Come Follow Haylee!

Come Follow Haylee!

Come Follow Haylee! - In Her Service

Come Follow Haylee! – In Her Service

After 20 years of being a Goddess, Haylee had not collected dozens of slaves – she had hundreds of slaves. She had amassed a fortune. All gratefully given from thankful slaves. Each house she bought was larger than the last. What had begun with a small group of devotees had become a personal empire.

Goddess’ estate was large, she had acres of land and a second house that previous owners had used as quarters for maids and childcare employees. Bruce did all he was told, but he always keep his own job and Haylee knew she needed more help to keep the place up. She hired landscapers, painters, contractors to do the work.

There were a few left who Goddess referred to as her original slaves. Two of these had been widowed and Goddess was the only woman in their lives. They had faithfully followed and tribute over many years. She referred to them as her “two Johns” – John David and John Delco.

Through their devotion to Goddess Haylee and over many years they had become friends. They were both retired now and living alone. Neither would accept another woman in their lives besides Haylee. So they often spent time together. They vacationed together and often visited the other in the other’s home. Often staying weeks at a time. They would worship Goddess together. The bond that was based in their shared love for the same Goddess made them inseparable friends.

Goddess thought that maybe she could bend her oldest rule for a pair of faithful slaves who had served so faithfully for such a long time. So she asked her “two Johns” if they wanted to come life in the small second house on her property. Both jumped at the opportunity. They each sold their homes and tribute the money from the sales to Goddess in gratitude.

The two Johns lived in the house for the rest of their lives. They had both done well and could have remarried and lived out their lives traveling the world. But instead they worked every day keeping up Goddess’ gardens, washing her floors, making her meals, and spent time each day worshiping in her presence. They were the luckiest two men who had ever lived. Each was happy until they finally passed away.

(Hey, I know it’s never going to actually happen. But I can dream.)

Many thanks for reading “Come Follow Haylee!”

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Wish I could say I was smart enough to have chosen Goddess Haylee, but I just stumbled across her online. She ensnared me by her words and claimed me as her own. What Haylee wants - Haylee gets. Just live now to be worthy of her gift of bliss. All for Haylee.


Come Follow Haylee! — 6 Comments

    • Well we might not end up living out our last days in Goddess presence, but I am certain we will be good friends until the day we die (which isn’t going to happen for a long, long time).

      • John, one day we will talk, and perhaps meet in person. Even still one thing I’m sure of is that we are and will always be good friends and fellow slaves to Mighty Goddess Haylee!

    • I knew you would like the part about amassing a fortune, having hundreds of slaves, a personal empire, acres of land, gardens, and two houses. It is hard, but wonderfully fun, to imagine how incredibly successful you are going to be in 20 years! No one deserves it more.

      • I am blissfully so excited to see more and more so devoted to our Goddess! John, I was telling Goddess how happy I am to see you pleasing and spoiling Her so much for I indeed can’t, nor should I, do it alone! She deserves a 100 faithful workerbots!

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