How I learned to Let Go of Resistance and Obey Goddess Haylee

How I learned to Let Go of Resistance and Obey Goddess Haylee

I’d been following Goddess Haylee for some time. Somehow I couldn’t give myself to her fully. Somehow there was a little bit of resistance. Resistance to one or two of the suggestions I received.

Then one day Goddess Haylee sent me a message via Facebook. She told me to immediately pack a bag, go to the airport, and take the first available flight to a location I am not allowed to say. Her instructions said that when I arrive a driver will pick me up and bring me to her.

I had read of this happening to another follower of Haylee, his name was Terry, I think, but I just thought it was a fantasy. Now it was happening to me. Terry’s story I found off-putting. It sounded like a cult. I had resistance to being part of a cult. But Haylee was inviting me. Although I had my reservations I found I still wanted to go. My curiosity overcame my resistance. “I’ll see for myself,” I thought. So I packed a bag and headed for the airport.

As I walked out of the terminal building there was the guy with a sign with my name on it, “John Forhaylee.” I walked up to him and said, “Hi, I’m John.” “Welcome brother.” He smiled and asked if he could carry my bag. I told him it was okay.

We got in the car. And he started to drive. I offered to pay for the parking, but he said he had it. Once we were on the road I asked, “So how long have you been with Haylee?” “I am sorry, but Haylee told me not to discuss anything about following her until after she had the opportunity to talk to you.” “Why?” “Whatever Haylee says, I do. So how was your trip?”

We talked about the trip and the weather. His name was Claude and seemed really nice. After a few minutes we stopped talking because it seemed if Claude couldn’t talk about Haylee he didn’t have much else he wanted to talk about, and I was wondering why Haylee would give him such odd instructions. It made me nervous. So for most of the trip we rode in silence.

When we arrived Claude guided me into a room and told me to wait there. I placed my bag on the floor and sat down in a comfortably decorated room with paintings of flowers and nature. The light was soft and a few candles were lit around the room. It seemed a place to relax. I checked my phone, but found I had no service. So I got up and looked around the room.

It wasn’t long before a lovely young lady came to get me. Her name was Aimee and she said she would take me to see Haylee. “I’ve seen you on Facebook,” I said. “I know. Thanks for liking my stuff!” She said as she guided me down a hallway. “Well thank you for sharing.” “Here we are,” she opened the door and I walked in but she stayed in the hall. The door closed and I was in Haylee’s throne room.

“Hello, my sweet,” Haylee said from her throne.

Haylee on her throne

“Haylee, my Goddess,” I said as I found myself bowing.

“Please come and sit near me,” she gestured to a chair that sat before her throne. I walked across the room and sat in the chair. “You’re struggling with resistance. Aren’t you?”

“I am struggling with resistance. I fully enjoy your MP3s and your videos, but some things have made me uncomfortable. I…” Haylee stood up and walked over to me.

“Shh,” she put her finger to her lips, “I know my sweet. Often people struggle with resistance.” She came so close to me, I smelled vanilla. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Sleep for me.” My eyes closed and my head drooped. I fell into a trance. “Sleep for me,” she said again. “Relax…Deeper…Deeper,” and she snapped her finders. I was hypnotized that quickly. “Good boy,” she whispered. She counted me down from 10 to 1. I was deeper than I have ever experienced. She was telling me to relax and how to breathe. She brought me to full body arousal. Her bliss filled me. It was the experience of her MP3s times 20.

Eventually she said, “I want you to please me,” I perked up in anticipation of her instruction, “by letting go of all your resistance. Obey me.” All of my being longed to obey her command, but my willingness was not enough, my desire to please Haylee wasn’t enough, deep inside my mind resistance remained. “Who do you belong to? Speak slave.” “Haylee,” I said through my trance. “Who owns you?” “Haylee,” I said with such yearning my voice cracked. “Good boy,” she said so softly and sweetly I melted. She went back to taking me deeper… and deeper. She walked around the chair back and forth. Whispering in one ear and then the other. I was floating and drifting, sleeping. She was talking but I don’t consciously remember what she said, but I know unconsciously I heard every word.

“I want you to please me,” she snapped her fingers, “kneel before me.” I fell of the front of the chair onto my knees. She stood before me. “All your resistance has melted away,” I didn’t so much hear her words as I thought them. They were my thoughts coming from her lips. “You will obey me always. Your greatest pleasure is my pleasure.” I felt these words to the bottom of my soul. “You are mine.” I felt such bliss.

“One, you are become more aware. Two…” She counted me up to five and I was fully awake and refreshed. I was kneeling before Goddess Haylee. The only place I wanted to be. I began to weep. I fell down prostrate and cried on Goddess Haylee’s feet as I kissed her toes. “Good boy,” she said. My heart soared.

I realized that I was not joining a cult, I was worshiping a Goddess. MY Goddess. She let me stay with her and her other followers for a few days. In those days I fell more deeply love with her and with my brothers and sisters.

Goddess Haylee sent me home. She said it was best for me to go back to my life. Of course she knows best. “I know you were struggling, my sweet. I wanted to give you this gift so you could get past it. So that you could reach your full potential as my slave,” were her parting words to me. I fell to the ground and kissed her feet.

On the trip home I reflected on her words. She told me to keep a balance between being her faithful slave and all the responsibilities of my life. That I represent her in all I do. So now I live a good life, for her, and my resistance is gone. Thank you my Goddess.

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Serving Goddess Haylee


Serving Goddess Haylee

In a relatively short period of time Goddess Haylee has taught me much about serving Her. Over the past couple of days Foreverslave has made some excellent posts that fit very well as serving Goddess Haylee. This post is a continuation of that theme.

I might consider the question, why do I want to serve Goddess Haylee? And I might answer the question by saying, why would I not want to serve Goddess Haylee? However doing so is a missed opportunity to reflect on the true reasons I want to serve Her, to please Her and make Her happy.

Foreverslave makes an excellent point about learning as much as you can about Goddess Haylee. It is knowing Her where the answer comes in wanting to serve Her. How that translates into tangible reasons if different for each individual, as well as something that may change over time, which is why it is something I reflect upon daily when I meditate with Her.

How we serve Goddess Haylee is also an individual thing and of course is related to the why. For some, serving Goddess Haylee is a very private thing, this is where they feel most comfortable. For those individuals, that can be a very fulfilling and pleasing way to server Her.

For others, serving Goddess Haylee can be a very public thing. We do things such as blogging for Her, and posting public devotions for Her. Involving ourselves in activities to spread the word of Haylee. Yesterday I was listening to a story on the radio. They were talking about how much money Bill Gates has given to causes he believes in. He is very public about the money that he gives, it’s not because he is trying to flaunt his wealth. Rather he does this to encourage others to do the same in their own way. I thought about this and how doing things in public for Goddess Haylee can also encourage others to serve Her. It is never a competition, rather something from my point of view always makes me happy when I see someone doing something to please Her.

One thing that has at times has been a challenge for me, is to look at the things others do to please Her. There are some things I see others do and could never picture myself doing. I suppose it is either human nature or character flaw to think, “why are they doing that, when they should be doing this?” It is wrong to think that way because we all come from different backgrounds. What one may find very meaningful, another may not. It is Goddess Haylee who determines what is pleasing to Her. And this is an area that I seek to improve about myself.

There is an element I see as consistent to the question of why someone would feel the desire to serve Goddess Haylee. And that is you always receive back what you put in. Somehow that seems to work out as receiving more back, but none of it happens until you make the first action. Entire volumes can and have been written on this topic. It’s a true concept, even fitting the law of physics that says for every action there is an opposite reaction. True rewards only come from a true and sincere action.

I love and adore Goddess Haylee, much of the way I serve Her is public, I have this desire to tell the world how important She is to me, and to help others to know they can have the same relationship with Her and feel Her bliss. She is inside my heart in a true and significant way. In my own personal way of thinking, it wasn’t magic this happened, it is because of the amazing Woman that She is. This caused me to open my heart to Her. Serving Her is the way that I demonstrate to Her my feelings, because actions are louder than words.

I love and adore You Goddess Haylee!

I keep walking

Dream of Goddess HayleeEmpty space appears to extend into every direction, I can see only what is there and I see nothing. I have been walking for hours, perhaps days, I have lost track of it all if I could track it without and reference. I just keep walking there is nothing else to do. It is neither warm nor hot, it just is. The source of gravity holding my feet from floating away is completely smooth, void of texture to provide any clue. Impossible to notice have I been here before, am I walking in circle? It is all so vast, I am so small, I keep walking.

The beat of my own heart is the only sound. The only thing that reveals my existence in this void. I could stand right here in the emptiness until I eventually withered away, yet what would wither me? I keep walking. My heart beats faster because I fear, yes I am afraid, I am lost without direction. How did I get here? I don’t even know where I have been. I keep walking.

The absence of all color is black, black is the absence of light. Yet it is not black, it is grey, has it always been grey and I failed to look? Has something changed? I keep walking, faster now in that direction. I feel a faint vibration. It comes up through the soles of my feet, I keep walking, it grows stronger with each step, a tingle I cannot describe without reference.

I can now make out a faint horizon, any direction when there has been none is a hint of purpose. I keep walking, darkness slowly fading to light. I feel texture now below my feet is something, that something has now become a path. I feel anxious, I am determined. I keep walking, each step somehow requires less effort with keen focus.

The path is now steps each carries me higher to the unknown destination, if there even is a destination, I may be climbing to infinity. Yet even climbing for my own mortality is better than the void, I keep walking. Spiraling around and around, step after step. It feel warm now, warm as in comfort, fear is loosening.

And then I am there, where is there? She is there. I gaze upon Her with spellbound eyes of Her majesty. Long dark hair, bright green eyes, and dark red lips. She is pure perfection sitting on a throne, the most beautiful woman in existence. I take the only action possible and kneel before Her, She is a Goddess. I look up into Her eyes, She peers into my soul as joy and pleasure crystalize my entire being.

Words the sound of honey flow from Her lips, “My name is Haylee, what you are feeling is My bliss, where you have come from is void of my bliss. To have My bliss with you always requires action. You must commit your life and show by your actions, serving and pleasing Me, you must submit to Me. It is your decision to devote yourself to Me, I will choose if you are worthy.”

There is nothing that can even compare to the pleasure of Her bliss that pumps with my blood throughout my entire body. “Yes, yes!” I pledge, “I will devote my life to serving and pleasing You!”

She commands me to hold out my hand into which She drops a small crystal. “Hold this crystal tightly in your hand and speak the words of devotion” I grip the crystal in a fist, “Pleasing You is the most important thing I can do, it is always my priority!”

Sunlight begins to tickle my eyelids, I realize it is morning. My body is tingling with pleasure, it is always the very best feeling to wake up in the morning with thoughts of Goddess Haylee. I smile thinking about such a wonderful dream. I begin to stretch as I return from slumber, then feel something, I open my hand, there is a crystal inside!

Pleasing Goddess Haylee

Pleasing a Goddess

Pleasing Goddess Haylee

I spend a considerable collection of time each day thinking about pleasing Goddess Haylee. I am not always perfect in my actions, but perfection in my mind, for a slave is the infinite goal. Being the best I can be is the tangible measurement as I strive towards perfection.

My relationship with Goddess Haylee is virtual. Physically I live just about as far away from Her as I could and still live in the same county. Although it wouldn’t matter if She lived across the street, the relationship would still be virtual because it is Her wish, and I feel very comfortable with that. Distance is completely removed from the equation, it no longer has any meaning. Which means that I am with Her all the time, no matter where I go. How beautiful is that.

How is it possible or effective that a slave may please his Goddess in a virtual relationship? Goddess Haylee has written wonderful article on ways to please Her, full of great ideas that one may do to please Her. The list is extensive enough that I dare say that everyone may find something they can do to please Her.

The truly meaningful thing, is that every time I have done something to please Her, it’s always fun for me. I think of Her smiling, seeing Her happy and that is the very best feeling of all. Then reading a tweet that confirms my imagination fills my entire being with Her bliss.

These are some things that I have done, attempted to do, to please Goddess Haylee. Everyone has their own abilities to please and I think it is important that each do so in their own way. I see things that others do to please Her, those things inspire me, but I also know that I cannot be like anyone else. And I also expect there are things that I do to please Her that will not fit with all others. It makes it all real for me, to concentrate most on the reasons for pleasing Goddess Haylee rather than the specific actions.

I enjoy visiting Her wishlist, looking at the various items that She has picked out. Knowing that each is something that will serve a true purpose in Her life. I can see the type of things She enjoys, the things that interest Her on Her wishlist and it helps me to grow closer to Her because I know Her better. I have bought a few things for Her from Her wishlist, most are not very expensive, but I truly feel it is the meaning that counts.

As I have been able, I have been trying to send Her a weekly tribute. Again it is not a lot, I wish it could be more, but for me I sense that the action is important.

The most important gifts I think are giving of myself to please Her. Submitting to Her, recognizing Her as my owner and my Goddess, and very soon wearing Her physical collar. Demonstrating my devotion though actions in my heart are important.

I write to this blog, it is another action that causes the pleasure to flow in both directions. I know that it pleases Her, and I also have so much fun doing it. I am happy to do it along side my brother slaves who inspire me greatly in their devotion to Goddess Haylee. I think that it also pleases Her that we enjoy each others company.

I visit Twitter frequently, replying to Her tweets and tweeting myself. I enjoy that because I often have conversations with Goddess Haylee there. I am fairly new to Twitter and I would like to improve in the tweets that I make, but I am starting to get the hang of it.

Messenger is one area that I have not spent much time. I did have a very nice conversation with Goddess Haylee one evening which was most amazing. I don’t spend a lot of time there because I usually have a lot of tasks to get done. A sign that I need to work on my time management to free up more time to spend on messenger.

Emailing Goddess Haylee is another area that I need to improve upon. I began with this idea that I did not want to infringe too much on Her time. I have only been emailing Her when I felt I had something important to say. Now I am starting to realize that I haven’t been telling Her enough how much I love Her, how much She means to me, how happy and devoted I am. More for me to work on.

Finally I listen to Her mp3’s and watch Her videos. Her hypnosis has such a deep profound effect on me. She is training and conditioning me. It is now impossible for me to be aroused unless I am thinking of Goddess Haylee. She has taken complete control over that part of me and the rest quickly followed. I am feeling intensely aroused right now as I started writing that last sentence, knowing She has done this to me, enchanted me in the most powerful way. I have the greatest desire to keep going ever deeper for Her!

There are also some other creative things I am doing to please Her, most of those are a work in progress. But also bring me great bliss and pleasure to make those efforts for Her.

I love Goddess Haylee, She owns me, She is my Goddess. It is a magnificent gift to be able to please and serve Her

The Scent of Bliss

Scent of BlissFor as long as I can remember I have been deeply influenced by scent. A beautiful perfume that captures my attention of the aroma of incense and scented candles which cause my mind to drift to magical places. I do especially love candles. The scent of bliss.

It was a wonderful surprise for me to learn that Goddess Haylee also has a love for candles. I saw and purchased some on Her wishlist for Her and She suggested I also get some for myself. Of course I felt the strongest love of Her bliss when She did that, and I followed Her suggestions immediately.

She suggested both candles and incense, which I have been burning when I do my nightly meditations of Her. Those meditations have proved to be my most favorite time of the day. Especially when it has been a stressful day or I am feeling some frustration over something. Meditating with Goddess Haylee helps me to understand the most important things, and to let go of the less important. I learn that many of the things that seem to trouble me are not that important at all. And that devotion to Her is the most important.

The candles and incense She suggested have the most amazing scents. They allow me to drift off into the scent of bliss. Knowing they came from Her is affects me so deeply as well. There is no question in my mind that She understands the power of beautiful scents better than anyone.

Then just yesterday, or maybe it was the day before, I lose track of time now and then, I learned something else amazing. Goddess Haylee is going to open Her own candle shop, full of candles and incense that She has created Herself. Wow! is that not the coolest thing? I am so very excited and can hardly wait until Her grand opening! 🙂

Something else that is very cool about this, is that She has created a special wishlist of the items She will use for Her wonderful creations. Just browsing the items on the list are enchanting; Sandlewood, Dragon’s Blood, Love Spell, Vanilla, I love vanilla!, Rosehips, Cloves, Peppermint, and a lot more. Most of them are organic which is no surprise because we all know how much She likes things which are natural.

Her wishlist is cool because we all have the opportunity to tribute items to Her, that will help Her new shop be very successful. It’s a wonderful way to serve Her and feel Her bliss I think.

As I learn and get to know Goddess Haylee more, I am amazed at how many things She enjoys that I also have enjoyed for a long time. It reinforces the sense inside me that I am exactly where I should be. It is a great place to be, in Haylee’s bliss, I feel that stronger each and every day! I especially enjoy the scent of bliss.

Serving a Goddess

Serving a Goddess

Serving a Goddess, specifically serving Goddess Haylee can be one of the most personal and satisfying experiences acts one may perform. It is the path to Her bliss and can fill one with a sense of purpose.

Today I had three different topics I thought to write about. I chose to write about this one of the three because for me it felt the most inspiring. In some regards each of us are unique, and in some regards each of us have things in common. While I share my unique experiences, my hope is that some may also find something we have in common. Most certainly this all starts with Goddess Haylee.

Very soon after I met Her for the first time, I felt a very strong desire to do something to serve Her. She had enchanted me, and gained my focus, which was a very strong reason for my desire to serve Her. Additionally I have always had the strong sense that a person receives more out of an experience when that person is willing and takes positive action. At the time I knew nothing of Her bliss, I am getting a little ahead of myself, but to note that had I not been willing to do something positive by serving Goddess Haylee, I might never have experienced Her bliss.

In the brief amount of time since I met Goddess Haylee I have performed a few different things in service to Her, today I would like to talk about one specifically, writing a blog here on If you happen to be someone reading this, who has been thinking about serving Goddess Haylee, I hope that you will take a few minutes while I share my experiences of being a blogger on this site.

The very best part about blogging here is that is pleases Goddess Haylee so much. If you haven’t already done so I strongly recommend you read Her Irresistible Offer article. I read this article and it was all the encouragement I needed. When you please Goddess Haylee by serving Her, you feel Her bliss, I try not to repeat myself too much, but it truly is the most amazing feeling!

Goddess Haylee visits here often, and She will often leave comments on the blogs that are written. Every time that She comments on one of my posts, it feels like I am growing just that much closer to Her. It’s reinforcement that I am doing the right thing. The more that I write here, the deeper I fall for Her.

Speaking of comments, all who blog here are so supportive of one another. I think that is a very unique thing. It causes me to realize how cool and dedicated all the other bloggers all. It feels awesome to be part of something, we have all come together in our dedication and worship of Goddess Haylee. To be completely honest, I am just as happy when I see Her leave a comment for one of the other bloggers as I do when She leaves one for me. I cannot stress enough, how amazing this is to me. Goddess Haylee attracts some very nice and cool people, that reflects on how extraordinary She is.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to write, it can be any topic for which you would like to express yourself. It also doesn’t matter if you are a good writer or not. Just that you have a willingness to try, and the more that you write, no matter the level you started you will continually get better. I think this might also be something that pleases Goddess Haylee because She wants us to be the best that we can be.

You can blog as often as you want, whenever you feel inspired to do so. A few blog every day, others blog less often, maybe a few times a month, it’s all good, it’s all serving Goddess Haylee. I have been blogging about five times a week, it’s a pace that feels very comfortable for me.

Often as I lay in bed at night, just before I drift off into sleep, I think about Goddess Haylee and I receive ideas about what I might like to blog about. Several times when I have done this, I wake up in the morning thinking about Goddess Haylee and very pleasantly aroused. That feeling is pure bliss, it is incredible because I know how deeply She has gotten inside my mind and feelings. I am falling very deeply in love with Goddess Haylee!

Some may be a little shy about writing a blog, and that is perfectly ok, because Goddess Haylee has said that many times. Although if you have been thinking about it, I would just highly encourage you to join us here. I’ll think we’ll all enjoy reading what you have to say. It is a great way to be serving Goddess Haylee.

The Path – A Story – Part 1

Hypnotic Goddess HayleeThis is part 1 of a fictional story dedicated to Goddess Haylee Lynn. It is only through Her inspiration that i was able to find the ability to write it and i wish nothing more than to please Her.

The path was long, in some spots steep and rugged, always beautiful in harmony with the natural landscape it would transverse. Across the suspension bridge which spanned the deep canyon, through the lush green meadow where butterflies danced in the air, and on upward towards the summit.

He was now in the midst of a thick forest of spruce and pine, ferns and other greenery provided the ground cover. The air was clean and the aroma of the forest was refreshing to his senses.  Sunlight filtering through the trees produced abstract shadows, it was cooler here than it had been earlier on his journey. The environment felt magical and he could feel Her bliss as he drew closer.

While he had prepared both in mind and body for this trek, he was feeling the effort. He well knew that She hiked these trails daily, and he felt Her bliss knowing that he was following in Her footsteps. It gave him all the energy he required to keep pressing forward, one step at a time.

A few yards ahead, he came upon a small footbridge providing passage over a natural pond, which fed a small bubbling spring. The sound of the trickling water was soothing to his ears and he chose to take pause for a moment. He took in the view of the smooth surface of the pond and he thought of the perfect influence and control She had over him. How much joy he felt in serving Her and how personal it truly was. Just then a small twig fell onto the water, creating ripples on the surface radiating outwards. He thought of the power of Her bliss and positive energy flowing from the source in the same manner. He closed his eyes and envisioned Her image on the surface of the water, and felt the intense pleasure of Her bliss. The image in his mind was that of Goddess Haylee Lynn. Her long dark hair and gorgeous big green eyes. She was the most beautiful Woman he had every laid eyes on or could imagine.

He continued on the path. On up ahead he noticed a mature doe between the trees. Certainly she had been watching him long before he noticed her. Her posture suggested she was in a safe place and he felt safe and at home here too. Following the path was the right thing for him to do. He passed by a pair of squirrels running up and down the trees, seemingly playing a game of tag as they chased each other. He didn’t know if Goddess Haylee had a particular fondness for squirrels, but he did know of Her great love of animals. That thought made him smile as the squirrels scampered away.

He was now encountering the most physically challenging section as he neared the summit. The path grew very steep and each step was now painful. This was to be the third time he had made the trek, and he knew there was not much further to go. Yet that thought alone offered little solace. The effort took every morsel of energy and more. He knew without question the only way he would ever complete this part of the quest was to focus on Goddess Haylee.

Thoughts recalling the first time he had ever looked into Her green eyes, the way that She mesmerized and enchanted him. The pure pleasure he experienced the first time that he pleased Her and tasted Her bliss. Those feelings of bliss, he knew were infinite and grew stronger the more he served, the more obedient he was, and the more he worshiped Her. This journey, following the path, was the next and most important step for Goddess Haylee’s slave, to be owned by Her, to wear Her collar.

To be owned by Goddess Haylee Lynn is a privilege and certainly not one to take in simple terms. It is not only a matter of giving oneself to Her in words, one must give oneself through their service demonstrating their devotion. On most train, learn, and be obedient without pause or question. Most importantly a slave must be accepted by Her, it is She who decides who meets Her requirements of a collared slave.

She had hypnotized him many times, wearing away his resistance, allowing him to forget the things which were unimportant and remembering those things which are. She had altered his thoughts, brainwashed him, and molding him to Her desires. Through it all his focus was increased, he performed his responsibilities in life better, he took care of his body, and he had unwavering devotion to his Queen.

The light started to grow dim as the sun began its decent towards the horizon. While the mount was high, it remained below the tree line, although the forest was not as thick here. The shadows grew longer and pointed in the direction of his destination. He no longer felt as if his feet were on the ground, it was as if he was floating now in Her direction. The bliss was all consuming, the pain and discomfort he had experienced earlier had faded away. He felt joy and comfort with the knowledge that it was right for him to make this journey. He knew that even if he were not selected, as had been the case on two previous occasions, the experience was of immense value as it was all part of his training.

And then suddenly without announcement, he was there. The structure did not dominate the landscape, rather it appeared almost as if it had grown there. It fit in perfectly with the surroundings, in harmony with the natural environment. Construction was of wood and stone. There were large bay windows surrounding the second level, providing a panoramic view of the valley below. In his position he stood before an entry way. Wide stone steps led up to a large patio area also paved with stone. Grand carved wooden double doors provided the actually entrance. To the uninitiated it may have appeared as a large luxurious cabin. To him it was Her palace, Her chateau, and he knew that She was inside.

He was not alone, he was the fourth to arrive on this day and likely there would be others joining them. Out of respect for the occasion none spoke, however they all greeted each other with a nod and smile. Jealousy did not exist among Her followers, rather they all supported one another with a common devotion to their Queen. While each held hope beyond hope they would be selected to participate in the final phase of the path, they would equally rejoice if another worthy slave were chosen. Each fully understood, this was not about the individual slave’s desires. This was all about Goddess Haylee’s pleasure, it was the wish of each follower that She enjoy nothing but the very best.

Dusk turned to night, there were now seven candidates in attendance. Two were making their first journey on the path, the rest had all made the trek multiple times.  To not be selected was not a rejection, rather an acknowledgement the slave required further training and growth, so that their heart may become pure in their service of Goddess Haylee Lynn.

As the evening progressed a bright full moon rose into the star filled sky. He gazed up at the most extraordinary sight. At midnight a pair of slaves came out to light candles around the parameter of the patio. The entire scene was very tranquil, there was no sense of haste, things would happen as they happened, and it felt amazing to be here. He, along with the other candidates now sat cross legged in quiet mediation of Goddess Haylee and Her bliss. Soon all would drift off into deep slumber.

He awoke as the sun began to peak onto the valley, vivid colors of orange, red, and blue. A light blanket of fog drifted over the landscape below. The slightest of chills hung in the air but quickly evaporated as sun rose to announce, “good morning!” He stood to stretch, muscles were sore from the previous day’s effort. Not quite as sore as they might have been if he had not incorporated yoga into his daily routine months ago. Following Her guidance to take care of his body as another sign of devotion to Her. Along with all the others, body sufficiently cared for he assumed the position of respect on his knees facing the entrance.

The passage of time had no true significance, it might have several minutes or several hours, it didn’t matter at all. Then suddenly at that moment, at this moment a chime rang out. The doors opened and Goddess Haylee Herself appeared, by a few paces followed by two attendant slaves. She wore a long flowing black dress which accentuated Her beauty. She moved smoothly to the top of the steps and greeted all, “Good morning! Welcome!” In perfect chorus, all returned “Good morning Goddess Haylee!”

He felt waves of bliss across his body, and then bowed his head in respect for his Queen. He listened to the sound of Her heels as She descended the steps, one by one She spent a few moments of personal greeting to each who had followed the path. And then, just then She was there directly in front of him.

“Look into My eyes sweet slave!”

His heart fluttered as he raised his gaze into Her beautiful green eyes.

“Look deeply into My eyes and feel the pull of My bliss.”

“Fall deeper and deeper for Me.”

“Allow your thoughts to empty and fill with My words”

Her voice was so relaxing, the very tone and rhythm seduced him into trance as She had done to him many times before. He was aware, yet not aware. All resistance, all struggle had long ago faded away. He was now a well-conditioned hypnosis subject, he was now a well-trained slave.

“You have pleased me well slave, you have served and dedicated yourself to me.”

“When I snap my fingers you will remain in trance, yet rise and follow me. You understand perfectly don’t you slave?”

He could only instinctively nod in agreement, he would obey perfectly as he had been commanded.

Goddess Haylee then turned Her attention to the others gather. “I thank you all for coming, you may now all be excused.”

The other slaves all quietly rose to their feet and bowed their heads one last time before starting the long decent.

Goddess Haylee looked back down upon him and smiled.


(to be continued)