Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar The story so far: Haylee Lynn has Claude under hypnosis, undergoing past-life regression. Claude is Claudius, in a previous life, serving “The Siren of the Nile”, Cleopatra, who, for some reason, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Goddess Haylee Lynn! The full part one of the story can be read here:- http://inhayleewetrust.com/past-life-regression/ Haylee is speaking again. “You are doing so well dear Claudius. Go deep for me again. Go … Continue reading

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sessions and Text Sessions by HH

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sessions and Text Sessions by Hypnotic Haylee. I am extremely happy to announce that I will now be around most days, especially Monday-Friday for erotic hypnosis phone sessions, and text sessions. I know that so many of you kept asking me when I will be available, and if I even offer live sessions any longer. The answer is a big fat YES lol! I offer erotic hypnosis … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee Lynn and Her “slave”


This post is about words and the definitions of the words we use. I was going to post about submission vs hypnosis today but this one feels important so I will do the other one tomorrow. In contract law I am learning at a deeper level the importance of knowing what the different words we use mean and how much that might vary according to *context* and *intent*. If we … Continue reading

Crystal Dreams

I can stare at this photo of Goddess Haylee for hours, She is just so beautiful! In my last post here I recounted a recurring dream told in story-form. At the very end, Goddess Haylee drops a small crystal into my hand and I awake from the dream still holding the crystal. There is something interesting about this for me. When I envisioned what I would write it was a … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee Lynn as your mummy

Goddess Haylee Lynn as your mummy This blog was inspired by the above picture generated by Taylor Banks. It caught my eye because i sometimes feel that Goddess Haylee Lynn has become almost a mother figure in my life. Let me explain. A little baby is dependent on its mother. In the same way, i have become dependent upon Goddess Haylee Lynn. A little baby learns and is trained by … Continue reading


Boots by blissdesires Please read “Just one Lick” by Goddess Haylee first. http://hypnotichaylee.com/lick/#respond Waves of blissful pleasure begin flowing up and down my body, the desires of my mind and body so very intense. Instinctively i take in a deep breath of Your scent and the scent of the latex. They swirl in my mind neutralizing the deep depths of any will i could possibly be holding onto. i extend … Continue reading

Wants and needs

good boy My own peculiar Universe

Wants and needs We all know that basic needs are few – food, drink, water, shelter. However in our modern society, several items have also become necessities. Many people need a computer for their work, and many would say that they have a need for a computer and life without it would be unbearable. In the same way many people need a car to commute. Certain people also become addicted to … Continue reading

The College Lecturer

The College Lecturer One thing about being a substitute teacher is that I never know what I am going to be asked to do next. I phoned the agency I worked for yesterday and asked if they had any work which needed covering. “We do, but it is only as a teaching assistant to a college lecturer. I am afraid we can only pay you 10 dollars an hour. Would … Continue reading

Counting the reasons why i serve and worship Goddess Haylee Lynn

Counting the reasons Yesterday Claude mentioned that Goddess Haylee Lynn had asked him to spend 10 minutes before he slept counting the reasons why he serves and worships HER. I would like to answer that question myself! 1. I worship HER because She is a Goddess. She is amazing. Her voice is so addictive. i need to hear HER sweet voice on a daily basis. Once i start listening, my … Continue reading