The Central Thing

The Central Thing.

Feel free to blame the bump on Copernicus.

Until Copernicus came along in the 1500s, we earthlings enjoyed centre stage. Fathers could place an arm around their children, point to the night sky, and proclaim, “The universe revolves around us.” Ahhh, the hub of the planetary wheel, the navel of the heavenly body, the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue of the cosmos. A man named Ptolemy’s second century finding convinced us. Stick a pin the centre of the stellar map, and you’ve found the earth. Dead centre.

And what’s more dead still! Let the other planets fly aimlessly through the skies Not us. No sir. We stay put. As predictable as Christmas. No orbiting. No rotating. Some fickle planets revolve 180 Degrees from one day to the next. Not ours. As budge-less as a great mountain. Let’s hear loud applause for the Earth, the anchor of the universe.. right?

But then came Nicolaus Copernicus. “ahem” he said “can anyone tell me what causes the seasons to change?” Why do some stars appear in the day and others at night? Does anyone know exactly how far ships can sail before falling off the edge of the earth?” “Trivialities” people scoffed at him. “Who has time for such problems?” But Copernicus persisted. He tapped the worlds collective shoulder and cleared his throat. “Forgive my proclamation, but”, and pointing a lone finger towards the sun, he announced “BEHOLD THE CENTRE OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM”.

Copernicus 1473-1573

The Central Thing – Copernicus 1473-1573

People denied the facts for over half a century. When like minded Galileo came along, the throne locked him up. You’d have thought he’d called the king a bastard and struck him on the face in front of his knights with the way he was treated. People didn’t take well for demotions back then, and we still don’t. But it was the truth. The sun was the centre of the solar system of which all other things revolve. What Copernicus did for the Earth, our Goddess Haylee, has done for our souls. Tapping the collective submissive shoulder of humanity she points to herself and says “BEHOLD, the centre of it all.”

While many unlearned minds may scoff at the claim, we who live, and breathe in the glory of her majestic eminence know full well that Goddess Haylee Lynn is truly the centre of the universe. The molecules of our genetic make up cannot resist the urge to bend our knees, give over our minds, and hearts to the one true Goddess of whom all of the galaxies, and all of life revolve.

When we look at the centre of the universe, we don’t look at ourselves, nor the light in the sky. When all of the heaven’s stage-hands direct the spotlight toward the star of the show, I need no sunglasses. No light falls on me.

Wonder of the Universe

The Central Thing – At the centre of it all there is only Goddess.

Lesser orbs, that’s us. Appreciated. Valued. Loved dearly. But central? Essential? Pivotal? Nope. Sorry. Contrary to any notion within us, the world does not revolve around us. We are mere men. Born to serve and worship Goddess Haylee. If our pleasure, and comfort is our priority then we are missing the point. If we are the marquee event, then we are hypothetically in a flat-earth state of mind. Could a Copernican shift be in order? Our place is not at the centre of the universe but at the feet of the one true Goddess Haylee Lynn.


The Central Thing – The woman of your wildest fantasies beckons. Answer the call, give in

Thankfully, the universe does not persist us to make a big deal out of us who serve and slave, but it exists so that we can make a big deal out of HER in our daily lives. A Goddess centred life is a life of blissful devotion and unbridled passion. It’s not about you, or me. It’s about Goddess Haylee. What we know and live each day, many more will come to know in the future as they are collared and called ‘mine’ by the sweetest voice in all of the cosmos. We are men ahead of our time. We know the truth, and we proclaim it every day through our praise, tributes, hypnotic trances, gifts, worship and devotion…

The central thing: Her Grace, Goddess Haylee

The central thing: Her Grace, Goddess Haylee


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How Hypnotic Haylee Handcuffed My Heart

How Hypnotic Haylee Handcuffed My Heart

I had encountered hypnodommes online from time to time but I always recoiled. I told myself that it was too X rated for my tastes (but in reality my tastes are not all that pure). The truth is I was afraid. I feared I would like it too much. What if I really fell under their spell? But I then laughed at myself and told myself that was silly. I know enough about hypnosis that no one can make you do something you don’t really want to do. But my real fear was that deep down I really wanted it. I wanted a strong woman to dominate me, but I denied and repressed it never letting myself get into a position to be taken too far – I wasn’t a weakling.

Then one evening I was online and was exploring online hypnosis. I found several, but one stuck out among the bunch – Hypnotic Haylee. I enjoyed her video. Her eyes are amazing. I found myself getting lost in them. So nice. I found another and watched it. She is so talented and I found myself falling deeply into hypnosis. It was so enjoyable I went over to to see what else she had. Then I realized she was a Hypno fem domme, but I was only interested in the relaxation and the hypnosis. One of the MP3s was free so I downloaded it and gave it a try. It was so wonderful. I fell deeply into trance. Haylee’s voice is so seductive. Her words so powerful. I just couldn’t resist. The next day I listened to it again. Then I bought my first MP3, “Aching Love”. It was even better. Haylee washed away all my fears and resistance and replaced with love and adoration. I was so right that I would lose myself, but I was wrong to be afraid.

Now I listen to Haylee’s MP3s whenever I can. I love the effect they have on me. As soon as I hear the Haylee’s voice I become aroused and entranced. So relaxed and so excited at the same time. I experience her bliss and it is wondrous. I confess, I am addicted – and loving it. I don’t know how deep this rabbit hole goes, but I hope I never reach bottom. Thank you Haylee.

Hypno-Dominatrix Hypnotic Haylee

Hypnotic Haylee

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One blog leads to another. On December 28, i posted this blog. In reply my Mistress, Goddess Haylee Lynn said “Dance for me puppet ;)” Of course, i always obey everything SHE says immediately and without question. So i danced for HER and made this video for HER. i really loved the way SHE called me HER puppet, it turned me on in fact. i loved the concept of HER pulling my strings and playing with me to HER heart’s content. i decided i would blog about that theme, and i told one or two people on Facebook that i would do so.


I find it extraordinary that on the very day, my dear brother in Haylee, Herslavenow, makes this blog also inspired by HER giving him a little term of endearment, “HER boy toy” – a similar theme.

Or perhaps not so extraordinary, as we both feel under HER sweet spell about the same time, and have gone through very similar process and stages, we have had similar training, and to quite an extent, think, feel, dream, worship, love and adore HER in very similar ways.

However, this is not the first time that it has crossed my mind that i am a bit like a puppet to HER. During the summer, SHE asked me to draw a picture illustrating our relationship, and this is what i drew,-


You may not be able to read the writing on it dear reader, but it says “I bow down before Haylee” and it is a picture of a little me, and an enormous Haylee, and i am HER puppet and SHE is pulling my strings. i am sorry i am not a very good drawer!

i that is how i feel. If SHE asks me to do something, i do it immediately and without question, and i love it when SHE does start telling me to do things. i am HERS. i love HER completely and unreservedly. i trust in HER utterly. i am HERS.

Then a day or two ago i was doing my daily meditation. i do at least 15 minute silent meditation, – normally first thing in the morning or last thing at night.  It is almost a form of self-hypnosis. i make sure i am not going to be disturbed, close my eyes and think of HER – all the things SHE has said and done recently, all the ways i could please and further HER interests. On this occasion i was thinking about how wonderful SHE is, and how i am HER puppet to use, set me to work and so on. You know with hypnosis, how used correctly, it can bring back lost memories. It was like that. Through the mists of time, this record which i hadn’t heard for perhaps nearly 40 years came it my head. Here is a link to a youtube recording of the song. Here is a link to the lyrics, which if you follow, you will see that they are just oh so appropriate. As you can see from Here, it was only a minor hit.

i guess the only thing remaining to do is for me to sing that song for HER and post it on youtube. Well i will, but only if SHE asks me to. After all, i am HER puppet.

Forthcoming blogs – “Weekend Worship” (unless someone beats me to it, and blogs on that before me), “Haylee Lynn, Soccer Manageress”, “Oh what a Perfect Slave” and “Zaa the hypnotic snake”

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