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  1. I long to be controlled I crave to suck cock and eat cum I would like to be hypnotized to wear lipstick nail polish and panties and to have a strong desire to suck cock all cocks please goddess Haylee will you control me and make me your personal man whore

    Thank you
    your slave Dave

  2. I am not sure this is the place to ask but, I am confused. When I found about You, through Your amazing You Tube videos, I felt compeled to follow and submit to You. But, then I found that there are let’s say, “three of You”, Goddess. Namely:
    – Hypnotic Haylee
    – Empress Vox
    – Haylee Vox
    What are the differences between You “three”? The approach? Is it a case of “multiple personalities”?
    Any answer will be humbly welcome.
    Sorry if this is not the right place to post.

  3. Thank you foreverslave. Still a newbie on her.
    Hmmm, I guess I will start with her “lighter” Hypnotic Haylee. I already feel a bit scared by the whole amount of new feelings that started to develop inside me after watching her vids. Feel so compeled and willing for more of her. Can’t explain that.

  4. I just watched one of Goddess Haylees YouTube video and the feeling and desire to serve her and love her and obey her is overwhelming. I don’t know what to do. I’ve never felt this way before.

  5. I am new on here. I hope it’s ok to post, and this is the right place to do it, but I have recently found about our Goddess, by seeing her youtube channel. I have been constantly watching her videos, and can’t stop myself doing it more and more.
    Goddess’s words are becoming all I meditate on, and hope I will be able to be guided to the correct way of thinking. Can anyone recommend a good sequence/order to begin listening to her pay products? Thanks for any advice

    • Chris, I’m John David, one of Goddess s Haylee’s most devoted slaves. Friend me on Facebook and message me or let me know what yours is and I’ll friend you. Also twitter is achingforhaylee for a follow and DM.
      I have lots of advise for you.
      Tomorrow I will answer mOrr in detail for you. It is late now. Again, I’d love it if you contacted me. Also my email is: aching4haylee@yahoo.com

  6. I just ordered a video 2662 JOI Shiny Cloak Pendant Mind…

    I received an email receipt . Is there no downloads or links? Is it sent thru the mail? Is Haylee punishing me for waitng so long to give her my money? Is she uspset with the meager initial amount I could afford? Is she testing my loyalty and wtholding until I prove myself ? What’s happening

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