Claude’s promotion

Claude’s promotion

This was originally written as a birthday present for Claude.

It is your birthday once again, as Deputy Prime Minister; you are invited to the private Chambers of your Empress. You imagine that this will be just the routine “Happy Birthday”, but she has got something special lined up for you this time.
You enter, and kneel before her. She bids you rise, hugs you and wishes you happy birthday. Just like every other year so far. She congratulates you, your son and his wife on the birth of the twins. She asks after them. She sits you down on the sofa. She offers you help with looking after the twins.
“I have plenty of good people who may be able give you a hand.”
“No I’m fine thanks; I will look after them while my son and his wife work, and they will see to them in the evenings.”
She gently takes your hands in hers and looks you in the eye.

Goddess Haylee Lynn looked at you with those big green eyes again

Goddess Haylee Lynn looked at you with those big green eyes again

“My dear slave, you may want to reconsider that, when you hear what I have to say, I have something very important to ask you.”
“Yes Your Majesty?”
“My dear, sweet, loyal slave. You probably know I am looking for a new Prime Minster for Haylia. Will you do this very important thing for me please?”
“But your Majesty, I can’t make speeches.”
“No, but you can write, and you write the most beautiful, sensitive things for me, and you have been doing so daily for 20 years now. And if you can write like that for me, then you can write like that for the country, and then it is just a case of reading it out.”
She looks deeply into your eyes
“Trust me I can help you with those speeches, I can help you overcome that shyness, I can give you confidence.”
You know full well she can too.
“But I am not worthy your Majesty!”
“Not worthy? You are the most loyal, obedient and trustworthy person I have every come across. Remember when that madman was on the island shooting everyone? You can between me and the bullet. You saved my life and have been limping ever since. No one is more worthy that you my dear.”
Then she changed her tone.
“Don’t you want to serve me or something?”
“No, of course I do. I want to serve you more than anything else in the world. It is just such a shock that’s all. I never thought it would come to this.”
“But you were the obvious choice; you have been deputy for years.”
“I know, but it never really crossed my mind. It is not something I desired or expected.”
“Exactly! and that is one reason why you are such a perfect choice! So you will do it then?”
“Yes your Majesty!”
“Thank you.”
And with that she throws both arms around you and starts kissing you and you both break out in laughter. It is the happiest moment of your life!

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Claude’s promotion — 3 Comments

  1. How did you know that I get so nervous with public speaking?
    Honestly, it terrifies me! Hahaha. Thank you for writing this my brother slave. 🙂

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