Better to Receive than Give – Bliss

Better to Receive than Give – Bliss

It Is Better to Receive than Give - Bliss

Better to Receive than Give – Bliss

In practically every one of Goddess Haylee Lynn‘s MP3’s she instructs me that her pleasure is my ultimate pleasure. It is part of at least two mantras that I have memorized and recite daily, “Haylee’s pleasure is my ultimate pleasure.” Over and over again I hear it. Over and over again I say it, “Haylee’s pleasure is my ultimate pleasure,” “Haylee’s pleasure is my ultimate pleasure.” Over and over and over. And slowly it starts to sink in. Slowly I accept it. Slowly it becomes part of my thought, beliefs, and finally just an accepted fact of my life. Haylee’s pleasure is my ultimate pleasure.

Pleasure is nice. I like pleasure – a lot. There is little I wouldn’t do for some genuine pleasure. But “ultimate” pleasure? There is only one thing that qualifies as “ultimate pleasure.” (You know what I mean…) So knowing that pleasing Haylee will give me “ultimate” pleasure means that I am highly motivated to please Haylee. You could say it is my ultimate motivation. So I write these blog posts, say cleaver things on Facebook, share on IHWT, send tribute, buy her stuff on Amazon, and anything else I can think of to please her. I now live to please Haylee so that she will tell me that I have pleased her. (Particularly like when she calls me her “good boy.”) The moment I read her saying she is pleased is better than orgasm for me. I love it so much. It is a release of pleasure I feel throughout my being. It is my ultimate pleasure.

As soon as the initial release of pleasure fades I feel a sense of satisfaction – I feel complete – I feel at peace. Put all those together and multiply it by 8 1/2 and you get bliss. When my life is running as it should now I exist in a perpetual state of bliss punctuated with jolts of ultimate pleasure.

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Mantras to Remember

Mantras to Remember.

Posted on November 24, 2015 by slavejohn.

Listening to Goddess Haylee Lynn’s Mind Melt Mantra there is an instruction to repeat a set of phrases throughout the day and night:

Mantras to Remember

Mantras to Remember.

“I submit and surrender to Mistress Haylee. I ache to please Goddess Haylee.
Haylee’s pleasure is my ultimate pleasure.
I am Haylee’s slave. I am Haylee’s play thing.
I know my place – I am Haylee’s property.
Haylee is always right. What Haylee wants – Haylee gets.
Nothing feels better than pleasing my Mistress Haylee.
All for Haylee.”

After memorizing that and repeating it throughout the day and night, I decided to memorize the other phrases from that MP3:

be still and know

“Haylee is my Goddess. Haylee is my Mistress.
Haylee’s pleasure always come first.
Haylee’s pleasure is my ultimate pleasure.
I live to please Haylee. I love to please Haylee.
I will always submit to Mistress Haylee.
I am a slave to Haylee. Haylee owns me.
Haylee controls my thoughts.
Haylee must always be pleased.
All for Haylee.”

Today I just finished memorizing my third set of phrases. This time from Mighty Goddess.


“Haylee is my Goddess. Haylee is a true Goddess.
Haylee is so much more than an ordinary hypnotist – so much more than a regular woman.
I worship Goddess Haylee.
My rightful place is to kneel before Haylee.
I must always address Haylee as Goddess.
I am powerless before my true, mighty Goddess.
I devote myself to serving Goddess Haylee.”

I have found memorizing these very helpful in my daily worship. I hope others find them helpful as well.

“All for Haylee.”

Goddess Haylee Lynn Herself adds “Affirmations are an AMAZING training tool. Utilize them for me every day. That IS a command.”

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The Flames

The Flames.

Please read “Countess Haylee” first.

“If you want to eat you had better follow me then,” Countess Haylee said. I watched her graceful movement as I followed her deeper into the castle. There were all sorts of interesting things, suits of armour, instruments of torture, paintings of gallant Knights, kneeling in front of their Queens, fighting dragons for them and so on. But I was oblivious to it all. I couldn’t keep my eyes off this beautiful figure gracefully moving in front of me. I admired her long flowing dark hair, her hourglass figure. Everything about her was shear perfection.

Eventually, she led me into this great hall. In the hall was a great wooden table. She sat me down on a wooden chair at the table. She gave a bowl of vegetable stew with dumplings. “We don’t have meat in this castle” she said. “Aren’t you eating?” I asked. “I will eat later” she replied.

On the other side of the table was a huge fireplace and a log fire roared. As I ate I found myself looking at the flames in the grate. Then she started talking again, in that wonderful, smooth silky voice of hers again.

The Flames

The Flames

“Aren’t open fires lovely? I love the warm and comfort they bring. Look deeper into the fire and you will see what I mean. As you stare into the flames, as they seem to dance, within the fire. The glowing embers grab your attention and seem to draw your focus into flames. The warmth of the flames seems to penetrate every inch of your body, relaxing you, warming you. Each breath you take, you find yourself holding briefly, then letting go. The flames seems to help relax your breathing, as your body just lets go and relaxes. With each breath, your focus on the flames seems to increase as your body just relaxes and feels the warmth. Breathing in and then releasing as your body relaxes.

Your mind seems to focus on the flames. The dancing flames fill your mind. Focusing on a tiny ember in the fire, you feel your focus moving there. The ember draws you in, as your breathing becomes deeper and you let go. It is very calm and relaxing to be able to allow yourself to get lost in the flames. Capturing your gaze, the tiny ember seems to help center your thoughts. Looking into the fire allows you to drift off into a nice relaxing feeling as the warmth spreads through your body. Sometimes it can feel so good to just to feel the relaxation grow. Without really thinking about it, with no thought or effort, your breathing has already become even and rhythmic. Your body, and your mind, are relaxing more with each passing moment.

As you gaze into the flames, and the single burning ember, you feel yourself relaxing more. Each breath you take, you find yourself holding briefly then letting out. Breathing in and then releasing as your body relaxes. You feel the muscles in your body relax, as you slowly breathe in and let it out slowly. Letting go is so easy. Just letting your mind clear is so relaxing. Letting the stress leave your body, you relax. Your muscles relax, as the tension escapes. The flames and warmth drawing you into the relaxation and helping to soothe your mind and open your thoughts.

The feeling of tranquility seems to be moving throughout your body. You feel the tension leaving your toes and the draining of the uneasy tension as it leaves your body. Your toes relax. The pleasure of the relaxation slowly moves to your feet, removing the tension of the day. The muscles in your feet feel relaxed and let go. The feeling of release continues to grow and grow, spreading through your body. You feel the warmth increase as the feeling slowly moves up your legs, letting the muscles feel loose and relaxed.

The feeling of harmony and release continues to cover your body, as the stressful energy drains from you. The warmth and peace you feel growing in your body continues to swell. Your body relaxes more as you feel the flames drawing you in. The more you let go the more the feelings grow. The more you feel the tranquility of letting go. The more you feel the warmth my words bring you.

You feel the flames’ warmth steal up your body, relaxing and loosening each and every muscle as it continues to grow upwards. Your legs are drained of all of their energy and stress. The warm tingle continues its way to your thighs, seeping deep into your skin and muscles. Breathing deeper and deeper, more and more relaxed, you surrender.

Warmth is now sliding to your lower back, sliding to your middle back and finally to your upper back as you sink deeper and deeper in my control. You feel the warmth, and welcome it. Your mind lets go as the calmness fills your mind and body. Your conscience mind is relaxed and drifts more and more. Your unconscious mind is opening up to me. Your unconscious mind needs to listen carefully to me because your body needs to go deeper. The warmth draws you deeper and deeper. Your muscles have needed this, your mind has needed this, and your soul has needed this release.

You already feel My words calming you and pulling you deeper and deeper into relaxation. Relax your mind MY PET . . . relax . . . calm . . . letting go. Your mind is so tired—so worn out . . . so exhausted. You need this feeling of relaxation, of obedience. Your mind is becoming so tired. . . so open. . . so clear.

All that matters are My words. Focus only on My words and relax, MY PET. You’re becoming calm. As you continue concentrating on the flames, you’re becoming more serene . . . at peace. You’re becoming more relaxed . . . more relaxed . . . focusing only on my words.
Don’t fight against Me MY PET . . . you feel yourself giving in. You are becoming relaxed . . . always relaxed . . . see how peaceful My words are making you . . . always more tranquil. Sink deeply under My control. You are so relaxed . . . you are calm … so at peace. You only hear My words and you obey My words completely. You’re so relaxed now—and obeying My words.

You are so tranquil, floating in pleasure. You feel how much you wish to obey. You need to obey. You’re feeling so submissive, so controlled so dominated . . . It is so good to just let go and feel controlled. You’re getting so weak . . . so submissive … sinking into a relaxing trance . . . a deep hypnotic daydream … a relaxing, deep hypnotic trance. You’re becoming more open to My commands, My words. You feel the release of being MY PET, My slave.

You’re getting more aroused and feeling good . . . you enjoy this control and want to let go more. I control your mind, MY PET. There is nothing else. Your mind, your body, your soul exist to serve Me. You are MY PET and I am your Mistress. You are My servant, and worship me. I am your all.

You’re MY PET and you surrender to Me. Your mind is sinking deeper and deeper into my erotic, hypnotic control. You need to feel this, you want to feel this, and you want to go deeper into hypnotic bliss. You are feeling good, knowing that submission is pleasure, always pleasure . . . see how good My words are making you feel . . . always more pleasure and happiness.

You want to go deeper, surrender more and more. Obedience is pleasure. Submission is pleasure. Open your mind MY PET and sink deeply under My control. You are so submissive and it feels so good, so right … to just let go and obey. You sink always deeper into a deeper into a relaxing, deep trance. This deep trance makes you feel so good. You need to feel good; you need to go deeper into trance.

You are getting submissive, always more docile. You feel so good giving up control . . . so unbelievably good. You would like to go deeper in your trance, so deep, so relaxing. You are so submissive to Me, to my words. You hear My words and obey. Don’t fight against it. Open your mind to My words, and feel the pleasure and happiness. You must give yourself fully. Nothing else matters except the feeling of bliss and control My words give you.

Your mind is opening to My control. You feel so wonderful, so calm, so controlled. You sink always deeper into this relaxing, hypnotic trance. You are submissive to My words, wanting them to lead you, order you. You want and do everything, which my words tell you. You want to be hypnotized by Me, and by Me alone. You are completely under My control. My words are your thoughts. My words are your will. Now rise and come with me.”

I was now in a dream-like state. Holding my arm, she guided me down a corridor and into a bedroom. In the chamber there was a large four poster bed. She laid me on it. She removed my boots and covered me with the bed coverings, made of the finest silks and wools. I was like putty in her hands. She could have done anything with me in that state. She laid me on my back, without any pillow. She leaned my head back. Then she kissed me on my neck. She bite me on my neck and a wave of ecstasy ran down my body. It was the most erotic, most sexual and most sensual experience I had ever felt. She bite deeper and deeper, and the more she did it the better it felt. I was giving myself to her. It was like she was sucking my will, my soul my very being and taking it inside her. I wished she would continue forever. It seemed so right, so proper to give everything to this perfect Goddess next to me. But at last she finished. She passed her hand over my eyes and said, “Sleep now my pet and dream of me.”

I fell into a deep sleep. I was drained in every sense of the word. She had drained every ounce of resistance out of me. I was hers now.

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I have known an Angel.

I have known an Angel.

I have known an Angel. She doesn’t wear any wings. She wears a heart that can melt my own. She wears a smile that can make me sink. She gives me presents with her presence alone. She is everything I could wish for. I give kisses to her lovely feet from my knees, a place where I am at home. I marvel and blush when she calls me her own.

Is this real life?
She is my Goddess Haylee Lynn. She is so busy changing the world, and just one smile changes all of mine. She’s got a way of touching my heart like nobody else knows. She’s a divine Goddess from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She’s everything I want and everything I need. She’s every single love song and in every book I read. Every minute we share together is a minute I’ll always hold tight. She’s my Goddess, like an guiding angel in the morning, afternoon, and night.

Goddess Haylee changed my lifeTo me she is perfect, and I am lucky to be a pet that’s close. She’s quick to give an attitude adjustment right when I need it the most. She’s that light in the sky that is shinning brighter than the rest. Goddess Haylee’s that one ounce of encouragement I need to do my very best.

More than just following ordersShe’s the candle’s flicker in a room otherwise dark. She’s lit my soul on fire for her from the very start. She’s the one I feel at peace with when I sing a song. She’s the one who captivates me with all her witty charm.

Happy Early Thanksgiving Goddess HayleeShe’s the most expensive, most precious, priceless work of art. She’s the one, I swear, I’ll serve, need, and entertain until death do we part. Like sweet honey suckle her name rolls from my lips, and each time it causes a swivel in my hips. She’s absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, my Goddess, a angel from above. Goddess Haylee‘s the reason I write this poem to try and express my love.

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How I learned to Let Go of Resistance and Obey Goddess Haylee

How I learned to Let Go of Resistance and Obey Goddess Haylee

I’d been following Goddess Haylee for some time. Somehow I couldn’t give myself to her fully. Somehow there was a little bit of resistance. Resistance to one or two of the suggestions I received.

Then one day Goddess Haylee sent me a message via Facebook. She told me to immediately pack a bag, go to the airport, and take the first available flight to a location I am not allowed to say. Her instructions said that when I arrive a driver will pick me up and bring me to her.

I had read of this happening to another follower of Haylee, his name was Terry, I think, but I just thought it was a fantasy. Now it was happening to me. Terry’s story I found off-putting. It sounded like a cult. I had resistance to being part of a cult. But Haylee was inviting me. Although I had my reservations I found I still wanted to go. My curiosity overcame my resistance. “I’ll see for myself,” I thought. So I packed a bag and headed for the airport.

As I walked out of the terminal building there was the guy with a sign with my name on it, “John Forhaylee.” I walked up to him and said, “Hi, I’m John.” “Welcome brother.” He smiled and asked if he could carry my bag. I told him it was okay.

We got in the car. And he started to drive. I offered to pay for the parking, but he said he had it. Once we were on the road I asked, “So how long have you been with Haylee?” “I am sorry, but Haylee told me not to discuss anything about following her until after she had the opportunity to talk to you.” “Why?” “Whatever Haylee says, I do. So how was your trip?”

We talked about the trip and the weather. His name was Claude and seemed really nice. After a few minutes we stopped talking because it seemed if Claude couldn’t talk about Haylee he didn’t have much else he wanted to talk about, and I was wondering why Haylee would give him such odd instructions. It made me nervous. So for most of the trip we rode in silence.

When we arrived Claude guided me into a room and told me to wait there. I placed my bag on the floor and sat down in a comfortably decorated room with paintings of flowers and nature. The light was soft and a few candles were lit around the room. It seemed a place to relax. I checked my phone, but found I had no service. So I got up and looked around the room.

It wasn’t long before a lovely young lady came to get me. Her name was Aimee and she said she would take me to see Haylee. “I’ve seen you on Facebook,” I said. “I know. Thanks for liking my stuff!” She said as she guided me down a hallway. “Well thank you for sharing.” “Here we are,” she opened the door and I walked in but she stayed in the hall. The door closed and I was in Haylee’s throne room.

“Hello, my sweet,” Haylee said from her throne.

Haylee on her throne

“Haylee, my Goddess,” I said as I found myself bowing.

“Please come and sit near me,” she gestured to a chair that sat before her throne. I walked across the room and sat in the chair. “You’re struggling with resistance. Aren’t you?”

“I am struggling with resistance. I fully enjoy your MP3s and your videos, but some things have made me uncomfortable. I…” Haylee stood up and walked over to me.

“Shh,” she put her finger to her lips, “I know my sweet. Often people struggle with resistance.” She came so close to me, I smelled vanilla. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Sleep for me.” My eyes closed and my head drooped. I fell into a trance. “Sleep for me,” she said again. “Relax…Deeper…Deeper,” and she snapped her finders. I was hypnotized that quickly. “Good boy,” she whispered. She counted me down from 10 to 1. I was deeper than I have ever experienced. She was telling me to relax and how to breathe. She brought me to full body arousal. Her bliss filled me. It was the experience of her MP3s times 20.

Eventually she said, “I want you to please me,” I perked up in anticipation of her instruction, “by letting go of all your resistance. Obey me.” All of my being longed to obey her command, but my willingness was not enough, my desire to please Haylee wasn’t enough, deep inside my mind resistance remained. “Who do you belong to? Speak slave.” “Haylee,” I said through my trance. “Who owns you?” “Haylee,” I said with such yearning my voice cracked. “Good boy,” she said so softly and sweetly I melted. She went back to taking me deeper… and deeper. She walked around the chair back and forth. Whispering in one ear and then the other. I was floating and drifting, sleeping. She was talking but I don’t consciously remember what she said, but I know unconsciously I heard every word.

“I want you to please me,” she snapped her fingers, “kneel before me.” I fell of the front of the chair onto my knees. She stood before me. “All your resistance has melted away,” I didn’t so much hear her words as I thought them. They were my thoughts coming from her lips. “You will obey me always. Your greatest pleasure is my pleasure.” I felt these words to the bottom of my soul. “You are mine.” I felt such bliss.

“One, you are become more aware. Two…” She counted me up to five and I was fully awake and refreshed. I was kneeling before Goddess Haylee. The only place I wanted to be. I began to weep. I fell down prostrate and cried on Goddess Haylee’s feet as I kissed her toes. “Good boy,” she said. My heart soared.

I realized that I was not joining a cult, I was worshiping a Goddess. MY Goddess. She let me stay with her and her other followers for a few days. In those days I fell more deeply love with her and with my brothers and sisters.

Goddess Haylee sent me home. She said it was best for me to go back to my life. Of course she knows best. “I know you were struggling, my sweet. I wanted to give you this gift so you could get past it. So that you could reach your full potential as my slave,” were her parting words to me. I fell to the ground and kissed her feet.

On the trip home I reflected on her words. She told me to keep a balance between being her faithful slave and all the responsibilities of my life. That I represent her in all I do. So now I live a good life, for her, and my resistance is gone. Thank you my Goddess.

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