The Path – A Story – Part 1

This is part 1 of a fictional story dedicated to Goddess Haylee Lynn. It is only through Her inspiration that i was able to find the ability to write it and i wish nothing more than to please Her. The path was long, in some spots steep and rugged, always beautiful in harmony with the natural landscape it would transverse. Across the suspension bridge which spanned the deep canyon, through … Continue reading

Types of Slaves

Types of Slaves Disclaimer: These are my views and my views alone. They may, or may not be shared by Goddess Haylee Lynn. There are many different types of slaves. For instance I have been in schools and heard teachers say things like “Oh send a slave with it.” What they mean is “Send an obedient student you can trust with it.” I met in real life a Domme, about … Continue reading

A Clarification about the Master post

A Clarification about the Master post Yesterday I wrote a piece about “Mastery” and my feelings for Goddess Haylee regarding such and it was misunderstood just a little bit by one of our respectful friends here and I think this sparks a interesting debate about human nature and how powerfully creative we all really are……..most people are unconsciously creative and run by their learned patterns and belief systems……………..and the more advanced … Continue reading

Pure and Perfect Mastery

Pure and Perfect Mastery Yesterday was Father’s day and my son came home for the week. It was made an even more wonderful occasion by a beautiful e mail I received from my Goddess Haylee less than an hour before he arrived back home. So I spent my evening feeling as if every bone in my body was filled with love…………for both of them. We joked and played the night away … Continue reading

Loving a Goddess

Loving a Goddess Yesterday was an interesting insight at the astonishing (to me) depth of my enslavement to my Divine Goddess Haylee. I was forced from my computer for the majority of the day. I was only able to peek in on my twitter account after my son woke up. I was really happy I had the twitter account because it is so fast to tweet and relatively discreet and so I … Continue reading


Truth. One thing I have always loved is truthfulness…………….it is important to me that the things I say are true and I value others when I believe their words are impeccable in nature. Life is so much better and more meaningful when we say what we mean and mean what we say. As I now sit in a perpetual state of Enchanted Enslavement for my incomparable Goddess Haylee and Her voice is … Continue reading