Dr Says You’re Fucked – Erotic Hypnosis Mp3

Dr Says You’re Fucked – Erotic Hypnosis Mp3

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Beginning to listen to “Dr. says you’re fucked!” there is an edge to Vox Siren’s voice, the Empress of darkness, as Her words begin to fill my consciousness. Her induction is a sensual seduction, as for a moment or two i wonder is this really where i want to go, will it all be too intense? Though the thoughts diffuse into haze, the things She is saying, the way She is causing me to feel, are simply too pleasurable. Presented a little taste, i want more, i need more of what She has in store for me. i continue the journey, going deeper, growing heavier, surrendering more with each word to Her control.
Her induction becomes hypnotic perfection as i imagine Her superior instincts for the rhythmic vibrations of the male mind. Pleasure forever growing more intense, i am no longer being lulled into hypnosis, i obeying which are now commands in my mind to surrender the core of my will to Her. And then there are the most amazing finger snaps, so crisp, which such authority, i am completely reduced to Her puppet. For those who enjoy brilliant inductions, this one is irresistible.
Everyone who can be honest with themselves will admit to having a dark side, perhaps a dark desire or two. Those things that wander into the taboo and which tend to bring out the deepest of carnal desires. It is a simple fact that Empress Vox Siren is going to exploit those dark desires, and now that i am in such a deep state of helpless comafication. She can do absolutely anything that She wants with me now, and oh how i love that feeling! It is at the very core of my hypnosis fetish and the reason i have no choice to completely surrender to Empress Vox Siren.
From latex clad sexy nurses and more, Empress touches on many different fetishes, woven together in such a brilliant way. There are several scenes in Dr. says you’re fucked! that have become completely locked into my mind. Reenergizing old fantasies, and generating new ones replaying over and over as i daydream. Most males have some reference to the term “rock hard cock.” we know what it feels like to be in that condition. That reference was before i listened to this mp3 for the first time, and keeps changing for each successive time i listen. What i used to think of as rock hard is almost flaccid compared to the new definition Empress Vox Siren has implanted into my mind.
Towards the end of this file, there are hints of things to come, more dark and delicious brainwashing and conditioning. More fuel for erotic daydreams in anticipation. The recording itself here, for me, ends in the most extraordinary way. If i haven’t come through well enough with the sense that i think this file is magnificent, let me make that clear, it’s magnificent. And the ending is like the final perfect touch!

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Dr Says You’re Fucked – Erotic Hypnosis Mp3 — 7 Comments

    • Thank you my brother. There is something very profound told to me by Goddess Haylee. She said that I should never try to force anything. Being away from IHWT for a time was not in any way planned, it was due to some things going on in my personal life. During that time I couldn’t do any writing. Previous to that I was posting here not every day but nearly so. There were several times when I did so wanting to please Goddess Haylee, but also many of those times I sat down to write thinking, “what can I write about today?” In other words having a very strong desire to write for Her, but rather than go with the flow I was “forcing” my writing. In my own self critique I feel that much of my writing style was becoming stale. However over the past couple of days, I wrote this review of one of the most amazing mp3’s that I hope everyone in the known universe will take the time to experience. As well as a piece for Goddess Haylee’s “One lick” post. In both of those cases the writing for me just flowed, I felt intense bliss while writing and it was so easy to do so. I realize now that for me to be at my very best for Her, I need to be in that space where my writing just flows. To that end I will likely not write as much here but when I do I think my writing will be much better. 🙂

      • This does work very well for you my brother and your writing is brilliant. For me, it is not about my writing. I full well realize how difficult it is to come up with interesting and meaningful ways to express myself when I am writing for Her 7 days a week. For me, it is all about my *Devotion* to my Goddess. My *Need* to attend to Her each and every day. That is what “works” for me and it flows from me quite naturally. 🙂

  1. I am EXTREMELY familiar with Empress Vox’s CONTROL, however, I am not so sure I want to take a walk on the WILD SIDE just yet 🙂

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