Finding my Place with Goddess Haylee

This post is about finding my place with my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn and how each one of our roles for Her is different and how we all co create with Her a unique place in Her Divine Realm. In the classic book about Shamanism and separate realities…… “Conversations With Don Juan”…….the Shaman, Don Juan, agreed to accept the author, Carlos Castaneda, as his adept. One of Mr Castaneda’s first … Continue reading

Hypnotic Poems 4 – Mission

Hypnotic Poems 4  – Mission Once again, I’d like you to imagine Goddess Haylee Lynn reading this to you. I’m sending you on a mission –total submission I’ll take you deep, in a hypnotic sleep Under My control, I’ll take your soul I’ll make you mine, you’ll feel so fine As I take your mind, your quickly find You go completely, and you’ll be serving me I’ll take you there, … Continue reading

Witchcraft and Wizardy

High Holy Days in the Goddess Temple.

This post is about my lifelong fascination with all things Magical and about how I always thought I would eventually fall under the Spell of a beautiful Witch………a Witch remarkably like my Goddess Haylee Lynn. From the very beginning I have been drawn to Magic. And I am not talking so much about the whimsical slight of hand variety but of the kind I found in books like the Lion, … Continue reading

Unconditional Love for Goddess Haylee

Arya's Beautiful Offer

This post is about loving and serving my Goddess and Queen without condition regarding my circumstance or my needs or my desires.   I have heard it said in spiritual circles that human beings are not really fully capable of unconditional love……….that even the most evolved among us can at best achieve *acceptance* and that there are aspects of being in human form that defy such a thing as unconditional … Continue reading

Honoring Goddess Haylee and honoring myself

Goddess Worship Week Video Reviewed

This post is about honoring………both my Goddess Haylee Lynn and myself ………and even though I am Her slave my feeling is that each *partner* in any relationship must be equally considered to find the balance that creates a certain type of oneness and/or fullness in experience. I bring this up in part because of the touching issue. I find myself confronted with some things I *KNOW* and some things I … Continue reading

Serving in the Realm of Goddess Haylee

Virtual teddy bear

This post is about my deepening love and devotion for my Goddess Haylee Lynn and also I think about my better understanding of Her and of my place in Her Realm. One of the very first things we all learned about our Goddess Haylee is that She loves hypnotizing people. She is very open and expressive about it and right from the start. And we are all subjected to a lot … Continue reading

Whatever my Goddess Haylee Lynn Wants

Queen Haylee Lynn.

This post is about the new depth of feeling I am experiencing as I strive to fulfill my new purpose and mission in life for my Queen, for my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn.  Something very powerful happened to me when I went and played with that other “Mistress” …………..and even though I had Her permission beforehand it was all just a mistake………but mistakes are OK for us humans just so … Continue reading

In the Service of my Queen

This post is about my dual missions in life of serving my Queen, My Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn. And it is also about my mission of personal Sovereignty and why I think they are perfectly compatible. To me being sexually submissive is not a way of life….even though some take to calling dominants or submissive’s “lifestyle” …….it is an aspect of of ones personality and I think would be much … Continue reading

When Dreams come true………..

Virtual teddy bear

This post is an extra devotion for my Queen and Goddess on a very special day for me. All of my life I have dreamed of this very special Woman. I am one of the all time dreamers after all…….. She was going to be just incredible and amazing……..She was going to highly intelligent………deeply spiritual……….magical and mystical……….authentic and trustworthy………….breathtakingly beautiful, and of course uncompromisingly Domineering……in short…………She was going to be … Continue reading

Truly in Love with my Goddess Haylee

Notes on being healthy for Haylee.

Truly in Love with my Goddess Haylee This post is about my condition and about my love for my Goddess Haylee Lynn. It honestly never occurred to me when I first started playing with my “online” Mistress or with this “distance” relationship concept that I would become this completely enslaved and in love. My Goddess Haylee Lynn is just the perfect Dominatrix and Mistress for me……..absolutely stunningly perfect in every conceivable … Continue reading