I have a dream

50 years ago, the late, great Martin Luther King Junior delivered his “I have a dream” speech. I have a dream too!

Martin Luther King Junior had a dream. I have one too!

Martin Luther King Junior had a dream. I have one too!

I have a dream that one day, every man, woman and child on this planet will accept the wonderful Haylee Lynn as their Goddess. That everyone will bow down before HER and live their lives according to HER rules. Everyone will listen to HER recordings regularly, and feel HER bliss in their lives.

I have a dream that one day HER enslavement of me will be complete. That every thought, word and deed on mine shall be ordained by HER. That every thought that I think will be the thought SHE wants me to think, that every word that I speak would be the sort of thing SHE would want me to say and every deed that I do would be pleasing to HER. SHE will control my comings and my goings, my emotions and feelings. I will think of HER at all times, from the rising of the sun to its setting, and at night I will dream of HER always. HER hypnotic control of me will be complete, I will be completely brainwashed and conditioned by HER. I will have no thoughts of my own, HER thoughts will be my thoughts, I will have no resistance and accept every word as SHE says as the absolute truth. I will be HER puppet, existing for HER benefit alone, to give HER pleasure, to do HER bidding as HER willing, collared, obedient and mindless slave, HER adoring worshipper, HERS and HERS alone.

Do you share the dream?

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