why I did so yesterday and what it means to me. My interest and desire to become Her cuckold slave has been something I have thought about and considered for a great many years. It is something that before yesterday I never had … Continue reading

The Witch Queen and the Wizards Apprentice Chapter 1

High Holy Days in the Goddess Temple.

The post is the first chapter of my story of a young man finally finding his life long dream and the realization that the ending of any Quest is simply the starting point for another. The Wizard sighed…………in the several thousand years of this incarnation he had been witness far too often to the demise of young men seeking favor with the Witch Queen…… be worthy of Her affection was … Continue reading

Photographs of princess indigo devoted pet of Hypnotic Haylee

Photographs of princess indigo devoted pet of Hypnotic Haylee Hypnotic Haylee princess indigo at Her feet princess indigo and Hypnotic Haylee in the great hall My fitness Pal– Healthy4Haylee Twitter– Please feel free to comment on Photographs of princess indigo devoted pet of Hypnotic Haylee

My Dreams and Goddess Haylee

My daily devotion, as a father and as a slave.

This post is about my dreams and how my journey with Goddess Haylee is in part shaped by them and also about how who She truly is and what Her dreams are is recasting them as well.   I absolutely love it when other slaves/submissives/fans of our Goddess chime in with thoughts, feelings and the like. Goddess Haylee has attracted a highly intelligent and very interesting “stable” of admirers and … Continue reading