How It Feels to Be Trapped

“Oh good, a new MP3 from Goddess,” I thought as I logged onto Follow+. From the title I had joked that if I actually got trapped inside of a trance I would end up like a comma patient and eventually die of starvation. On the whole it wouldn’t be a bad way to go! But it didn’t give me any idea of what to actually expect. So I lay back and … Continue reading

Goddess Dominating From Her Throne (A Honest Review)

Advice on how to serve Goddess Haylee, posted on May 23, 2016 by slavejohn.

When I die, I hope whatever greets me on the other side is even half as beautiful as Goddess Haylee Lynn appears in “Goddess Dominating From Her Throne“. Her mesmorizing voice and Toe Curling visuals are among the most enrapturing in recent memory, yet the video’s true beauty stems not from its alluring HD crystal camera clarity but from its unfailing ability to imbue every moment at the feet of … Continue reading

Resistance to Goddess Haylee

In every MP3 Goddess commands the surrendering of resistance. I am learning that resistance is so much more than I thought it was and the deeper I go the more types of resistance I uncover and have to overcome to completely surrender to Goddess Haylee. The first resistance is to let myself trust Goddess Haylee, listen to her voice and allow her to put me into trance. At first it … Continue reading

I NEED to Give Tribute and Gifts

I was traveling a week ago. I came home to a house in chaos over a new puppy, and a wife who was having back problems due to all the bending she had to do cleaning up after the puppy. While traveling I listened to Goddess Haylee when I went to bed and while I slept. In the morning I listened to Goddess Truths while I showered and dressed. I … Continue reading

Vox Black Lips Boyfriend Enslavement

Vox Black Lips Boyfriend Enslavement Vox Black Lips Boyfriend Enslavement is an iwant video made by Goddess Haylee Lynn. This is how she herself describes the video,- “Lipstick Fetish, Mean Girls This was a custom request. It is zoomed in HD to my shiny perfect black lips. You are/were my boyfriend, and I sent you this video to tell you that I am connecting deeply with my inner bitch, and … Continue reading

Paul Knight

Paul Knight. Haylee Lynn was stunning.

Paul Knight Paul Knight written by Paul Knight (not his real name), edited by Forever Slave. This is a story of my conversion from selfish man to devout worshipper of my Goddess Haylee Lynn after visiting the Church of Haylee. My name is Paul Knight. I used to be an investigative reporter for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and I thought I had a great life. I was well known around town for my work as … Continue reading

Follow Haylee

Follow Haylee

Follow Haylee How far would you follow Haylee? A wise man once told me “The real test of whether you love someone is whether you would literally follow them to the end of the Earth. If they got a job on the other side of the planet would you go with them? If the answer is no, then you don’t really love them. If the answer is yes then you … Continue reading

Haylee Comes to the Rescue

Haylee Comes to the Rescue.

Haylee Comes to the Rescue. Haylee Comes to the Rescue, posted on March 20, 2016 by slavejohn.   Laying on my belly at the corner of a cabin deep in the woods. Terrified and trying to hide behind a tuft of grass. I found myself in a most dangerous place – spying on witches in the act of casting spells. It was something out of a horror movie! I backed up a few … Continue reading

Assignments & Tasks to bring you closer to Haylee.

assignments & Tasks to bring you closer to Haylee

Assignments & Tasks to bring you closer to Haylee. So you want to get closer to Haylee? So you wonder what it would be like to be enslaved by her? One excellent idea is to start to do assignments and tasks for her! There is a video she has made which includes a task. It is unsurprisingly called “Get closer to your GODDESS task 1”. There is a link to … Continue reading

Forever Slave Review of the Year.

Forever Slave Review of the Year. “Forever Slave Review of the Year.” reflects the views of the author, which may, or may not, be shared with others. One of the great privileges that those of us who are accepted by Goddess Haylee Lynn as one of her slaves is that we have access to a private forum attached to this site. Normally what is said in there stays in there. However … Continue reading