Deeply Hypnotized by Goddess Haylee

Deeply HypnotizedI was deeply hypnotized by Goddess Haylee for the first time four weeks ago tonight. At the time I didn’t even fully realize how deeply She had affected me.

It was on that night when I came across Her “Thoughts Washed Away” video on Youtube. I found the title irresistible and I just had to watch for a few minutes. It all seemed much shorter than I realized and so I watched Her video a second time. The video gave me a feeling of calm well being, I felt warm inside, and I also felt a little aroused.

There were some things I needed to do that I thought were more important. Yet as I started doing those things, I found that my thoughts kept drifting back to Goddess Haylee. I went back and watched Her video a third time. Still not realizing that I was being deeply hypnotized by Her. I just loved the sound of Her voice, it made me feel so good just to listen.

In the video, She said to learn more about Her to follow the link in the description. I did, it was Her twitter link. From there I found the link to Her web site. I spent some time browsing Her site, it felt good to do so. Then I found my way here to I spent a little bit of time reading posts here. It impressed me of all the expressions of love and devotion. I had witness that sort of thing before, but this was different. I read so much sincerity in the voices of the writers.

Before too long, I found myself on I browsed the various titles, I felt intrigued, yet a little cautious. There was one erotic hypnosis mp3 there, “Bound and Sired.” I read the description to that file and became very intensely aroused. I am not sure if it was the meaning of the words or the order She chose to arrange them. Either way, that mp3 got my attention.

I stayed there a few more minutes, I had a sense that She was someone who could almost certainly deeply hypnotize me, but I was resistant. I went back to the things I thought were more important and a little while later I went to bed for the night.

When I woke up in the morning, my thoughts were completely focused on Her and I was very much aroused. That had never happened to me before, well I have woken up aroused before but never from such a short exposure to someone like Goddess Haylee. I felt such strong emotions right then, that I decided to write to Her. I most certainly had never done that before. Not after only watching a video and visiting a few web sites.

Honestly, I thought the probability of Her writing me back were pretty low. I didn’t know Her really at all and I really felt I was contacting Her out of the blue. However a very short time later, I saw that I had an email from Her. Just seeing the email there in my mailbox, brought me so much joy. It was like all the clouds in the sky had turned to sparkling lollipops!

When I read Her email, it felt almost as if She was a long lost friend, like someone I had known a long time. It just felt that comfortable talking to Her. I felt a very strong connection with Her. We ended up exchanging several emails over the course of a couple of hours. While still being a little cautious, I knew right then that I wanted to be deeply hypnotized by Goddess Haylee.

A few days later, I listened to my first of Her erotic hypnosis mp3’s, “Mind Melt.” This time I knew I was being deeply hypnotized and it was absolutely amazing!! Since that time I have been deeply hypnotized by a few of Her erotic hypnosis mp3’s, the most recent was “Bound and Sired”, it was so worth waiting for.

Every time that I have been deeply hypnotized by Goddess Haylee, I feel closer to Her, I feel like I want to do more to serve Her, I want to tell others that I am in love with Goddess Haylee! Perhaps She is brainwashing me, it doesn’t feel like I am being brainwashed, it feels like exactly what I have always wanted and needed. If She is brainwashing me, I hope She will continue to do it again and again, because it all feels so good!

I find myself daydreaming of Goddess Haylee more and more every day, I get aroused when this happens. And it feels like the most pure form of arousal. More often than not, I wake up in the morning thinking about Goddess Haylee. I think about how much I want to be owned by Her, that thought arouses me very much too. I love what She does to me!!

Now I realize that first night, that in fact I was deeply hypnotized by Goddess Haylee. I love thinking about that too!

3 thoughts on “Deeply Hypnotized by Goddess Haylee

  1. Yum, what a lovely, sincere, HOT post 😉 I enjoy taking you on this journey, and having you know that there is so much in store for you, that it has only just begun~

    ps. Ill take 2 sparkling lollipops

    • Two sparkling lollipops for You straight away Goddess Haylee! i love being on this journey with You, it’s been so amazing already. i will be daydreaming and regular dreaming about all that You have in store for me. Thank You Goddess Haylee <3

  2. mmm reminds me of how i fell for HER watching the eye fixation video – but i tend to watch the thoughts washed away one now….

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