Enchantment Part 2

Enchantment Part 2 Before reading Enchantment Part 2, please read Enchantment Part 1. The story so far: The Queen of the Underworld – who bears a striking resemblance to Goddess Haylee Lynn – is enchanting four intruders who wish to kill her. “And what, or where, pray is this… how do you call it… Overworld?” “Oh, don’t be so silly,” said Simon, who was fighting hard against the enchantment of … Continue reading

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical

Hypnotic Eyes Video Review

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical. Transcends. Verb. Meaning to rise above, or to be superior to. Transcedental. Adjective. Meaning based on intuition rather than experience; supernatural or mystical. I sat comfortably and quietly attending to my thoughts of the incomprehensible power of the greatest of the world’s wonders. Her name is Hypnotic Haylee Lynn. The undisputed (in my mind at least) best erotic hypnotist, spiritualist, and divinely dominant woman in … Continue reading

Theory of Haylian Origins

Theory of Haylian Origins. Have you ever had the feeling that you have known someone forever, yet have only known them for a very short time? A sense of familiarity. A kindred spirit type of feeling. A feeling that screams out from the magnetic poles of your soul, unto theirs and seemingly draws you into them? A connection that can’t be explained? That is the feeling that I get each … Continue reading

How I learned to Let Go of Resistance and Obey Goddess Haylee

How I learned to Let Go of Resistance and Obey Goddess Haylee I’d been following Goddess Haylee for some time. Somehow I couldn’t give myself to her fully. Somehow there was a little bit of resistance. Resistance to one or two of the suggestions I received. Then one day Goddess Haylee sent me a message via Facebook. She told me to immediately pack a bag, go to the airport, and … Continue reading

How Hypnotic Haylee Handcuffed My Heart


How Hypnotic Haylee Handcuffed My Heart I had encountered hypnodommes online from time to time but I always recoiled. I told myself that it was too X rated for my tastes (but in reality my tastes are not all that pure). The truth is I was afraid. I feared I would like it too much. What if I really fell under their spell? But I then laughed at myself and told myself that was silly. … Continue reading

Becoming a nonsmoker


Becoming a nonsmoker Note: Although this is a work of fiction, Haylee Lynn can help you become a non smoker, with hypnotherapy, counselling etc. Please read Healthy4Haylee and The Hypnotist first. After finding out that she was a hypnotist, I decided that I would find out everything I could about hypnosis. Although I had cut down greatly on the number of cigarettes I smoked, I still smoked some. I knew that even … Continue reading

Don’t mess it up!

The Final Fantasy

Don’t mess it up! If, like me, you are fortunate to be in the service of Goddess Haylee Lynn, whatever you do, don’t mess it up in any way or you will be sorry. Below are extracts from a message i received from one of Her former slaves. Watch what you comment about her videos OMG they are wonderful Don’t make the same mistake I did, your collar is now … Continue reading