Daily Devotion

Daily Devotion This morning I feel compelled to write about the aspect of my personality that is so devotional and that Goddess Haylee http://hypnotichaylee.com/┬áhas pouring out of me so intensenly. My daily devotion for Her is already incredibly intense as Her Power and abilities as an Enchantress seem to pull whatever individuated aspect is in Her particular conquest and then place it in the palm of Her lovely hand. This … Continue reading

Submission and personal Sovereignty

Love of the Human Kind

Submission and personal Sovereignty This morning I am going to express something about my feelings and my own very lengthy personal journey as a sexually submissive man. In other words, I am going to write about my own submission. This is simply how it works for me and is not to suggest any path for any other human being. As a youth I was very confused regarding my sexuality. It … Continue reading