Trapped in Trance For Goddess Haylee

Trapped in Trance For Goddess Haylee Last night, after doing some stuff around the house, I was able to play Trapped in Trance for the second time. I got it late the night before, so I was only able to listen to it once before bed. This time I wanted to play it on loop, since my night was free. I lit a vanilla candle as per Goddess Haylee’s task … Continue reading

Welcome Patreon Pets! What This Site Is All About and Who Its For

Become one of my patreon pets here!

Welcome pets! This website has been updated to be a gift for patrons who pledge on my patreon! It is a reward for supporting My Goddess lifestyle and irresistible work! The blogs are posted by devoted slaves, and sometimes myself, and the forums are a private place where my pets can interact with Me and each other. It is a truly sacred, special place, full of interaction, tasks, commands, questions, and more! An intimate connection with Me. If you are a member here and would love the honor of blogging, just send me an email to letting Me know! I LOVE reading them!