The College Lecturer

The College Lecturer One thing about being a substitute teacher is that I never know what I am going to be asked to do next. I phoned the agency I worked for yesterday and asked if they had any work which needed covering. “We do, but it is only as a teaching assistant to a college lecturer. I am afraid we can only pay you 10 dollars an hour. Would … Continue reading

Counting the reasons why i serve and worship Goddess Haylee Lynn

Counting the reasons Yesterday Claude mentioned that Goddess Haylee Lynn had asked him to spend 10 minutes before he slept counting the reasons why he serves and worships HER. I would like to answer that question myself! 1. I worship HER because She is a Goddess. She is amazing. Her voice is so addictive. i need to hear HER sweet voice on a daily basis. Once i start listening, my … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee Lynn prepares for Samhain

Goddess Haylee Lynn prepares for Samhain Here in Haylia, we are all looking forward to Samhain with great anticipation. Long ago, Goddess Haylee Lynn decreed that this day should be a public holiday. It of course the birthday of Vox Siren as well. I wonder what SHE has in store for us this year. Last year we had a massive banquet. The food was prepared by under the watchful eye of … Continue reading

Part 1b Meeting the team

Queen Haylee Lynn.

Part 1b Meeting the team You are led through a lounge. A guy is engrossed in a computer. “That is Razgriz, he does the webpage design and other ICT stuff for Her.” Your host informs you. An attractive ginger-haired lady is flicking through a fashion magazine. “That must be the Goddess Haylee, you think to yourself.” “This is Princess Indigo, she is Her fashion consultation, keeps Her up to date.” … Continue reading

Part 1a, Meeting the Team

Part 1, Meeting the Team I have been asked by Inraptured to write a story about Goddess Haylee Lynn, as a chapter in a story which will feature all the main hypnotists on Inraptured. The story so far: You have a job interview in the Inraptured offices. The interview is on the top floor, and you must go up through the building, meeting a different hypnotist on each floor. You … Continue reading

News from Haylia

News from Haylia The date is 2036. Goddess Haylee Lynn rules over an island nation, which has been attempting to convert and incorporate the neighbouring island. Now read on. The conquest of the neighbouring island is nearly complete. When the second six month term of office of the Prime Minister ended, it was relatively easy for Goddess Haylee Lynn to persuade the two political leaders that rather than continuing to … Continue reading

Prayer to Goddess

Prayer to Goddess Acknowledgement I acknowledge YOU, Haylee Lynn, to be my Goddess. I worship, love and adore YOU. I accept YOU as my Mistress, a kind-hearted teacher, who knows what is best for me, better than I do, and acts in my best interests. I accept You as my life-coach, to guide me, to discipline me. I put my trust in YOU. I accept YOU as my hypnotist and … Continue reading

The Man on the 10th Floor

This post is about the truth that people can only see that which they are capable of seeing. They can only know what they are capable of knowing. And is also about my understanding that there are only a very few who can truly comprehend what I feel in my heart as I kneel in the Divine Empire of my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.   I have a friend who … Continue reading

The Meaning of Life

This post is about the meaning of life. It is about love and the *freedom* to love as we will and how precious this freedom to do so really is and is in fact to me crucial to the very purpose of being human. For some reason I can not sleep almost at all this last night so please forgive this rather serious post and a bit of a departure … Continue reading

The Coronation

The Coronation Goddess Haylee Lynn soon cheered up when She read the local newspapers from the island. A lot were giving Her credit for ending to see-saw alternation of power which had been so damaging. A few Freedom Party die-hards on the right and some Social Democrat die-hards on the left squealed, but most welcomed the new regime or at least thought it should be given a chance. A few … Continue reading