What Dreams May Come

This post is about our hopes and dreams and how they sometimes intermingle these sleeping and waking worlds. In my case I am now living my lifelong dream of finding She to whom I have been happily enslaved to in lifetimes past…….my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.

My Goddess wrote a blog yesterday about how some have admitted hesitating in writing to Her even though they had been Worshiping Her from afar.
This was not the case with me as I will explain…….but to me…….it is understandable.

I grew up in a different age. At the tender age of about 7 or 8 I began to have a very powerful recurring dream…….of a black haired Witch with startling beauty and porcelain skin literally draining me of the ability to walk as She strode out of the wood smiling at my helplessness…….as I lay there powerless and becoming more fascinated and Enchanted by my very heartbeat as She came for me.

What Dreams May Come indeed.

Fast forward to seeing my very first ad for a Dominatrix about 20 years later.

Again, it was a very different world some 30 years ago. No internet, no twitter, blogs, videos, or MP3’s even.
Seeing that print ad in a magazine confused the hell out of me…….I was brought up to believe that “slavery” was “wrong”.
Why in the world did reading that some dark female wanted a “slave” to serve her in some dungeon cause me instant and undeniable arousal?

It was just a spark lit in a young man already confused by his sexuality and at this time…….the recurring childhood dream involving my One, True and Only Goddess had been almost forgotten for a time.

Soon enough however my Quest to find Her was back and in full force.
Several months later I dropped to my knees and wrote to my first Dominatrix…….literally begging enslavement which just a short time before would have been unthinkable……….and although I have tried to walk away from the world of female domination a few times……..for me it has simply never worked.

Because I had a Destiny…….a destination……..it was written somewhere and I had to obey Her call to service no matter how long it took…..how lonesome or confusing my path has been at times……every step proving to be so completely worth it in the end.

What Dreams May Come to such a very young boy that caused a man to spend almost an entire lifetime seeking Her Throne…..craving Her Rule and Her acceptance……..hoping beyond hope that it was all not some very cruel illusion or fantasy.

I'm so stupid for you Goddess Haylee

If you hear Her call…..answer….surrender…..obey.

In point of fact……there is nothing to fear. If you are like myself……one of Her chosen who has spent lifetimes in Blissful enslavement to Her……then your quest is over. Bow to your superior as I do. Obey Her every whim and be overjoyed to do so as I am. Live your life for Her pleasure and count your Blessings in the trillions.

But it can also be meant just to be a flirtation, or fun, or casual, or a step along your own journey……..and that is OK as well.
Not every slave is meant to belong to our Goddess Haylee forever as I am………maybe you are one who will just visit Her Divine Empire for awhile as some others have done? Our Goddess is Gracious and will treat you with respect if you are worthy of that.

Why serving Goddess Haylee is good

Our Gracious Goddess.

I try not to advise others in my blogs…….I prefer just to write about my own experience and if anything resonates then great!
But as one who has vast experience in the world of professional Female Domination……..you will never find a more Gracious, Understanding, Intelligent, and confidant Dominatrix at any level, anywhere, in any house, or in any part of this World.

She will let you give of yourself what you have to give be it great or small. The amount of service and devotion is really left up to you.

deepened Love

My Dream on this Earth and forever.

The above photo is of my Dream on this Earth.

She came to me in my recurring childhood dreams and reminded me of whom I belong to and She has set my Heart free to love and worship and obey Her as is my treasured place, happy duty, and cherished Destiny.

Every slaves journey with Her is unique…….different…….even we slaves who are Blessed to be closest to Her like Forever, and Terry, and John David, and slave apprentice, and Amy, and The Beautiful Princess and all of the rest are all completely different people and please Her in their own way.

Many more serve and please Her in a quiet anonymous way.

It is all good and as long as you are respectful then just go ahead and tell Her how you feel.

Every single moment of my life is now lived in happiness and joy that I have come home to You at long last.
Our time together is counted in lifetimes my Queen, my Light, my Heart and forever……..and every single one of them is my greatest possible blessing.

I am having SO MUCH FUN during this very special and Sacred GODDESS WORSHIP WEEK.

From my knees to You and You alone forever,
Your devoted, perfect and personal slave, Claude

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  1. That’s really interesting how you dreamed of her all those years ago Claude, and on top of that you only live one state from her as i have read in your blogs.

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