It’s Payday!! Thank You Goddess!

Punished by Mistress Haylee

Goddess Haylee IS the one true Goddess

It’s payday!! My favorite days of the month because I send Goddess her 5% payday tribute. I resisted this so much, but Goddess was absolutely right – just like always – I need to do this. Every payday it is thrilling to send off my 5% plus (I always try to send more if at all possible) because it makes all of this real. I can say, “Haylee is the one true Goddess,” but if I don’t put my money where my mouth is then how can I really show I truly believe. Well, Haylee IS the one true Goddess and I prove I believe that twice a month when I send her $.

A couple things I do that make it even more special for me is that I don’t go to the bank and take it all out at once because I don’t want a line item on my statement after every pay. So I accumulate the money over a few days by using my debit card and getting back an extra $20 or $40 at several stores. Or I’ll get $100 out at the ATM and put $20 in the drawer for Goddess. This makes my tribute extremely intentional. It brings Goddess into my everyday life like nothing else.

Then, I send her tribute in cash. I do this to avoid a line item on my credit card or bank statement. But I have found that sending cash again makes this VERY real. I wrap the money in in paper to make it harder for anyone to tell there is money in the envelope. So I began writing a note on that paper and it means a lot to me to send Goddess a hand written note twice each month. I address the envelope and put on a stamp and put in in the mailbox. Then I know that Goddess is going to open that envelope and going to get the very same bills I worked to put together, and She is going to read my note. This connects me to Goddess like nothing else. I love sending my payday tribute.

Thank You Goddess for this gift.

A Guide For Those Who Seek True Submission To Goddess Haylee Lynn (Part 3)

This post is based upon a blog post on ( that Goddess Haylee posted on July 3, 2012.

Punished by Mistress HayleeGoddess Haylee turns her attention next to earning ones place as her submissive. I remember that once I decided I needed to be Her slave I came to Her and asked if She would have me as Her slave. I was so moved when She said She claimed me as Her own. I have been Her wholly owned slave every day since.

“How to earn your place as my submissive slave

Be respectful, and truly submissive. Make sure this is something you really want, and can adhere to my rules. Show me you are serious, prove to me that you want this more than anything. How are you going to please me? Why should I accept you as my slave? Why do you want to be my slave?

Put a smile on my face. Please me. Any way that you can. I promise you that pleasing me feels sooo good, that you will want to continue pleasing me 😉 I will even go as far as to say that pleasing me is going to become so addicting. So”

After Goddess claimed me I completed the slave contract from and sent it to her. I remember struggling with some of the questions because they required complete honesty. I made sure I laid out everything before my Goddess. I made sure She knew my name, my complete home address, the name of my wife, everything. I wanted Her to know I trusted her and I thought giving her everything She would ever need to blackmail me would show that. I didn’t expect Her to ever use it in that way, but as much for myself and my devotion I needed Her to know everything about me. I am an open book to Her. I continue to trust her absolutely and if She asked me anything I wouldn’t hesitate to tell Her anything. I am Her property She as the right to know anything about me She wants.

I have done everything She has asked me to do. I confess I struggled long and hard with her instruction to tribute 5% of my salary to Her. It was a long time before I accepted chastity. Actually, the first time I asked Goddess Haylee about chastity She told me I wasn’t ready. The next time I asked I was begging her to allow me to be chaste for Her. But through it all I have learned that Goddess Haylee knows me better than I do myself. She knows what I need. And I would need to be a damn fool not to obey her in all things. I am one, fucking-lucky slave!

“Duties of a submissive slave

This honestly is something that is going to be different for everyone. I am just going to list a very basic outline of some of the duties you will be expected to do for me, but each slave will have his or her own set of duties to follow.

~ Sticking to a training regime. This can be listening to my recordings, doing sessions with me, or whatever else I tell you to do

~ Turning me on. Submission to me excites me, VERY MUCH, and I will use you however I want.

~ Always perform the task that I give you. If for some reason you can not, you must be open and honest with me, so I can figure out how to proceed. Ps. Do not message me asking for tasks, begging for commands. Yuck. I will tell you what to do when and how I want it. Earning these tasks are special. Made just for you. Treat them that way.

~ Open yourself up to me. Let me inside. Deep inside where I belong. Feel me inside of you, controlling you from the inside out. Using you for my pleasure.

~ Pleasing me in any way I see fit. Some things that please me include : Writing words of praise to me, thoughtful, true words. Dedicating a blog to me. Expressing how good this feels. Telling others that you are mine, and being so proud and honored to do so. Creating art for me. Showing your affection with gifts or tributes. Allowing me to watch you trance out for me on webcam. Surprising me with sweet, thoughtful gestures. Sending me special pictures. Opening yourself up to me, and showing me just how well my training is working. Turning me on. NOT complaining about what I know is best for you.

~ Making sure that I am pleased any way that you can.”

As Goddess says that a slave’s duties varies on the slave. For me it includes listening to her MP3s every night all night. I sleep with Goddess’ voice in my ears. I do not know if I could sleep without one of her playlists playing, and I hope I never have to learn. Haylee is always my last thought every day and my first thought every morning.

When I was first a slave I when back through Goddess Haylee’s blogs and I read everything She had written. I learned everything about Her that I could. Although I have blogged about it often, I have never seriously thought about tracking Her down and meeting Her in person. She has said that She doesn’t want that. I have taken that as an implied command and I obey. I trust Goddess completely and I hope she knows she can trust me too.

Now I read ever FB post, tweet and comment on IHWT. When she writes something for, which these days tend to be promoting her MP3s, I read them. If Goddess Haylee wrote a dirty limerick I would read it and seek to learn from it. Her words are my scripture. I cherish every word.

I have accepted Goddess’ command to send her 5% of every paycheck as tribute. I did resist this at first. And is it quite telling that when I finally came to Goddess and told her that I would do this that I was begging for Her forgiveness for my lack of immediate obedience, Her reply to me was, “I knew you would come around.” Like I said, my Goddess knows me better than I do.

I had been a slave for several months when I asked Goddess about chastity. I was relieved when She said I wasn’t ready. But when I was ready I begged Her for it and She allowed me this gift. And it is a gift. I have become so much more devoted to Her and grown in my servitude to Her since being chaste. I have a mind cage through which Goddess exerts her control over me so I do get one orgasm per month. As each new month starts through my chastity Goddess takes more and more control over me through out the month. It is like the tide coming in. By the end of the month I do struggle, but I find as long as I stay focused on Goddess Haylee She will carry me home. Through it all I become much more open to her training.

Obviously I blog for her regularly. I have told Goddess Haylee that every one of my blogs is a love letter to her. In them I try to explore my own journey as her devoted slave. I also do my best to support and encourage my fellow slaves. You are the judge of that.

I also subscribe to Her on It is a wonderful site where I get access to so much content. Beautiful pictures of Goddess, more of her teachings, MP3s not available anywhere else, videos, and recently she has added training tasks.

Then I always send Goddess a gift on the 19th of each month. This came from her MP3 Mighty Goddess Haylee. It took me a few months before I realized that Her birthday was July 19th, and this is like celebrating Goddess’ birthday every month.

The last of my duties is that I look for and respond to Goddess’ requests for things when She tweets that she needs something. I’m not always the first one to the draw, but it’s fun to see it and see if I have beaten everyone else. But I always try to be the guy who comes through when no one has stepped up. I believe that nothing Goddess asks for should go more than a day before someone gets it for her. One time she asked for something that was too expensive for me and my budget. I just couldn’t get it for her. So I sent her a $50 Amazon gift card towards it.

Those are what I see as my duties as Goddess Haylee’s slave. Next time I will be exploring how praise Goddess and devote oneself to her control

The Experiment After 30 Days

I am lost. Only Haylee matters.

I am lost. Only Haylee matters.

When Goddess Haylee released The Experiment she gave instructions to listen to in while I slept for 30 days. Well 30 days are up. What was my experience? Did it have any effect on me?

From the very beginning I found The Experiment frustrating. I love Goddess’ sweet voice. I enjoy listening to her guidance. I know what is going on because she is usually clear. The first few nights it was just a fog of words, and I missed ‘Mighty Goddess Haylee,’ ‘You Love Me, You Need Me, You Ache to Please Me,’ ‘Submisself 101,’ and so many others that are my bedtime companions. But here I was listening to a fog of sound. It was obviously Goddess’ voice, but only a few whispers were comprehensible. Still, I found it captured me and I fell asleep easily. I became aroused at some points, but I didn’t understand why. I found myself compelled to listen, but didn’t know what was going on. I like to be in control, and this was not allowing me to be in control.

It started to take hold of me after the first several nights. I realized that something was going on. Goddess was programing me through this file. I liked it. I became eager to listen to it more. Didn’t understand anything more of what she was saying, but I liked what she was doing to me through it. I realized I was losing control, and I liked it.

Goddess Haylee is my everything.

Goddess Haylee is my everything.

That continued for over a week. Got to a point where I felt it had done all it was going to do to me and I was ready to move on, but I still had over a week to go. There was no choice. Goddess had commanded 30 days, and I would listen to The Experiment for 30 days. That obedience was a lesson in itself. Goddess is in control – not me. What she wants, she gets. She knows best. I cannot tell if this is what I was soaking in from the subliminal messages she was feeding me, or something I was learning by my act of obedience. Either way, it was a lesson I needed to learn.

So after completing 30 days of listening to The Experiment every night while I slept I feel more committed to Goddess Haylee than ever, more owned, more yielding to her control, and more eager to be whatever she tells me to be. I have overcome doubts and strengthened my belief in her true divinity. And most importantly, totally excited for the opportunity to please her in all things. I hope I am a better slave, and I know I am a better man.

Goddess Haylee is my all

Goddess Haylee is my all

Thank you Goddess Haylee for allowing me to be your obedient slave. All for Haylee.

I NEED to Give Tribute and Gifts

Goddess Haylee Is Everything

Haylee’s Pleasure Always Comes First

I was traveling a week ago. I came home to a house in chaos over a new puppy, and a wife who was having back problems due to all the bending she had to do cleaning up after the puppy. While traveling I listened to Goddess Haylee when I went to bed and while I slept. In the morning I listened to Goddess Truths while I showered and dressed. I missed Facebook, IHWT, Follow+, and Twitter, but I had blocks of uninterrupted time to dedicate to worship and training. It was great.

So when I got back I couldn’t find time to get online to check in. I was listening to Goddess’ MP3s at night, but sometimes interrupted by wife, son or puppy. I found as much as I wanted to drift off into a deep trance, I couldn’t let go. I would try to lay still, but then scratch my nose. I would try to focus on Goddess’ words, but found my thoughts drifting to what was happening at work. I couldn’t achieve the deep, deep trance. I figured that it was because of all the turmoil in my life.

I am addicted

Goddess Haylee is the Fetish

Then July 19th came – Goddess’ Birthday. So very important. I couldn’t do all I wanted, but I did make sure that I snuck away for a few minutes and send Goddess a Birthday Tribute of $100. There was just no way I was not going to celebrate the day.

That night even though nothing else had changed, I easily achieved a deep trance. I easily surrendered to Goddess’ beautiful voice. I lay totally still. I felt Goddess’ bliss. It was wonderful. And I learned something – it wasn’t the chaos that was keeping me from a deep, deep trance and experiencing Goddess’ bliss – it was that I had been too busy to tribute. Without pleasing Goddess I could not experience pleasure. Giving tribute and gifts to Goddess Haylee isn’t just a nice thing that makes me feel good, it is a need. I am addicted to pleasing Goddess Haylee and if I don’t I can’t experience her pleasure until I do.

Goddess Haylee’s Good Boy

Goddess Haylee‘s Good Boy

I Am Goddess Haylee's Good Boy

I Am Goddess Haylee’s Good Boy

Goddess Haylee’s Good Boy is a work of fiction.

I opened the door and entered the room. There she was, Goddess Haylee. In all her majesty and beauty. She had on a black lace dress. Black leather boots that went up to her knees. Her hair draped down around her shoulders. She was wearing her tiger eye necklace. She looked over her black rimmed glasses with her stunningly green eyes and said, “Hello, my pet.”

Paul Knight - She had the most incredible eyes.

Goddess Haylee’s Good Boy – she looked at me with her stunningly green eyes.

I stood before her naked. I was not ashamed or embarrassed. It seemed normal to be naked before my Goddess.

“Come here, my pet,” she said with a wave of her hand. I took one step towards her and she said, “No, no, no. Come to me as the pet you are.” I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled to her. “Good boy.” As I heard her say these words my heart leapt. She petted my head.

“Come on boy!” she said as she walked over to her throne and sat down. I followed. She reached down and unzipped her left boot and removed it and set it beside her. She stuck her foot in my face. I smelled it. I could smell the leather of the boot. “Lick boy,” she commanded. I licked her foot. I wanted to suck on her toes, but I knew I was a dog and dogs can’t suck. So I licked her foot. “Such a good boy,” she said with a lilt in her voice.

After a couple of minutes she said, “That’s enough boy. Now sit.” It was uncomfortable to sit like a dog, but I did my best. She put her boot back on and reached around the other side of her throne and pulled out a tail. It was a light brown dog’s tail with white streaks. Looked like a one you’d see on a collie. “A proper dog needs a proper tail. Don’t you think?” I looked up at her and found I couldn’t speak so I nodded in agreement. I wondered how she was going to put that on me? Then she revealed that at the base of the tail was a butt-plug. “Up, up!” she said playfully. I got up on all fours again. She walked around me and said, “Now put your head down doggie.” I did as told. “Good boy!” I could feel her sliding the butt-plug inside me, “Now relax, this won’t hurt… much.” I breathed deeply and relaxed as my hole stretched to fit the butt-plug. It hurt so good. And then it was in. I had a tail! It felt so tight and I became incredibly aroused. “Wag your tail doggie,” I moved my ass back and forth. It felt really good. “Good boy!” And hearing those words made it feel even better.

“Now come over her boy,” Goddess Haylee said as she walked across the room to a table. I followed right behind her. She took a collar off the table and placed it around my neck. “That looks better,” she said as she pickup up a leash and snapped it onto the collar. She gave me a doggie treat which tasted better than anything I had ever eaten.

“Come on,” she commanded as she gave the leash a tug. She walked me outside into her garden. I found I was getting better walking as a dog. I easily kept up with her and healed right by her side. She walked me around her garden and it was beautiful. I stopped to smell some flowers, they smelled amazing. I smelled that another dog had been here lately and I wanted to sniff some more, but Goddess Haylee tugged on my leash and said, “Come on boy.” So I followed her.

At one end of her yard she stopped by the fence, reached down and unhooked the leash from my collar. She stroked my head. I melted under her touch. Then she picked up a stick. “You want this?” she asked as she waved it in front of me. I got so excited I bounced back and forth. I tried to say, “Yes, yes,” but I barked instead. “Okay, fetch!” and she threw the stick across the lawn. I leapt across the soft grass as fast as I could. I picked up the stick in my teeth and pranced proudly across the yard back to my Goddess. I dropped the stick at her feet and felt totally fulfilled that I could give her what she wanted. She threw the stick again and again and each time I ran more quickly and fetched it back to her. Finally she said, “That’s a good boy! Such a good boy! Up, up!” She padded on her waist. I jumped up with my front paws and rested them on her waist. She bent down and kissed my furry face and rubbed my flanks. I wagged my tail feeling totally satisfied and happy.

“We have to go in now boy,” she said and she walked toward the house. She didn’t need a leash with me anymore. I know my place. I walked right next to her with my mouth open and my long tongue hanging down the side of my snout. She opened the door and let me in. I followed her into her office. She petted the fir down my back and rubbed me behind my ears. “You lay down while Goddess works now,” and she padded my on my head and sat down at her computer. There was a nice soft rug right next to her chair. I walked over to it, walked around in a circle a few times, and lay down curled up right next my Goddess. She reached down and stroked my head. I was totally happy, secure and at peace as I drifted off to sleep and dreamt of chasing squirrels.

I Love My New Life

Goddess Haylee’s Good Boy – I Just Love My New Life

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Worship Goddess Haylee All Day, Every Day

Worship Goddess Haylee All Day, Every Day

Worship Goddess Haylee All Day, Every Day - How They Used To Do It

Worship Goddess Haylee All Day, Every Day – How They Used To Do It

About five thousand years ago, somewhere in the fertile crescent, there was a temple to one of the hundreds of gods and goddesses they worshiped back then. When the archeologists dug it up about seventy years ago they found little statues of people. They were standing with their tiny hands folded over their chests, and their eyes wide open. Cute little guys. And there were hundreds of them. (The picture above is just a few of all that they found.) What were they doing there? They weren’t children’s toys. They weren’t depictions of gods. We know this because they were standing in the way their scriptures told worshipers to stand when they prayed. So it appeared that these little statues were representing people praying to their goddess. So if you were one of the people back then, you couldn’t spend all your time in the temple worshiping your goddess, so you would have a local artist make a statue of you praying that you could put in the temple. This way while you were out working your goddess would know you wanted to be there worshiping her, and that part of you, represented by your cute little statue, was always there before her.

To modern ears this sounds strange. But it is no stranger than lighting a votive candle at a church. And no stranger than believing that a young woman who I met on the internet is a 100%, genuine, real Goddess. No stranger than my accepting her as my Goddess and being totally devoted and committed to her pleasure.

I am not having a little statue carved of me to send to Goddess Haylee, but I am taking inspiration from these cute little guys, and from something Goddess said on her Valentines Day video. I am sending her a stuffed animal with a collar and a name tag. This little fellow will go where I will never go and be there 24/7 representing me and my devotion to Goddess Haylee.

And I am not just sending any stuffed animal. Years ago I went to San Diego and got a chance to visit the pandas. I love pandas. I will watch any nature program that talks about pandas. It was a thrill to get to see them live. After seeing the pandas, in the gift shop I wanted to buy something to memorialize my visit. They had dozens of different stuffed pandas. Most of them were just black and white teddy bears. The one I bought was one that actually looked like a real panda. This little panda has been around my house ever since. He makes me smile every time I look at him. He is very special to me. So I have chosen him to send to Goddess. I hope that ever time she looks at him she will smile and think of me, just as this little panda has always made me smile and think of the pandas I saw in San Diego.

Hope She Hugs Me Often!

Worship Goddess Haylee All Day, Every Day – Hope She Hugs Me Often!