Change of mind

Change of mind

Before you read “Change of Mind”, please read the other stories in this saga first, but especially “The prime Minister’s Dream”

Then, as She was walking down the corridor, suddenly the Prime Minister came rushing out of his room.

“I’m awfully sorry Haylee. I have had a change of mind. I’ve been so ungrateful. You are right. This is the perfect time for it. Please come back and show me.”

“You want me to hypnotize you?”

“Yes please Haylee.”

“You sure? You are not going to change your mind again.”

“No, I am certain.”

“OK then”

So She followed him back to his cabin, putting the tray down en route. She asked him to sit in an armchair, while She sat in a chair opposite, as near as She could get.

“Now I just want you to look into my eyes.” There was a change in Her voice, it was smoother, silkier.

Change of mind

Change of mind.

“That’s right look deeply into my big bright green eyes. That’s easy enough isn’t it? Being hypnotized is an easy enough process, all you have to do is follow simple instructions. Just listen to my sweet voice and look deeply into my eyes. There is no need for you to think, don’t try to analyse what is happening, you must just let it happen to you. Put your trust in me. Trust in me completely. Listen very carefully to me, and just follow all my instructions, do exactly what I say.

Now look deeper into my eyes. Let your mind go blank. I want you to change the way you are breathing now. Take some nice deep breaths in. That’s right, breathe in as deeply as you can, hold it, and then out again. That’s right. Keep gazing deeply into my eyes, keep breathing deeply, keep listening to the sound of my voice, and let yourself relax. Relax more and more. As you breathe in, breathe in my essence, my presence. As you breathe out, feel all the tension leave your body. Let the feelings of relaxation take over more and more. Just let my voice guide you down deeper and deeper. Without even noticing you are beginning to change. You are entering a light trance state. But you want more than that. You want to go down deeper than that. Feel the relaxation growing stronger and stronger.”

She got even closer to his, so Her eyes were really close to his.

“That’s right, look deeper and deeper. Your eyes are caught up in my eyes. So pleasant to relax like this. To personable, so pleasurable, so intimate just the two of us, relaxing like this.”

She noticed a change of look in his eyes. They had gone blank. He was responding excellently – better than She dared to hope.”

“You are doing so well. It is amazing how quickly you can become so relaxed just looking into a pair of eyes like this and listening to a voice guiding you down. Now I want you to relax further.

Close your eyes … take a deep breath … take a second deep breath as deep as you can … and on your third deep breath hold it for about three seconds … and
exhale and relax …with each breath that you take, allow yourself to relax deeper and deeper …I’m going to have you relax each part of your body starting from the top of
your head all the way down to your feet and what I’d like you to do it is as I mention each part of your body I want to place all of your focus on that part and
try to tense it up, or clench, or tighten up that specific muscle as much as you can, and then you can let go and release it … and as you let go you can allow that
portion of your body to relax completely.
Let’s begin with the top of you head, tense or tighten up all the muscles around your forehead, your eyes, your cheeks and even your nose for a few moments …
and let go completely and relax … just get rid of all the tension … now tighten up all the muscles around your mouth, your chin and your jaw … and just let them
go and let them relax … your doing a great job … now tighten up all the muscles in your neck area for a moment, the front parts and the back parts … and let go … tighten up your shoulders area and your upper arms as much as you can … and now let them go completely …the let them droop down heavy and relaxed … now
tighten up all the muscles from your elbows, down through to your forearms, your wrists, all the way down to your fingertips, clenching your fists closed as tight as
you can … and just let go, allowing them to be totally relaxed and to be still.
And as you continue to breathe regular and comfortably … I’d like you to tighten up all the muscles in your chest area … and let go now and continue to relax … and tighten up all the muscles in your stomach … hold it for a few seconds … and as you let go you allow all of the stress and tension to leave your body completely … now tighten up the areas around your hips, your bottom, and even your thighs … and just let go, allowing yourself to relax more and more … and now tighten up the muscles of your calves, ankles, your feet and toes … make them tight and clenched as much as you can … and as you let go, allow everything in your body to relax completely … from the top of your head, to the bottom of your feet, you can allow yourself now to relax completely and deeply.”

There was a change to his posture. He was now slumped in his chair, motionless. There was a change in his breathing too, another tell-tail sign. She could see that he was completely under Her sweet spell. She could now start to work on him. She needed to change him to her way of thinking.

“You are so deep now. Enjoying this great relaxation. You are much more deeply relaxed that you ever thought possible. You love this feeling. It is such a pleasurable feeling. You will find yourself asking me to hypnotize you again and again. You love gazing deeply into my lovely eyes, you love listening to my soft voice. You want to listen to my voice more and more. You will find yourself listening to my various recordings. You will find yourself agreeing with me. You admire me. You admire everything I have done for your country. You want to help me. You want to please me.”

“Now just relax deeper for a me. Let all my words sink down into your subconscious, into your very soul. Feel my bliss. Feel the wonderful feeling that you have when you are completely hypnotized by me. Soon you will awake, you will not remember my words, but you will remember the wonderful feelings you had, and will want to feel them again, and again, and again.”

“I will count to five and that the count of five I will snap my fingers, and when I do you will be fully awake feeling better than before and very energized.
One … starting to emerge from hypnosis …
Two … feeling energized and alert …
Three … in just a moment when I snap my fingers … you will feel better than before and very alert
Four … Your eyes are beginning to open … and
Five … feeling energized, alert, and better
than before.”

His eyes opened, She looked into his eyes again and smiled.

“How are you?” She said.

“Marvellous thanks, absolutely marvellous.”

“Good, well excuse me please, I have to leave and get on with things. Hope to see you again soon.”

And so She left. But she could see the change in him for herself.

“At last! he is mine! Pity he isn’t going to be Prime Minister for much longer.” She thought to Herself.

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