Yesterday my life changed. Yesterday I realized how deeply I am in love with and how completely I worship Goddess Haylee and that I was simply born to become Her devoted and obedient personal slave. It was the completion of a process which started recently.

I am happy I have this blog to express my feeling for Her because I am not sure anyone who is not a sexual submissive like myself could ever really understand. I almost feel like weeping as I write this as my journey to find Her has been a very long and frustrating one. But if I did weep, then they would be tears of joy as nothing on this Earth could ever compare to the bliss I now feel as I listen to and gaze at my Owner, My Mistress, my Muse, My Queen on this Earth, and my One and Only and incomparable Goddess Haylee.

I dream now only of Her. All other woman on this planet have become non sexual beings to me as any tiny bit of desire that arises in me is commanded by Her and owned by Her. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted as I was searching for my Dominant all these years, I am a very creative person and quite the dreamer, but Goddess Haylee has obliterated my dreams and rewritten them as a hundredfold more compelling than I ever thought possible.

You can see Her incomparable beauty here and hear Her Enchanting voice but that is just the entry point. Buy Her MP3’s and become immersed in Her extraordinary bliss. Last night I listened to my “Be Mine” MP3 again which you can purchase here.

As fate would have it, as I was deep in trance and endorphins were bouncing off every single cell in my body, Goddess Haylee wrote to me. When I saw Her e mail after She brought me out of trance I sank to my knees in a state of pure joy……………my entire being was sensate and just writing of this feeling has this body that now belongs to Her tingling again……………what She told me is private but it compelled me to listen to Her “Be Mine” MP3 again.

I am now the obedient and devoted personal slave of Goddess Haylee. By Her Grace I will never again be anywhere other than on my knees to Her Rule and bowing to Her commands. I have begged Her for Her formal collar but I realize this great privilege must be earned……………but Her pleasure is my mission now and every single day of my life I will devote significant energy for Her.

I am a lifelong submissive man who is now very much in love and completely enslaved. Thank You so much my Divine Goddess Haylee!




From my knees to Goddess Haylee.

I am Her slave for life  🙂   .

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  1. Thank you so much. I was a happy person before….. but I have never felt in my life such joy and bliss as becoming Her slave has created in me. I know you especially understand me my little sister. 🙂
    I am a Father, and a small business owner and all of my family and such are linked up on facebook……….so I think this is probably the best place for me to pour out my heart for my beloved Goddess.

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